Dismantling Individual Freedoms A Core Value For Justin Trudeau

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As reported this week by True North News, “Justin Trudeau’s and the NDP’s imposition of the Emergencies Act to crush the civil liberties of Canadians was one of the most despicable acts we have seen under his government.”

“[Conservative Party leader] Poilievre minced no words in his condemnation of Trudeau’s decision to invoke the controversial act last February – and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s support of it.”

As constitutionally guaranteed by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 2(c) includes the right to participate in peaceful demonstrations, protests, parades, meetings, picketing and other assemblies.

Chalk up a breach of personal freedom and individual liberties right here. In a flagrant side-tracking of fundamental rights, Justin Trudeau invoked a never used-before implementation of the Emergencies Act, thus circumventing citizens constitutional right to public protest.

Recognizing a breach of freedom of assembly, we attempt to uncover variations on a theme. Five freedoms are explicitly addressed in terms of Charter Rights, as integrated into Canada’s Constitution under a Liberal Government led by Pierre Trudeau in 1982:

Freedom of conscience and religion; Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression; Freedom of the press and other media of communication; Freedom of peaceful assembly; and Freedom of association.

By any standard, that’s a lot of freedoms. That none of this exists in Justin Trudeau’s preferred nation of China is something to keep in mind. In fact, China and their Covid plague played a major role in circumvention of the right to public protest in Canada. In the name of world-wide pandemic dissemination, Canadians witnessed the ebb of freedom of assembly.

A secondary spin-off occurred. Freedom of religion took a toll in the form of arrest and incarceration of Christian pastors, who continued to hold church services despite a government mandate against it. The exclusivity of the situation was shunned by media. Only Christian churches were targeted in this manner.

In terms of hundreds and hundreds of Sikh Temples and Islamic mosques across the country, not one was reported as receiving similar treatment. Are astute Canadians to believe not one of these religious institutions ignored the mandate? Of course they did. The bottom line well appears to be another breach– this time in terms of freedom of religion, with punitive damages limited to the Christian variety.

Two down, more to come via the Liberal-NDP neo-socialist machine headed up by globalist co-captains, Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

Freedom of expression: as most citizens realize, Trudeau and team have been on an absolute tear to deprive Canadians of a right to freedom of expression. It is no abstraction. We all know about a stand-off between our Liberal government and social media moguls, the result of which is repression of news distribution on Facebook and other platforms.

Keeping with our “China-theme,” we recognize another Far East-derived phenomenon. The Feds Bill C-11 and Bill C-18 have potential to transition the internet in Canada to a reasonable facsimile of the Chinese government’s “Great Firewall of China.”

We pause for an inventory. Four Charter fundamentals have been breached, or if not, drastically impeded by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals: religion, assembly, communication.

Freedom of opinion is next. On a technical basis, a fair amount is permitted. But cross the line into condemnation of government and its preferred communities, and watch the woke fur begin to fly.

How many times have you witnessed open political debate inclusive of what media refer to as “far-right” Canadians, and what they neglect to label “far-left” citizens. When the last time that CBC offered up a team of woke warriors to debate, for example, Ezra Levant of Rebel News’ crew of “far-right” media actors?

We all know the  answer is never. Where’s the balance? A two-sided public debate? Not happening, and never will. All of it constituting a damper on freedom of expression. Mao Tse Tung would be mighty proud.

Then there is freedom of the press. In reality, this one’s doozy. If a free press truly existed, then elements of what is contained herein may reach the consciousness of society. If, rather, media are suppressed by government in this manner, we once again witness the “authoritarian creep” covertly worming its way to core of Canada’s democratic apple.

Expression. Religion. Opinion. Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Communication.

Holy Cow. Turns out that between Justin Trudeau and side-kick Singh, all fundamental rights contained in the Charter have been breached, eroded or impeded.

Think our erudite journalist media people are too daft to understand this dynamic? Those geniuses at CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star?

 Of course they can– but never do they express it. Why not? Can it be because the times have changed? Specifically, changed from income based on advertising to income funded by government.

Yes, this must be it. No, 40 million Canadians will not be informed of the fact. Charter Rights as established by Pierre Trudeau. Charter Rights as hammered over the head by Justin Trudeau.

 Obvious and apparent. Media say nothing. Our freedoms systemically stripped away while federally-funded CBC sit in silence. A sad state of affairs it is, as Canada is morphed away from its foundation as a free and democratic society.

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  1. Regarding the painting on Trudeau’s left: Sir Robert Borden (former PM; ca. 1946.) A dignitary, gazing at a superficial; self-absorbed oddity who pays more attention to his socks; than work-a-day Canadians.


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