“Drag Queen Story Time” Host Admits To GROOMING Children For Sex Change Operations

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Drag queens are deliberately “grooming” the NEXT GENERATION to accept LGBT ideology when they read to children in public libraries at drag queen “story hour” events, a U.S. drag queen admitted.

Dylan Pontiff, a drag queen who helped organize one of these story hour events for children as young as three at the Lafayette Public Library in early October, is shown in a video making that shocking admission.

“This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation,” said Pontiff, who when dressed in drag goes by the name Santana Pilar Andrews. 

Well, at least the drag queen has the balls to admit the truth.  Got to hand it to “they” for doing this. After all, this confession will never be a part of establishment media narrative on the topic of transgenderism-for-children.

For common sense Canadians, the promotion of transgenderism for children between the ages of 6- 12(Grade School Age) for the purpose of hunting down gender “dysphoric” children is an abomination.

For Justin Trudeau, LGBT “Minister” Randy Boissinault, and the rest of the Liberal-Globalists, this is just fine and dandy. Obviously, mainstream media share this attitude. Incredibly, this approach is also shared by the Canadian Medical Industry, doctors, nurses, and health authorities.  Ditto for Provincial Health Ministers.

In other words, not one of these institutions or its employees appears to have a problem with non-approved hormone therapy drugs being injected into the bodies of 13-year-old children. Psychological damage be damned. Physical abuse, take a hike.

Indeed, there is just one element of society who oppose the transgender industry, their drugs, their propaganda, and deceptions: PARENTS.

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Pontiff said that as a drag queen he has performed in shows for adults that he compared to an R-rated film. He argued that he should be able to have access to children because, as an adult, he knows how to “filter” himself and make his content PG-rated. 

PG-Rated, eh? Parental Guidance is the preferred choice, yet in most cases, parents are not even in the room during “Tranny Story Time.”

“I can go in and entertain adults in a club and also entertain a group of students and young children. I’m able to do that because I’m an adult and able to filter myself,” he said.

John Ritchie, director of TFP Student Action, disagrees: “Unfortunately, the Drag Queen Story Hour program is turning public libraries into platforms to advance the transgender revolution, places where pro-homosexual activists are given access to children as young as three,” said in an interview.

Good to go, says Justin Trudeau. CAP find it fascinating that MP Randy Boissonault, who Trudeau placed in charge of LGBT issues in Canada, has not uttered a SINGLE WORD of caution regarding the child transgender industry. How odd.

On a side note–another example of Trudeau weirdness— Justin selected Maryam Monsef, an admitted Sharia Law enthusiast, as Minister of Women’s Affairs. What has Monsef said regarding female genital mutilation in Canada? NOTHING. Not a single word– yet her job is the protection of Canadian women and girls. What a strange, strange government we have under King Justin Trudeau.

“Instead of protecting the precious innocence of our children with wholesome stories, libraries are misusing our tax-dollars to harm their innocence.” “To attempt to dismantle and destroy the distinction between male and female is not only biologically ridiculous, but also a direct attack against God’s plan for us and for the family.  Everyone who loves the family should wake up, pray and push back.”

Obviously, Justin Trudeau and Randy Bissoinault disagree. From day one these two have pushed the non-traditional family ticket, prancing around in Pride Parades while families are torn apart due to Drag Queen Story Time and related child transgender propaganda.

When will our society AWAKEN to this social abomination? IN CAP’s opinion the push-back from parents will eventually result in general exposure of this covert industry. The drugs, the procedures, the propaganda, lies and deception will be exposed, and educational institutions, government institutions and the medical industry will be FORCED to address the insanity.

Forced, as opposed to these institutions choosing to save our children from the grip of the transgender- pushers. Cultural Action Party of Canada advocate a MINIMUM AGE for transgender surgery.

If not for ourselves, for our children, and their children after them–if Justin Trudeau doesn’t outlaw them first.


2 thoughts on ““Drag Queen Story Time” Host Admits To GROOMING Children For Sex Change Operations”

  1. Clearly “grooming” means prepare the next generation to be more tolerant an accepting of the LGBTQQIA+ people and their rights. We don’t need to raise a new generation of bigots. I’m woke.

    • Anyone who uses the term LGBTQQIA+ is obviously pro-transgender for children–CAP reject this outright, end of discussion.


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