Does Canada Have A Mentally Challenged (Wacko) Prime Minister?

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Of accusations directed toward Canadian media, it can be asserted that this collective are indeed a forgiving bunch. Decade after decade, absolution by the press has emanated in regard to their preferred government of choice, the Liberal Party of Canada.

Lack of disclosure, obfuscation, paying off the press are conditions that colour mainstream media’s relationship with Canada’s most historically popular federal political party.

For example, consider media’s approach to the Trudeau family. It was with full confession that Margaret Trudeau, mother of our current prime minister, stated the following:

“I had to rebuild myself. I had an intervention. I had the police take me to the hospital  finally strapped down because I was so resistant and so ill, but I didn’t know it,” she said.

According to reports, Mrs. Trudeau was put in a part of the hospital normally populated by men with erectile dysfunction. “Being in the psychiatric hospital  and being a prime minister’s wife are similar,” she commented.

What Media Has Never Alluded To:

Like alcoholism, mental illness can be hereditary. On this basis, it’s reasonable to state that Ms. Trudeau’s three children—Justin, Alexandre and Michel(deceased) could have inherited some of mother’s pathology.

Ms. Trudeau is a self-admitted “manic depressive.” Science informs us that “bi-polar” disorder can be passed from parent to child:

“Bipolar disorder is frequently inherited, with genetic factors accounting for approximately 80% of the cause of the condition. Bipolar disorder is the most likely psychiatric disorder to be passed down from family.”

Degree to which legacy media allude to these facts? Begin at zero, and don’t stop till you get enough. This situation alone stands as justification for compulsory assessments of mental health for candidates for prime minister. Obviously, media as well as government have no interest.

Moving from abtractions to raw data, we point to the “tweet that transformed a nation.”

January 28th, 2018:

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.”

Returning to our “mania as a genetic condition” hypothesis, CAP has to wonder if this piece of politics is rooted in the bi-polar condition. No one– not even a prime minister– has the right to spontaneously roll out the welcome mat in this manner.

“In 2023, the Roxham crossing was closed permanently. During the time it was widely used as an unofficial border crossing, more than 100,000 asylum seekers passed through it.”


“Megalomania comes from the Greek megas (great) and mania (madness). It is a madness of greatness, but not a great kind of madness! Megalomaniacs in history include Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon Bonaparte.”

“People with megalomania tend to exaggerate their virtues and never see their faults.”

That’s Justin Trudeau, with rainbow-coloured bells on. His invitation for poor, unemployable refugees to rush the Canadian border reeks of a state of mania. Media wouldn’t allude to this if they were the last piece of press on earth. When it comes to the Trudeau family and the media, protectionism and subterfuge are classic conditions.

Turning to the area of what psychology refers to as “personality disorders” conjures up additional signs of possible mental illness:

“Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. They need and seek too much attention and want people to admire them.”

Enter, stage leftist, the prime minister of Canada. Drilling down on personality traits delivers up the following:

“Narcissists want to have their own way. They tend to be rule-oriented and controlling. They are inflexible. It benefits narcissists to have partners who are willing to go with the flow and not make a big deal over anything, ever.”

Two points flavour our thoughts. Regarding social policy, Trudeau makes the Rock of Gibraltar look like a bog populated with peat-moss. Year after year Canadians witness the same rhetoric.

Unending support for mass immigration and refugee intake. Never-ending indulgence in LGBT support and funding. Abortion-mongering, assisted suicide, carbon taxation, climate hysteria. Makes not a stitch of difference whether voters support these initiatives or not. Detached from the will of the majority, the Liberals continue on with implementation of wokism in perpetuity.

The “willing to go with the flow” dynamic is no less meaningful. If one cares to notice, PM Trudeau has surrounded himself with the greatest degree of sycophants in the history of Canadian governance.

Media never allude to it, but for Cultural Action Party [est. 2016]. it’s one reason why our PM consistently advances migrant and half-citizen Liberal MPs to top political positions.

MP Ahmed Hussen, MP Iqra Khalid— show us a 3rd World-derived MP, and we’ll show you a politician who adheres to every policy Trudeau lays on the table. Even if those policies betray religious community values( LGBT vs Islamic faith), never do these MP’s kick up political dust.

“The relationships narcissists have with others are often superficial and exploitative, because they are less concerned about the other person and more concerned about themselves.”

We think back to former Justice Minister, Jody-Wilson Raybould. Mr. Trudeau was all-over her at one time, speaking of her virtues as a First Nations female who had made it to the top.

