Done Like Dinner: Trudeau Humiliated At Vancouver Restaurant

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“Videos posted online this week show Trudeau sitting at a table at a restaurant called Vij’s when demonstrators arrive and begin chanting.”

“Demonstrators yelled, ‘Ceasefire now,’ and told Trudeau he had blood on his hands as he said goodbye to people in the restaurant and made his way out.”

For Canadian patriots, it was a thrilling bit of humiliation directed toward Canada’s king of inter-community division.

In fact, humiliation could be considered a theme of the week in the west-coast city of Vancouver, B.C. Perhaps Trudeau felt a bit peckish after visiting an art exhibit in the downtown section of the city.

A current feature at the Vancouver Art Gallery elucidates our theory:

Canadian Art Gallery Offers “Whites, Compare Yourself To A Nazi” Exhibit

“Love and Loss in the Milky Way” from the Vancouver Art Gallery’s ‘Conceptions of White’ exhibit offers a ‘whiteness timeline’ which documents the ‘evolution of white as an identity,’ and includes the founding of the KKK and Canada’s 1867 founding.”

No doubt Mr. Trudeau would be over-the-moon at the thought of this piece of prejudice directed at white Canadians. “What goes around comes around,” however, as the PM’s visit to a chi-chi Indian dining establishment resulted in the man being booed right out of the restaurant.

In an email to CityNews Wednesday morning, Sgt. Steve Addison said that approximately one hundred Vancouver police officers were deployed last night after protesters surrounded a restaurant in Chinatown just before 10 p.m.”

Cultural Action Party speculate on the spectacle that erupted in-between the Samosa appetizers and Spinach-Vindaloo main course. Understanding the fragility of appearing in public in Canada, Trudeau’s handlers felt it would be save to show up at an ethnic restaurant in Vancouver.

At this stage of the game, locations like these are all that remain in Trudeau’s public “safety-zone.” Brampton, a minority-white Ontario riding fits the bill, as does Sikh-saturated Surrey, B.C.

The plan backfired. Either they were already dining, or some people heard the news and headed down to the restaurant independently.

“Pro-Palestinian demonstrators made their presence known to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a restaurant in Vancouver on Tuesday night.”

After which CAP offer a caveat. We don’t care which community protests against Canada’s great woke divider.  The Middle East is not the point for us. We’re not Zionists, and we certainly are not pro-Islam.

Our focus is Canada. If social events negatively impact, for example, Canadian Jews, we would show concern for them as Canadian citizens. Israel is not our concern– death of the innocent of any ethnicity is what we stand against, straight down-the-line.

Back in 2018, Vij, the co-founder of Vancouver’s popular Vij’s Restaurant, was flown to India as Trudeau conducted a weeklong trip in the country.

“The Government of Canada flew Vancouver celebrity chef Vikram Vij to India at taxpayer expense so that he could cook for a series of events that would be attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

Back to Trudeau himself, the uproar at an upscale curry house serves as a microcosm for our national condition. A once moderate, welcoming society has been transformed into a fractured population of angry citizens.

For CAP’s money, no individual has exacerbated the situation more than Justin Trudeau. His branding of Anglo-European citizens as hateful bigots is only one in a series of malignant stones thrown in the pathway of a healthy Canadian society.

“Videos posted from later in the evening show a group of demonstrators gathered outside of Bagheera, a speakeasy cocktail bar in Chinatown, with signs in hand continuing, Ceasefire now chants.”

Still believing in the “I can successfully appear at an ethnic-themed restaurant,” Justin treks off to Bagheera in Vancouver’s Chinatown. There will be no appearance in what remains of the city’s white-dominant neighbourhoods.

Again, the strategy fails, as 100 police officers are called in to break up the ruckus.

So why is Justin Trudeau still our prime minister? CAP go where mainstream media refuse to trod.

Simply put, no one wants to take his place, because whichever existing Liberal politician runs, they will lose. Who wants to be the kingpin in a humiliation of the Liberals when a future federal election arrives?

They could import globalist banker Marc Carney, but he will fare no better. What Trudeau has done is typical of his specious, out-of-touch run as national leader.

Exacerbation of social conflict, anger on our streets, division of community from community. Only some form of globalist miracle could save the Liberals now, including a merging of Jagmeet Singh’s pro-Khalistani NDP with the Liberal party.

Done like dinner? Let us darn well hope so. Perhaps this will result in a settling down of social consternation within Canadian society.

Woke globalist Liberals have no interest in such a thing, but as they say, “anything’s possible.”

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  1. none of these politicians care about being hated, they’re getting their directions from non governmental organizations with world government aspirations.

    when all said and done, and he retires… hes going to live somewhere in the woods where people won’t bother him… in some unknown village no one even really knows exists except locals.


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