Draining The West: $300 BILLION Sent From Alberta to Ottawa, 77% INCREASE To Quebec in Transfers

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Simply unbelievable– or it would be if 37.5 million Canadian citizens understood the circumstances surrounding this economic injustice perpetrated by self-serving Eastern Canadian Liberal politicians.

For CAP, most roads to inequities toward “Old Stock” Canadians, western Canadians and Albertans in particular begin with the family Trudeau. It is no different in this case.

The Canada Act 1982, which amended the constitution, included the rights of the poorer provinces to equalization payments. Subsection 36(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982 states that “Parliament and the government of Canada are committed to the principle of making equalization payments to ensure that provincial governments have sufficient revenues to provide reasonably comparable levels of public services at reasonably comparable levels of taxation.”

“With this level of protection, equalization payments cannot “suddenly be axed”, in spite of increased resentment from a group of provinces including Alberta in 2018.”

Let CAP lay it on the line: See what an absolute prick Pierre Trudeau was in regards to strong-arming Alberta into sending billions to Ottawa. Not content to simply pass a government statute(piece of legislation), Pierre Trudeau baked the equalization payment scheme into the Canadian constitution, making it immutable within our society.

How “fascist-like” of this PET character, eh? Of course it is– Trudeau family members are by default pseudo-totalitarian menaces to Canadian society. Spawn Justin is the very same.

Has the establishment media in Canada properly articulated the Alberta/Quebec economic dynamic? Sure, they have written on the topic, but in typical fashion, they neglect to tie together the “loose ends” of the scenario– the massive advantage for Eastern Canada over Western Canada as exemplified by the transfer payment situation.

Who benefits from this specious media approach? Why, it is the Liberal Party of Canada, the province of Quebec, and Eastern Canada in general. Who is damaged? Western Canada, Old Stock Canada, Albertans.

Obvious, tangible and explicit. Enter, Justin Trudeau’s “media puppets.” They will obscure the entire situation, just as they do regarding all-things beneficial to the globalist-liberal agenda in Canada. Indeed, next to government, media are the primary drivers of the anti-western, anti-Old Stock agenda of Justin Trudeau, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, the rest of the Liberal-Globalist Assassins within our ruling government.

“Equalization and other federal transfer programs continue to drain billions of dollars a year out of Alberta — over $300 billion since 2000. Meanwhile, Quebec continues to see its share of equalization dollars increase — from less than $3 billion a year in the early 1980s to over $13 billion a year today — or 66 cents of EVERY DOLLAR  Ottawa sends out.”

“In the early 2000’s, foreign capital investment poured into Alberta. ConocoPhillips, Marathon, Apache and Chevron all made major new investments. But it wasn’t just American energy companies. New investors included Shell, BP and Centrica from the U.K.; Total from France; Statoil (now Equinor) from Norway and a host of smaller companies from South Korea, China and Japan.”

Today, they are almost all gone.Yet the transfer payment dollar amount is as extreme as ever. Conclusion: These measures are not true “equalization payments.” Rather, they are a economically punitive agenda controlled by Liberal Elites and their preference for oil and energy products imported from Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Middle Eastern oil producing nations.

Think CAP is delivering “fake news?”

BURIED BY MEDIA: Justin Trudeau INCREASES Oil Imports From Saudi Arabia 66% Since Taking Office

See how the cretin rolls? Frankly, this guy makes CAP sick. Perhaps its an obsession–it wouldn’t be our first– but the manner in which King Trudeau played moral virtue-signalling globalist human rights pusher for four years, while myriad cases of public deception such as this  piled up high in his “in tray” is truly despicable.

Cowardly, deceptive, pro-Islamic, pro- Sikh, pro-homosexual and transgender, Justin Trudeau is the political fraud of the century. At this stage he only has one thing protecting 37.5 million Canadians from comprehending the true nature of this man– Canadian media.

Without these forces in his back-pocket, Trudeau would be done-like-dinner. As in, burnt to a crisp by a Canadian voter base who recognize hypocrisy and deception in every major political decision Justin Trudeau has ever made.

As as result of PM Trudeau’s extremities–more properly expressed as his “manic” personality traits, the Liberals failed to win a single seat in Alberta. One would think Trudeau would take a hint in this regard. Frankly, CAP will state that nothing which is fundamental to the situation will change. The changes will be limited to the superficial--the political “theatre” of the Liberals that media position as competent leadership.

Why are we so confident in this statement? Easy–because this is the approach Justin Trudeau and back room commie schemer Gerald Butts take with every issue of economic, or cultural relevance.

BURIED BY MEDIA: How Trudeau Govt, Media DUPED Canadians Into Accepting “Pseudo-Communist” Governance

From day one of King Trudeau’s tenure, CAP has claimed this man Trudeau is a destroyer. With the development of a bona fide separatist movement called “Wexit,” we can confidently claim we are correct in the assessment.






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