Does Justin Trudeau Secretly Hate Canada?

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It began with a gleam in the eye. When viewing Justin Trudeau’s stage performance upon his first term victory in October, 2015, Cultural Action Party had the feeling of an ominous premonition.

The look on our newly-minted prime minister gave off a particular vibe: “you people have no idea what is now in store for the future of your country.”

It was out of such a subtlety that CAP began to ruminate on the future of Canada. After witnessing Trudeau’s performance over his first few months in office, we began to draw conclusions. One of which was that just about everything he does represents an inversion of the proper way to do his job.

Instead of prioritizing Canadians, Trudeau made Syrians his top concern. Rather than focus on fiscal stability, our PM dug the greatest deficit hole in history. Instead of austerity regarding foreign aid, dollar amount increases were injected into billion-dollar giveaways to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, and dozens of other 3rd World nations.

Media said nothing. Not a single hole was poked into the behaviour of this anathema of a national leader. CAP knew we were on to something.

To be followed by the most odd-ball performance of all– Justin Trudeau’s branding of Canada as a racist, bigoted, xenophobic and homophobic society.

For what reason? There must be a purpose– no ruling government takes this position on a whim. What was this all about? Why is it that federal party leaders who most indulge in the habit– Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh— have risen in popularity based on promoting malevolence toward our country?

Something has got to be wrong in all of this. If an astute observer didn’t know better, they might conclude that Justin Trudeau does not like Canada. Admittedly, this is a specious conclusion. More accurate it is to state that Trudeau dislikes specific elements of Canadian society, and its history.

Colonialism is the leader of the pack. Exclusive in nature it is– our PM has a serious problem with Anglophone colonialism, but not the Francophone variety.

The feeling emanating from Mr. Trudeau’s hostility toward English Canada may be best encapsulated in the word “vengeance.” The feeling that Mr. Trudeau has a silent agenda up his sleeve has permeated the picture since day one.

“Something is happening but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Canuck?”

Being that neither CAP nor the average citizen can read a person’s mind, one can only speculate on Trudeau’s silent intentions.

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Was a certain animus bred into the bones of our current PM? Did father Pierre Trudeau instill the idea that English Canada must be punished for our nation’s colonial history? It sure as heck feels this way.

If so, what is the extent of Justin Trudeau’s malevolency? How far is he willing to go to institute retribution toward society?

How about– all the way– to the point that Canada is to be permanently transformed. Beginning with an end to democratic governance. Transition from here to a covert entrenchment of pseudo-communism. Follow this along until we come to the “real thing.”

In pragmatic terms, this may be about to play out before our very eyes. Three terms in a row as prime minister. A pending election nobody wants transitioning our ruling Liberal government from minority to majority government.

A social structure in which our prime minister can do any darn thing he likes, and still win a soon-to-be-called federal election.

Does Justin Trudeau rule our nation? Or rather, is Canada in 2021 ruled by Trudeau’s animosity toward our country? The prime minister who hates the country he was appointed  to lead.

It doesn’t get any more ominous than this.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

12 thoughts on “Does Justin Trudeau Secretly Hate Canada?”

  1. Well it ain’t no secret how the majority of real Canadians cannot stand trudumb the blackface hypocrite. Time to wake up and fast Canada is under attack and needs everyone to stand up to this piece of shit and his team of minion Canadian haters.
    FIT IN OR F__K OFF !!!

  2. Of course he hates Canada but sure enjoys the taxpayers dollars and all that money his family got from oil and gas…. Do a little research on Fidel Castro and the rumors that keep spreading of the connections between Trudope and Castro… Would be nice to see real journalist do some digging!!!

  3. He, his Cabinet, all Liberal MPs, all Party Members, and all those who vote for him have a deep visceral hatred for Canada as it is. Why? What is it about Canada that sickens them? He imports migrants from third-world shitholes who want nothing more than to change this country into the shithole they came from.

    There is no other common-sense solution but for the Western Provinces to become autonomous. We really have no need for that part of Canada, East of Sudbury.

  4. Well Brad and all Canadians, he did say some time ago he considers himself a Quebecer and not Canadian, that answers that. Will he submit to a DNA test to refute his connection to Castro, no, I wonder why.

  5. Trudeau’s reptilian; out-of-the-abyss father inculcated a hatred for English Canada into his “son.” Even so–By mid-life; a fair minded; observant family member would have had time to rethink his father’s propaganda. However; we’re not talking about a normal; reasonable individual. Just a spiteful; ungrateful; self-entitled; myopic monster–Who has been well groomed for this hour of darkness.

  6. Well he just decided to bring in about 20 to 30 thousand Afghans. They’ve 57 muslim countries but we have to take care of, feed house that many immigrants that have no skills and can’t even speak English not to mention the dangers involved. What a psycho.

  7. Trudeau is a very Nasty person, in his PEA brain he thinks he owns Canada.How can a useless drama teacher, he is a good actor but a very poor example as a human.Cocky liar, is ruining Canada daily.


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