September 19th, 2019: Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion released his report into the SNC-Lavalin affair, the political scandal that has led to the ouster of two cabinet ministers, the resignation of one of the prime minister’s key aides and opposition calls for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step down.”

“The scandal centres on one key question: did the prime minister, someone in his office or other government officials try to pressure Jody Wilson-Raybould when she was attorney general to step in and resolve the corruption and fraud case against SNC-Lavalin Group in an effort to spare the Montreal-based engineering giant from criminal prosecution?”

In her book “Indian In The Cabinet,” Wilson-Raybould stated that  she was angry at herself for believing that Trudeau “was an honest and good person when in truth he would so casually lie to the public and then think he could get away with it.”

During their final meeting, Wilson-Raybould says she told Trudeau: “I wish that I had never met you.”

Proof positive of Trudeau’s true character? Even if it was, no Canadian would find out about it from CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail or Toronto Star. The entire “oeuvre” of our PM’s mental health eschewed, the Liberals continue to get the benefit of the doubt from the press.

In a study of qualities that make for a great leader, the Gartner Group pinpoint the following:

“Leaders today need to be authentic, empathetic and adaptable.”

Does Trudeau exemplify these qualities? Only on a steaming hot winter day in Nunavut.

Consider the state of Canadian society after nearly nine years of Trudeau government rule. If a medical expert assessed this condition, would he conclude Canada is a healthy society, or sick society? We speak of both our economic status, as well as sociological health as it relates to happiness and contentment in society.

62 per cent of Canadians said they feel either pessimistic or angry, with respondents equally split between the two sentiments.”

“What we’ve seen is the anger quotient has hit a new record,”  says Nik Nanos, CTV’s official pollster and Nanos Research founder, said in an interview with CTV News.

Clearly, a clean bill of health would not be the prognosis. Sick national leader, sick nation? Considering the general state of society, it can’t be counted out. From globalist soup to woke nuts, media have backed the family Trudeau for more than five decades.

In 2024, we stand back and witness the results.

5 thoughts on “Does Canada Have A Mentally Challenged (Wacko) Prime Minister?”

  1. Photo: Is that a take on a “reboot” *Gong Show* ? What’s up w/ the bouquet? Are those Trudeau’s advisors; or his newlywed husbands? Maybe they’ll take their princess back to the Punjab. If he survives the honeymoon. Is there a surgeon in the house?

    Please–Watch the following short video; by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner. The sick Trudeau has defiled a branch of the Canadian military. This “logo” is
    the product of a deranged mind.

    • I just watched the video. The new “logo” looks like the piece of sh$t that blackface IS.


      Nothing raises my blood pressure more than seeing pics of Trudas each November wearing a poppy!!!

  2. We do. He won by NEPOTISM and a disadvantage to Canada, and now it’s proven to be right. He is absolutely unfit for the job and it’s proven time and time again. GOD have mercy and remove all the scams of this earth.

  3. It’s not just your closet homosexual, narcissistic LIBERAL leader and his ENTIRE CABINET. The immoral and gutless traitor and Sikh terrorist supporter Singh, is also guilty. Not to mention that the Conservative leader is not playing sharp chess. Why has he deflected over to legalization of illicit drugs from the immigration, economic and housing disaster that is CAN’Tada? The drug issue is a NO BRAINER. Who in the hell thinks that legalization of heroine, cocaine, crack etc. is a good idea??????
    Canadians are among the stupidest and most politically naive citizenry on the planet. That “fact” is largely due to the bought off (with your own money) lying media, but also the watering down of generational Canadians with third world immigrants and blatant thievery by the political class(less) of your country. If your true Canadian families don’t stand up and stop complying, capitulating and shaking in their boots, you are ALL doomed. Your sociopathic leader is actually a simpering wimp who needs his ass kicked out of the country along with EVERY member of his cabinet and his Chinese and WEF puppet masters.
    WAKE UP CAN’Tada!!!

  4. No. The little s*#t is very intelligent. What drives him are his personality traits and his biggest problems are entitlement and lack of self control.

    He is just like any other grasping politician but he has the benefit of a famous last name plus massive backing from influences outside Canada.

    It’s time we stopped blaming Trudeau and started blaming Canadians who voted for, and continue to support the current political paradigm in Canada. You think Peter Polymer’s Conservatives or Singh’s NDP will be any better for Canada?

    Like WH says in the comment close to this one, “…Your sociopathic leader is actually a simpering wimp who needs his ass kicked out of the country along with EVERY member of his cabinet and his Chinese and WEF puppet masters..”


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