Dissent Begins To Snowball As Liberal MP’s Say No To Trudeau

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It was bound to happen. A Liberal MP has spoken out this week against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pandemic policies, as well as the handling of the Trucker Convoy protests in Canada.

Joel Lightbound, Louis-Hébert, Que. MP, held a press conference where he stated that “those concerned about COVID-19 policies have legitimate concerns that should not be dismissed.”

That was then, and this is today. Another Liberal MP from Quebec has broken ranks with his boss. A three-term Liberal MP is now raising questions about Justin Trudeau’s handling of the pandemic. MP Yves Robillard says he agrees with fellow Quebec Liberal MP Joel Lightbound:

“He said exactly what a lot of us think,” said Liberal MP Yves Robillard. “I agree with everything that Lightbound said.”

“From a positive and unifying approach, a decision was made to wedge, to divide, and to stigmatize,” stated MP Lightbound in a speech that took place on Parliament Hill.

What fascinates beyond these statements must be noted. Both MP’s were elected to ridings in Quebec. Justin Trudeau has been treating his home province with kid gloves since the day he was elected.

If Quebecois members of parliament can do it, any MP can do it. More than likely, this is what is forthcoming. Once a divot appears in a dam like this, a flood could be forthcoming. Nothing brings down a government like internal caucus dissention. There is but one solution regarding the removal of a prime minister– a vote of non-confidence within the House of Commons.

If a strong enough wave of internal dissatisfaction occurs, Justin Trudeau will be removed. The not-so-good news is that the Liberals will still be in control of our nation.

Not that significant upside will not result. There are, in fact, a number of political spells  on society that could be broken. One being the Quebecois ethno-centricism that Mr. Trudeau has instilled in government.

The name of the game is favouritism. In this, no prime minister in history can touch Trudeau. A second example is found in 3rd World favouritism. It seems elementary, but to favour some is to anger others. The degree to which our PM has placed new arrivals above the Canadian-born has been a sight to behold.

Thus, an outcome  mainstream media cannot obfuscate– social division. Everyone may see it, but few in media speak of it. To do so being political sacrilege. According to woke ideology, “diversity is our strength”— even when all signs confirm that it is not.

It has taken over six-years for cracks to emerge in the agenda. Being wholly superficial, government and media’s house of sand is bound to be swept away in due time.

Will the moment arrive in the form of the Truckers Convoy and its ramifications? Time will pass, and we should know for certain. If it does occur, it will constitute the greatest backfiring of a political agenda in Canadian history.

After six years of incremental ramping up of neo-communist governance, the people said no– and it worked.

27 thoughts on “Dissent Begins To Snowball As Liberal MP’s Say No To Trudeau”

  1. Be careful what you wish for! If Trudeau is ousted as leader, then his second-in-command will replace him. Freeland is thoroughly embedded with WEF, even sitting on WEF’s Board of Trustees. (Trudeau was a student of it’s Global Youth Leadership program, as was Freeland and Singh). The agenda is to eliminate sovereign countries through chaos and economic destruction, which ushers in the One World Order via the “Great Reset”. Both Trudeau and Macron are being eyed as candidates to lead this new governance, so they’re both working hard to demonstrate their allegiance to the plan. Canada’s government needs to have total party change. Replacing Trudeau with Freeland is taking us from the frying pan to the fire.

    • The article alludes to patriots not getting overly excited about a transition of leader. We get your point, though, it is completely valid.

      • It doesn’t go nearly far enough, because a parallel process is occuring in the Conservative Party, with the Tool being replaced on a temporary basis by Bergen, who has told the truckers to go home, just like Trudeau. Do you really think that soy boy Pierre is the answer? Rempel, I have just found out, is also WEF. All of the three major federal parties are corrupt. This poses a problem for anyone who believes that traditional party politics is the answer, doesn’t it?

    • A non-confidence vote will start the process for an election. Which I believe if our best option in removing the Liberals and Trudeau from power. The thought of Freeland at the helm makes me cringe. Now I won’t sleep tonight…

    • Don’t forget Chrystia Freeland is a Rhodes Scholar!

      Wasn’t she the one who coined the saying, “even the journey of a thousand miles starts with just one goosestep”?

  2. I have been praying for someone in the LPC to stand up to this little bully, who is unqualified and unfit to lead this country. I hope that this is the beginning of the end for Justin Trudeau’s government.

    • Trudeau needs to resign from office now DONE,he will try to disrupt the peaceful freedom Canadians in any way he can.remove him now before it happens.

  3. We do not want communist Canada Trudeau and his communist partners have to go all of the liberals are from the same pot to them only quebec matters the rest of canada are just his money doners

  4. Should we allow Trudeau to govern, Canada will become the poster child of ONE WORLD ORDER where you will be restricted in your driving area, be forced to take useless jabs. Be censored in your medical treatment. given a social number of credits, be told where you can go and where you cannot and that is only the beginning. In the end game you will be assisted and told when to die!

  5. When Justin Trudeau and Dr. Fauci tell you to “follow the science”, their science, “follow the money” instead…Go figure…

  6. Counting the days to when the investigations begin, starting with treason for him and many in his cabinet, amongst what must be hundreds of others. They’ve infiltrated our voting system with “sanctuary cities”, made evident by municipal, provincial and federal election results maps.
    The WEF must be outlawed. Our country will not be handed to foreign interests. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate treason.

  7. This is a pivotal moment. Pushback across the nation at the same time the Quebec dictators hint that the vax passport and masking might become a permanent fixture. Scary. Hard as it is we had better remove these people before the cost of removing them becomes extreme.

  8. One step forward, two steps back..
    This mass manipulation has got to stop.
    My opinion: All Government needs to step down.
    Military needs to take over.
    An investigation on all Governments. Trial and convictions.
    Foreign interference, scandals and money laundering.
    Until this is put forward, nothing will change.
    Remember they all come the same cloth. You cannot trust any of them.
    The governments have one Boss and it is not We the People.
    The choice is there…. Three step boogie or full freedom.

  9. Reset is needed, no more first past the post elections. Voter photo ID not a hydro bill. Government disbanded and the 3 big parties disbanded. More referendums. Proper representative government not having to follow party lines. Way less government. Removal of corrupt police force. Corrupt medical. Hell I could go on for days.

  10. You all seem to forget that the Soros financed destruction of Canada & the USA using idiots like Trudumfuck & communist hags like Freeland demand the taking out of these COMMIE MARIONETTES . Why doesn’t anyone here see that it isn’t business as usual once the most idiotic frontman for Soros is booted .. Canada should be prepared to put these traitors on trial & have them executed ….


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