“Drag Queen Story Time” Leader “Kitty Litter” Was Convicted For Prostitution

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Yet another “Drag Queen” reading to children has been revealed to have been convicted of a disturbing sex-related crime.

Earlier this year, research by  Houston MassResistance leader Tracy Shannon (revealed that not one, but TWO convicted child molesters were allowed to read to children in the Houston Public Library as part of its Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) program. City officials quickly shut it down.

According to Lifesite News, MassResistance has repeatedly demonstrated that Drag Queen Story Hours — heavily promoted by the LGBT movement — bring in the worst possible people to children’s events. The organizers have even stated that their purpose is to give children “unabashedly queer role models.”

David Lee Richardson, aka “Miss Kitty Litter,” has been the featured Drag Queen in the Austin, Texas Library System reading books to young children in their DQSH program for the past year.

After uncovering numerous social media posts by Richardson alluding to homosexual sex, sado-masochism, and other repulsive behaviors, MassResistance’s Austin Chapter testified before the Austin City Council. They described what “Miss Kitty Litter” had posted on social media, and the local citizens demanded that the DQSH event be stopped.

Austin MassResistance chapter has now revealed that this drag queen reading to children has a sex crime criminal record, as well. David Lee Richardson, aka “Miss Kitty Litter,” was arrested and convicted of prostitution in 1996.

My, my–children lying on top of drag queens in public school. A Drag Queen Story Time event hosted by a Drag Queen once charged with child sex-assault. Next, a former prostitute–one would guess a tranny one at that– is reading Jack N Jack to the kiddies at the local library.

Bizarre, eh? Yet, these events are not nearly as bizarre as the acceptance of such behaviours by way of government, media, academia, health industry, medical industry, school principals and teachers, and public school educational institutions in general.

Not one of these institutions appear to have a problem with the post-modern society’s “Convicted Transvestites Meet 6 Year-Old Children” LGBT agenda.

How damn STRANGE. It is only parents who oppose this curious transgender malarky. Why? Are not the above mentioned institutions charged with the health, welfare and protection of our youth? Why do these people all remain silent?

Cultural Action Party of Canada can barely think of a social condition so baffling. This has got to be the mystery of our era. Is the LGBT lobby really that powerful that they can push this illicit agenda upon society–and get away with it?

What is behind their incredible success? After all, there is no way this could be achieved without money, power and influence within government, and society in general. In Canada, we recently witnessed an LGBT rally where a community leader told a Deputy Chief of Police to go “F— himself,” and instructed him to vacate the premises. He got off scot-free.

If this person was a regular hetero-type, would he have received the same treatment? Highly unlikely. Regarding Canadian Pride Parades, it is not RCMP and police who tell LGBT organizers how to behave and where to go, but rather the other way round.

It seems unfathomable that this is the state-of-the-nation in terms of the degree of power the LGBT lobby has accumulated in such a short time. Kinda reminds CAP of the situation with the Nation of Islam upon Canadian soil.

What to conclude? CAP have said it before, and will say it again— it seems impossible that this could occur without some backing force supporting the agenda. The LGBT movement  needs money to thrive Where does it come from?

Here, we reach into conspiratorial thinking. It is not CAP’s first time. Without tangible evidence, we are left with speculation. Our guess is the root of both the wild success of LGBT and Islam comes from the same source: billionaire globalist George Soros, and his Open Society Foundation.

Simply stated, this organization is in the “border-erosion” business.  As it happens, these people promote the erosion of sovereignty within democratic nations. Additionally, they support the  “sexuality-erosion”business as well.

Guess what–so does Justin Trudeau! What a wonderful coincidence. Here’s what establishment media will never allude to– transgenderism is a weapon. What is it out to attack?

Masculinity, Manhood, Heterosexuality, Christianity, Conservatism–everything Justin Trudeau also attacks on a regular basis. Here we see how neatly  all these phenomenon fit together. Islam maintained a similar dynamic within western society.

See where all this is leading? Of course not– in a million years CBC, Globe & Mail, Torstar, Chantal Hebert, Andrew Coyne and the rest of mainstream media will never posit this theory to the people of Canada.

Rather, media’s role as demanded by Trudeau & Co is simple: shut the hell up about these issues. Never expose the under-belly of LGBT or political Islam to Canadians. This way, these forces will be so much more successful in their agendas

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Canada–you are being hood-winked by your government, your media, and your academic world. First, our children were brain-washed to hate their own country, and its history. Next, our kids were brain-washed into believing they may be of the wrong sex, and should consider going through sex change operations involving dangerous, health-impeding drugs.

This is post-modern Canada– Justin Trudeau’s Canada– one in which society has been trans-formed into an entity not a single Canadians asked for, or voted for.

And here some folks still refer to our country as a “democracy.”







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