Does United Nations “Climate Refugee” Policy SPELL THE END For English Canada?

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An historically unprecedented decision by the United Nations may well result in the “final-nail-in-the-coffin” for English Canada. At this stage of the game, all roads point to a pending decimation of Anglophone Canada coming our way.

Naturally, immigration policy is at the pinnacle of the weaponry. Canada has the highest per-capita immigration intake on planet earth. While Third World Canada explodes in population, white Canadians are a shrinking market. Our birth-rates cannot be compared to that of Chinese, Muslim and Sikh Canada.

“It is “incumbent on Canada” to consider a recent ruling by the UN Human Rights Committee on climate refugees, says @UNHCRCanada. It is the first time a UN body has made this type of determination.”

CAP Translation: Watch as Canada is pushed around  by the United Nations. Witness as Anglophone Canada sits at the mercy of the U.N. Looks like if they want a dead English Canada, their wish shall be granted by the king of U.N.-pandering, PM Justin Trudeau.

After all, has Mr. Trudeau not bent Canada’s will toward everything on the United Nations/Nation of Islam/Sikh Nationalism/Open Border Society ticket? Of course he has.

Now, we have the Climate Change Refugee Lie to deal with. How many of these “poor suckers” are there on planet earth? Simple, really–enough to BURY Anglophone Canada.

Degree to which these concepts have been articulated by CBC and the other media slaves? Zero–nothing, nada, zilch. Why? CAP are very interested to know the answer.

“The government of Canada recognizes that climate change is one of the greatest global challenges of our time, with broad implications on health, agriculture, economy, trade, infrastructure, displacement and migration. Developing countries, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable, are the hardest hit by climate change.”

Ominous enough for you, fellow Canadian patriots? Here is the deal as CAP sees it: The United Nations has designated Canada as a pending repository for tens of millions of so-called “climate change” refugees. While government and media rant and rave about the “humanitarian” element of the equation, the true to purpose is a complete transformation of Canadian society.

Basically, Canada is going to be taken over by the Third World. Over time, white Canadians will not only be railroaded into minority status, we will also be transitioned to second class citizenship status.

As a result, our people will recede from position and power within government. Every riding with a Third World majority will elect a Third World MP(exactly how it is today in the GTA). Old Stock Canadians will be relegated to the sidelines of the political spectrum.

Any and all complaining will be met with accusations of racism and bigotry. In time, a Third World prime minister will be elected. Power will transition away from Anglophone-Christians and into the hands of globally-backed Sikh/Islamic power.

“Scientists expect climate change to make sweeping changes to broad aspects of the planet that will affect hundreds of millions of people. The UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights has warned of climate apartheid where millions are cut off from food, water or housing.”

Those millions would add to the more than 70 million people in 2018 who fled war, persecution and conflict, according to the UNHCR — the highest level of migration it has ever seen over its roughly 70-year existence.

CAP Translation: Canada as it has been known for its first 153 years of existence is over. Justin Trudeau has successfully set the stage for the demise of English Canada. His father Pierre Trudeau began the process in the year 1971 with his anti-Anglo “multiculturalism” policy.

Celebrity Terrorist: Trudeau’s Canada Transforms Terror Into ENTERTAINMENT

Fact: Canada has the highest refugee quota intake on earth. Justin is a globalist-puppet of the highest order. Is there really a hope-in-Hades that Trudeau is NOT going to comply with everything the U.N. is demanding? A hundred million refugees–that’s a lot of welfare checks, is it not?

And yet, through the entire process, CBC and establishment media utter not a single word on the impact of climate refugees upon Canadian-born, Old Stock Canada. What, are we now– invisible? The answer, sadly, is yes we are. Globe & Mail may not be printing it, but in reality white Canada is “yesterday’s news.” We are Justin’s “relic people”-– a community of demographic dinosaurs.

Expendable, unnecessary, and in fact, more trouble than they are worth. These Canadians will never buy the Liberal-Globalist-Third World plan for our future, so forget about them. Just focus on the game at hand–finding every excuse possible to overwhelm Canadians of European Heritage with Third World folk.

Federal immigration policy. Provincial Nominee programs. Multiculturalism. Diversity. Family Reunification. Foreign Students, Foreign Workers. The brand new “Rural Immigration Pilot Program. Sikhism. Islam. Legal refugees. Illegal Refugees. Climate Refugees.

Man, CAP are all out of breath now. Please do tell- how on earth will Anglophone Canada survive this onslaught? And not one word of this has ever been discussed, debated or exposed by the Canadian media to millions of citizens who do not currently comprehend the fate of our nation.

For Old Stock folk, there is only one answer–to organize politically. Without this, CAP predict nothing but trouble. Remember, white Canadians hold a unique position within society. We are the ones who instigate all racist acts in Canada. It is our ancestors who stole the land from the Aboriginal people. Justin Trudeau says we are racist against Sikhs, and bigoted against Muslims.

All in all, it just doesn’t look good for the future of English Canada. And Christian Canada isn’t far behind. Over 9,000 Canadian churches are expected to close up shop between 2020-2030.

CAP Conclusion: What we have here is a dying piece of Canadian society. It’s an orchestrated agenda, decades in the making. It began on June 25th, 1969–the day Pierre Trudeau and his prototype globalist weapon “multiculturalism” was forced upon an unsuspecting Anglophone Canadian community.

Some forty years later, son Justin came to drive the final nail in the coffin. Turns out the final “final” nail may have well just arrived in the form of King Justin’s “Climate Change” refugee.





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