Drag Queen Show Featuring 9-YEAR-OLD Cancelled Due to Anti-Trans Activism

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Over the past several years, the illicit behaviour during Drag Queen Story Hours taking place at public libraries has been exposed. Cases of child drag queens performing in a highly sexualized manner for adults in bars, and all manner of pro-crossdressing, pro–gender confusion events for CHILDREN.

The longer we stand idly by while it becomes normalized for men dressed like women to read stories to little children, the more our children will be exploited. The time to stand up is NOW.

This is exactly what an anti-transgender activist has done state-side, with great success.

This week, Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, received word that a venue in Ohio was hosting an all-ages Drag 101 event, reportedly set to feature “Miss Mae Hem,” the 9-year-old drag queen whose EXPLOITATION inspired local lawmakers to try to get child drag events banned.

In Canada, the fight to protect our children from transgender exploitation is a tougher task. After all, we have a globalist-liberal-transgender pusher as a prime minister. Based upon comments and action, it appears Justin Trudeau is perfectly fine with “no-limits” transgenderism for 9-year-olds.

Neither King Justin, nor his most curious Minister of Status of Women, MP Maryam Monsef, have issued a single word questioning ANY element of the transgender industry. Mastectomies for teenage girls? All is well by Trudeau and Monsef. Sterilization of Canadian teens? Good-to-go, says Trudeau.

This must change–and it will. Not by way of government, health professionals, and medical experts. No, the change is strictly in the hands of PARENTS. Turns out that within Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, the Liberals enjoy promoting “no core identity” sexuality for young children.

If there is one word of encouragement in the face of these types of events, which seem to be multiplying by the day across North America,is it that a single parent can make a difference.

NOT government. Not doctors, nurses, teachers, principals or school councillors. These folks collectively OPPOSE parental rights for our children. In there stead, we have schools who seize control of a child’s sexuality if and when they express a feeling of gender “dysphoria.” As soon as this occurs, the child’s parents are relegated to the back-burner, and government take over from there.

CAP has a term for this: Transgender Fascism. This is what is occurring as the LGBT industry accumulates power within western society. Trans-pushers love to limit the discussion of sex change to that of individual rights. Interestingly, in his typically specious manner, so does PM Trudeau.

The issue is simply one of “individual rights” and nothing more, they state. CAP call bollocks on this one. LGBT has recently entered a new phase in its development. This stage adds the commercialization of LGBT/PRIDE to the equation.

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Millions upon millions of dollars are being made from the marketing and merchandizing of the LGBT industry– t-shirts, flags, socks, coffee cups, etc. Not a word is written up in media regarding this latest advancement of the LGBT agenda. No surprise, of course–the entire LGBT/Trans agenda is one GIANT cover-up.

The negative elements of transgenderism are manifold. Mental health issues, suicide, transgender regret, physical health issues, heart attacks and strokes. Add to this the consternation and strife within families  who find themselves torn apart by parent/child sexuality conflict.

None of this matters to the powers that be. Why? Government are responsible for the health and safety of Canadians. Our Medical industry exists to protect and promote the health of children. Please–does injecting unapproved, dangerous hormone drugs into the bodies of 12-year-olds sound like an action to preserve the health of our children?

For how much longer will the trans-fascists succeed in brain-washing our children by way of trans-propaganda? Will society as a whole end up trans-sitioning away from the Drag Queen Story Time insanity?

CAP believe this day will come–but NOT by way of Justin Trudeau, Liberals, Media, Public Schools or the Medical industry. These institutions are AGAINST US. It is parents who will drive the trans-pushers out of classrooms and libraries.

Political correctness has resulted in a license to abuse the minds and bodies of our precious children. Parents must unite to overthrow the insidious, destructive transgender industry.

If not for ourselves, for our children, and their children after them–if Justin Trudeau doesn’t outlaw them first.


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  1. This guy– our Crime Minister has to be demoted to nothing more than a panhandler. He needs to lose the Trust Fund and every other perk he has. He is insane, mentally incompetent and worse. How some Canadians admire this phony fool is beyond comprehension


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