Do English and French Canadians Have Charter Rights To Promote Their Identities?

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The quick answer is yes, absolutely. Yet since the time Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism upon our society, it has never happened. Now that Statistics Canada informs us these communities will one day achieve minority status, should it now happen?

Of course–but it does not. Why? Because these founding communities are excluded from being a part of the diversity banquet feast. Who made this rule? No one at all. Therefore, there must be a reason for thisĀ  most curious situation.

One answer is found in the hypocrisy and reverse-racism of the liberal- globalist movement. For Anglos or Francos to display pride in their identities is deemed a racist act in Canada.

Where did this idea come from? A darn good question, and naturally, one mainstream media REFUSE to make a part of the diversity narrative. Are these journalists and editors– John Ivison, John Ibbitson, Chris Selley, Chantal Hebert and Margaret Wente not from Anglo & Franco Canadian backgrounds?

Strange, isn’t it? The root of this societal prison sentence is found in the policy of multiculturalism. Ostensibly created by Pierre Trudeau to create a level playing field among Canada’s increasingly diverse population, pride in Canadian heritage was placed on the back-burner. In its stead came pride in being a Third World Canadian. This has been stamped and labelled “halal” by a succession of Canadian governments

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Yet, it was not until the advent of Justin Trudeau where things began to become desperate for our people. Branding Canadians of European Heritage racist and bigoted, King Trudeau went about running down the descendants of the founding peoples of our nation- Christian Canadians included. Yet, as it happens, Mr. Trudeau is from a French- Canadian Catholic family. Why then would he be so punitive toward communities of which he is derived?

Of course, he is not nearly damaging toward French Canada. It is English Canada he opposes. Like papa Pierre, he has one GIANT chip on his shoulder regarding the colonial element of Canada’s founding. Here we find the true animus driving Anglophones toward the bottom of the social food chain in Canada.

Get rid of him. Vote him out of office because he is our nations GREAT DIVIDER. East vs West. Globalist vs Nationalist. Christian against Muslim. Big Business vs Environmentalist.

Divide and conquer is the globalist game. In is regard Justin Trudeau is the globalist movement’s ace-in-the hole. Anglophones have every right– CHARTER RIGHTS–which can protect our communities, identity and heritage. Use it, or lose it. Justin Trudeau is gunning for the latter.



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