Does Justin Trudeau Really Work On Behalf Of English Canada?

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It certainly appears he does not. Bombadier, SNC- Lavalin, Davie Shipyards–all located in Quebec, all preferred Trudeau corporations. So much so our Liberal government ended up  being implicated for a series cover-ups, abuses of power and flagrant nepotism as related to these companies.

Yet, apart from these tangible examples, a deeper and more insidious agenda exists. This is not about hard numbers or high finance. Rather, it deals with an ideological aspect of contemporary society— Trudeau’s malevolence toward English Canada.

Raised in the shadow of father Pierre Trudeau, this former three-term PM  taught Justin to hate the colonial element of the founding of our nation. Clearly, it stuck. Trudeau Jr.’s tenure as prime minister is shot through with scorn for Anglophone Canada, Christian Canadians, as well as anyone else who object to our country being trans-formed away from its original national identity.

As it happens, Trudeau is also the father of the National Energy Board and provincial equalization payments. Who benefits most? Why, it’s the province of Quebec.

Yet, again, it goes even deeper than this. Mr. Trudeau does not simply dislike the heritage of the Canadian majority– he takes punitive action against these people. Apologies to Third World communities paint a portrait of Anglo-Canadians as a gang of bigots and racists. Cancelling government funding for Christian non-profits(while increasing funding for equivalent Islamic  groups) reveals an animus toward Canadians of Christian heritage.

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Conclusion? If CAP didn’t know better(sorry, we don’t), Justin Trudeau is waging a war against English Canada and its peoples. The weapon of choice is another Pierre Trudeau creation-– Multiculturalism. Without this unilaterally-enforced, non-democratic measure it may have been possible that Anglophones would not have trans-itioned to the nemesis community of Canada.

Sadly, this didn’t happen. As a result of diversity Anglo-Canucks are now Canada’s problem people. Not terrorists who Justin brought back to Canada. Not illegal refugees. Not criminals from the Third World, or China’s real estate obsessives and money-launderers.

For the Trudeau government, the real problem is colonialism, so-called “white supremacists,” nationalists, patriots, Anglophones, Christians, conservatives, and the rest.

What INEQUALITY. Talk about blatant, rampant favouritism. This is the behaviour which DIVIDES the various ethnic and religious communities of Canada. Yet, incredibly, Mr. Trudeau maintains diversity is Canada’s strength. It makes no sense–therefore it has to be a Trudeau government production.

Yes, French Canada and Quebec get a break, simply because the Trudeau family are of French Canadian extraction. As for the rest of the provinces, including French-oriented New Brunswick(Canada’s only official dual language province), our Liberal government has nothing but scorn.






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