Are Trudeau’s Handlers Hiding How Much Canadians Despise Him?

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After nearly seven years of pseudo-dictatorial rule from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, CAP believe we have stumbled on a fundamental truth regarding Canada’s aberration of a prime minister:

Speaking to reporters, Trudeau said news of an armed incident– possibly attempted murder at Rideau Hall–  was “something that nobody wants to hear.”

Wanna know what CAP call this? Proof positive— that’s what. How is it possible that Justin Trudeau would draw this conclusion?

The reason is found in an orchestrated plan by his handlers to isolate Mr. Trudeau from as much public vitriol as possible. Seems that our PM remains unaware of a profound societal truth— millions upon millions of Canadians despise him– while he remains  largely unaware of the circumstances.

Not only is Trudeau hated by millions– so are a number of his most treasured Liberal members of parliament. As an example, look towards GTA Liberal MP Iqra Khalid.

Previous to the 2019 Canadian federal election, Khalid informed the people of Canada that she had received over 100,000 pieces of “hate email.” Then, come election time, Khalid destroys all other candidates to win her third victory in her 3rd World-dominated riding.

Others like her fall into a similar category. Yet, unlike the founder of the Liberal M103 “Islamophobia” motion, it appears that evidence regarding the degree Trudeau is hated is kept from his knowledge. Yes, the gravel-tossing incident at a Liberal gathering could give him a clue, as well as others where the PM has been a target of verbal abuse.

Regardless, Trudeau plods along with his written-in-stone agenda. Canada’s Teflon kid? Or is the circumstance aligned with the fact that his handlers keep him locked in a bubble of political illusion. The PM was quoted as once stating that “he doesn’t read the news.” If that is the case, then he certainly doesn’t pay attention to social media, where he is pummeled to a pulp on an daily basis.

Can it be that Justin Trudeau has little idea of how he is perceived within society? Or it is a matter that he just doesn’t give a damn. Perhaps the answer is found in a message he once received from Mama Margaret Trudeau:

“A third of the country will love you, a third will hate you, and a third won’t give a damn either way.”

Now, go forth and annoy Canadians in every way possible, because in the end, public opinion is meaningless.

This CAP back with aplomb. In our opinion, Mr. Trudeau has tangible mental issues in the areas of manic compulsion, narcissism, megalomania and borderline personality disorder.

This he has inherited from his mother. Now, for some “evidence.”

Margaret Trudeau:

“I had to rebuild myself. I had an intervention. I had the police take me to the hospital strapped down because I was so resistant and so ill, but I didn’t know it,” she said.

To keep everything hush-hush, she was put in a part of the hospital normally populated by men with erectile dysfunction. “Being in the psychiatric hospital and being the prime minister’s wife are similar.”

What kind of conclusions can be drawn from this Trudeau-family malarky?

CAP will go first: Justin Trudeau is a coddled elitist who has little clue what Canadians think of him. All of which brings about a salient question: within communist and totalitarian nations, does the dictator of the country truly understand the degree to which they are despised by the public?

In China, media must speak highly of their leader, or face potential jail time. The result is creation of a cocoon-like bubble surrounding their despotic leader. Does the same now apply to pseudo-dictator Justin Trudeau?

Surely it does– and serves as another symbol of Canada’s transition to a socialist dictatorship.

16 thoughts on “Are Trudeau’s Handlers Hiding How Much Canadians Despise Him?”

  1. Trudeau is the true definition of a bitchboy wannabe DICKtator. Whether or not he is self-aware enough to acknowledge it or even care, the Canadian people have voiced their opinion on many levels, and we outnumber him and his liberal lackies 1,000 to 1. The time is fast approaching where he’ll be made to understand one way or the other. It’s #GuillotinesAndGallows time, patriots.

  2. Mr. Trudeau is not a leader!!!! He is following , he is being told what to do & how to do it. I believe he is seeing a power that he has & he is taking it to a level . What will it take to stop this person from destroying our country????

  3. Good article!
    The Teflon Cockwomble has pushed things with Canadians to a point that only a few words can describe the relationship from loathe,abhor,detest abominate to out and out hatred.
    How does he treat their repugnance only with indifference and audacity that one could only take as some mental undoing.
    I have said this from the beginning that the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    His answers during reproach are a disconnect to reality with nothing but narcissistic and sociopathic nature with illusions of grandeur suggesting bipolar disorder.
    With Margaret’s discourse on politics I am afraid there are still a third who support him like would be too strong a word.
    However it is fast becoming that the 1/3 who didn’t care are now becoming agitated with his vindictive childishness.

  4. Well, you got most of it right. The man is a child driving a car. works for a few meters but when there are turns and traffic…you fail or change the rules so you can do it and nobody else. Klaus has said Trudeau and over half of his cabinet are his to play with when needed. Charest says he will allow anyone in his government to be part of the WEF. Are we WEFfians or Canadians? Do you think the next government will stop the spraying of whatever over us every day? If they don’t do it right away…they are no better than Junior is.

  5. He is the most hated, despised despot dictator Crime Minister . Every part of the country, every community wants him removed from the PMO. with exceptions of the immigrant sectors who are responsible for his re-elections time and time again. 416-905 of GTA. Every day he does something to piss off more Canadians. Pierre Poilievre will de-thrown this tyrant, if he hasn’t jailed his opposition by time we get to vote…

  6. I’m English and in Gt. Britain he’d never have gotten away with half of what he has done. People would have railed against him voraciously, in the streets. I find Canadians very meek and mild and somewhat afraid of Government. I’m wondering why? Is it the set up of Provinces that divide people. Whatever it is, Trudeau has taken full advantage of it.

    • Canada has a giant geography, thus a natural set up of division existed from the get-go. The Liberal-Communist Party of Canada expanded on the concept by dividing Canadians on an ideological basis.

      In 2022, media work for the Liberals, so they promote division. Trudeau’s WEF backers want a new Canada– in reality, a communist Canada, and social division is one of the best ways to keep the public from uniting against government.

  7. I met Fuhrer Trudope in Washington. I would not shake his hand because if I did I would get accused of Grabbing a Pussy.

  8. Oh my goodness, that is just what I want to hear, lol:)
    I cannot believe what he has done, I just cannot believe it. Ooh it makes me so mad!


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