Does The Colorado Mass Murder Qualify as A Hate Crime Against White Americans?

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A 21-year-old male suspect in the murder of ten Americans in Colorado has been identified as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. He is currently being treated at hospital for injuries, and is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, March 25th, 2021.

The victims ranged from age 20 to 65. Some of them were shopping at the store, others worked there. One was a police officer who arrived to help.

Among the dead are the following:

Rikki Olds, Denny Stong – 20, Neven Stanisic – 23, Tralona Bartkowiak – 49, Suzanne Fountain – 59, Teri Leiker – 5, Kevin Mahoney – 61, Lynn Murray – 62, Jody Waters – 65.

Veteran Boulder Colorado Police Officer and father of seven Eric Talley is also among the dead.

There is no denying the tragedy inherent in this case of mass murder. It is with this in mind that a topic closely related to these unfortunate cases must be addressed.

The issue is that of what constitutes a “hate crime.” It is well apparent that the hate crime label applies to the majority of cases of “white on non-white” mass murder in Canada and the United States.

When covering the murder of six Muslim men at a mosque in Quebec, Canadian media applied the hate crime label.  In a case of mass murder by a caucasian man at Christchurch, New Zealand, the hate crime branding was applied in full force.

Mainstream media were also quick to associate the Christchurch episode with the Quebec mosque incident. Indeed, the general vibe was that these crimes are indicative of a world-wide phenomenon called “Islamophobia”– a hatred of people of the Muslim faith.

Yet, when the tables are turned, an odd circumstance rears its ugly head. While crimes such as Christchurch and Quebec are positioned by media as part of an inter-connected global trend, the same is never applied when the perpetrators are of Middle Eastern origin.

While ample evidence suggested that the Danforth killer in Ontario had an ISIS terror connection, media refused to entertain the concept. Nor was the act of a Syrian refugee who killed two white Canadian schools girls labelled a hate crime.

The very same dynamics applied to another Syrian refugee to Canada–the man accused of murdering 13-year old Vancouver school girl Marissa Shen. Not a single suggestion came from media regarding a racially-oriented motivation for the the murder.

Turning back to accused mass murder Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa in Colorado, media reports reveal the “usual suspects”– the man has no affiliation with Islamic terror organizations. He functioned as a “lone wolf.” He is mentally ill. He has social personality disorder. As far as establishment media are concerned, in no manner is this incident a hate crime based upon racism against ten white Americans.

Why the double standard? Are mainstream media in 2021 in the news business, or in the “ethnic community preservation” business? The same dynamic exists in the USA as it does in Canada.

Why is it  that North American media–ostensibly controlled by North American media entities, play favouritism toward one identifiable community in this manner?

No one asks the question– therefore the issue is never addressed. If CAP didn’t know better(we don’t), we might believe a pre-conceived agenda of community protectionism has been entrenched within media. The situation could be  easier to fathom if, for example, Al-Jazeera News were the leading player in North American media. They are not.

What we have here is a bona-fide mystery. Then again, there must be someone in the world that has an answer for why this dynamic has permeated western media in this capacity.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Does The Colorado Mass Murder Qualify as A Hate Crime Against White Americans?”

  1. TEN (10) incent white people are murdered in a grocery store by a madman and yet the general news media and our own national leaders are slow if not down right refusing to use the same and equal terms upon Alissa as they slammed upon the Georgia massage parlor killer. May God bless the souls of all the innocent murdered victims.

    • Yes, racism is a one-way street of white against non-white hatred in the Great Reset world. Trudeau promotes this to no end in Canada.– Brad


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