Donald Trump Calls Justin Trudeau A “Far Left Lunatic”

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Former president Donald Trump  released a statement yesterday in support of the  Canadian Truckers Protest now entering its second week in Canada’s capital of Ottawa.

“The Freedom Convoy is peacefully protesting the harsh policies of far left lunatic Justin Trudeau who has destroyed Canada with insane Covid mandates,” stated Mr. Trump.

Not known for subtlety of language, Trump delivers a direct hit regarding the condition of Canadian society, as well as who he believes is responsible. Regardless of one’s opinion on the man, one fact remains clear: Canada is today a fragmented society. Division within  communities has reached an unprecedented level. In the history of our nation, polarization among our people has never been so extreme.

We point to a fundamental: a division between those who control our society, and those designated to be controlled. Since Justin Trudeau became prime minister, a growing chasm has led to a condition of “The People versus The Government.”

Or more succinctly stated, the people vs. government and media. It is this structure that defines what PM Trudeau coined  “post-modern” Canada. No finer example exists than the recent Truckers Protest. Turns out a man showed up(or was planted) who proceeded to wave a flag adorned with a swastika through the crowd.

Upon discovery, media had what it so desperately craved– a method to brand thousands upon thousands of working class Canadian racist. From there forward, every mainstream media article on the protest became infused with the white supremacist narrative.

Just one problem exists: it’s a lie. These people are not racial supremacists– they are  working class Canadians. Thus, we uncover an disturbing social dynamic: Government and media do not like these people. A synthesis between the two institutions reveals a profound social condition:

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are at war with average Canadians. To facilitate, our prime minister has purchased mainstream media. Together, they are waging a form of post-modern warfare upon their own people.

But wait a second. Is this not an inversion of traditional governance within a democratic society? Aren’t government supposed to work for the Canadian majority? Turns out they don’t– and likely never will again.

Combining two fundamentals– the fusion of government and media, along with an authoritarian “war” against the people, we draw a salient conclusion. None of this sounds like democracy. All of it sounds like communism.

This is what Donald Trump is really getting at. He recognizes the modus operandi of Justin Trudeau. It is why he calls him a “far-left lunatic.” As far as Trudeau destroying Canada– the nail in the coffin has yet to be fully hammered in.

Our country could be rescued– but not with Justin Trudeau as prime minister. Canada is at present in upheaval. We stand at the precipice of social breakdown. With a simple decision, Trudeau could diffuse the pressure– he could quit.

Is Justin Trudeau’s ego too large to do the right thing for our country? Seeing as he has yet to indulge in this practice, chances are not looking good.

10 thoughts on “Donald Trump Calls Justin Trudeau A “Far Left Lunatic””

  1. A large ego sitting on the Canadian throne; like a weapon of mass destruction. “[God] has brought down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted those of humble estate” (Luke 1:52.) The haughty Trudeau is a mere speck of dust; his end shall be according to his works.

  2. Trudeau resigning is far too easy a way out and doesn’t solve anything. The whole government has to be dealt with. NDP whose leader is a terrorist is in bed with the liberals who are all corrupted and have been bribed by China. The conservatives have turned out to be just as evil. There isn’t much to be salvaged in the present dictatorship we are under. The media is also completely corrupted and just a mouthpiece for the government. This Convoy is our only hope to get our country back. With God’s help this will be accomplished. The government as we know it can not be trusted.
    We presently have a prime minister who is the real son of a Communist leader who he so admires. It is all quite unbelievable but true. The truth will be revealed one of these days when the media gets shut down. There is hope.
    God bless the the convoy and the protesters.

  3. Justin Trudeau should be charged with hate crimes, as well as all others who stand with him. All those involved should be charged and jailed. Any laws this PM has enacted/altered should be reversed. Take a page from his beloved China and publicly execute him and all his cronies.

    • He is not fit to be prime minister. He’s a 2 faced liar who cannot complete a sentence without prevaricating. He treats Canada as if it’s how own private residence and doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. He’s a complete narcissist and he thinks he’s God! Nasty human being and his party and their “woke” (what a stupid use of the word) ideas need throwing out with the garbage!

  4. Throughout this crisis Trudeau has done everything but his job. It is laughable that the man who can’t see clearly that leadership is needed at this time to defuse the anger that is building in Canada…thinks that he can bully Putin on Ukraine.
    Hello Justin, do your damned job or get the hell out of the way.


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