Disliked Worldwide, Justin Trudeau Remains For A Reason

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From the pragmatic to the ideological. There are a number of reasons why Justin Trudeau remains prime minister of Canada.

That none of them have to do with personal popularity should be a concern for all Canadians.

It’s a strange phenomenon. Everywhere Trudeau travels in Canada, he is being maligned by protestors demanding his resignation. Last week, it was First Nations communities at the North American Indigenous 2023 games in Halifax, N.S.

This week, it happened at a stop in Belleville, Ontario:

‘Trudeau Motorcade Swarmed By Protesters In Belleville, Ont., Causing PM To Cut Appearance Short’

“Trudeau was set to meet with about 10 vendors, but he couldn’t make his way to the other side of the public square after being swarmed by the dozens of protesters.”

CAP point to forces keeping an unwanted national leader in power. First comes the pragmatic. Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party, has signed on the dotted line to keep his political competitor in office.

Then, there’s the ideological. Make no mistake, this is a “big picture” scenario involving some of the most powerful political forces in the world.

One of them is World Economic Forum, from which PM Trudeau and the Liberals draw their ideological fuel.

Another is the government of China. Odds are high that these folks are assisting Mr. Trudeau in what has transitioned to neo-dictatorship status for our country. Media won’t tell you, but there’s a lot in this for the behemoth nation of the Far East.

Simply put, China is on a worldwide tear to gobble up the best of the world’s natural resources. In this category, Canada is positioned at #4 nation on the planet.

CAP bet our bottom dollar that China views Canada as integral to their plans for expansion into western democratic nations. In Justin Trudeau, they have the finest example of a politician willing to sell out the soul of a country to the highest foreign bidder.

Thus, he remains. Throughout the process, one particular point has been intentionally de-emphasized by the Canadian press:

Poll after poll tells Canadians that while his popularity has decreased, Trudeau remains a legitimate contender for re-election. A fascinating scenario it is. Coast-to-coast, top to bottom, Canadians are expressing their collective concept for Justin Trudeau.

Yet, in direct contrast, Angus Reid and other major pollsters tell us the Liberals retain significant popularity among Canadian voters.

What to believe? Is Trudeau nothing more than a propped-up globalist plaything? Is his popularity in any way authentic? Does it even matter?

If it doesn’t, than the noise Cultural Action Party has been making for the past seven-plus years may well be factual.

Hollow-on-the-inside appears to be a given. Beyond this, could the popularity of the PM be little more than a fabrication? Has this character been planted to convert our country away from its traditional political foundation?

If so, what’s the actual gameplan? Will Canada transition to a non-democratic country on this basis? Are powers like World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, communist China and political Islam controlling the destiny of our country?

So many vital questions– not a speck of commentary on these themes from mainstream media. Obviously, they want what Trudeau wants, motivated by billions of dollars in funding media receive from the Feds on an annual basis.

“At one point, the prime minister’s security detail pushed away two women who approached his motorcade as he stood on an SUV’s side step waving and smiling at the crowd.”

Strong-arming Canadian women. Man-handling male protestors. A national leader despised by the public. Copious amounts of security  to protect him physically.

Does this man sound like “Mr. Popular” to you? Or rather, are these actions what occurs in public among countries that fall under dictatorial rule?

Sure seems this way. Not that the CBC will ever position it as such. Like Trudeau himself, mainstream media in Canada are “at war with the people.”

Government/Media versus The People. Another manifestation of authoritarian state status. Paid to protect the prime mover of Canada’s woke socialist revolution, our press remain integral to the success of Canada’s conversion to authoritarian state.

What a sad condition Canada finds itself in after nearly eight years of Justin Trudeau. Time to take a hint, buddy boy, and go gentle into that good night of political vocations.

Then again, there’s a chance Trudeau is enjoying Canada’s social, economic and ideological decline. Obviously, that old communist revolutionary spirit is still alive and well.

6 thoughts on “Disliked Worldwide, Justin Trudeau Remains For A Reason”

  1. He was the ultimate jackpot for those seeking to conquer the western world. Because he was the one willing to throw the doors wide open for them, they moved heaven and earth for him.

    And yes, he still has legions of adoring Eastern fans that don’t care what happens to the Prairies. Long as it doesn’t happen to them.

  2. Just wish that this sordid affair would end. Meanwhile; More bad news–“At this point, we must conclude that the Liberals have internal polling numbers indicating that picking a fight with U.S. tech companies is a political winner for them.

    While nationwide polls indicate the opposite, fighting against ‘American tech giants’ is likely popular in Quebec, where the media/artistic community is extremely in favour of government intervention and restrictions in order to protect a specific vision of the cultural industry.

    This also feeds into the Liberal re-election strategy. With Trudeau’s poll numbers remaining low and the Conservatives maintaining a decent national lead, the Liberal path to staying in power is a narrow one, relying on holding onto their Quebec base – and possibly expanding it based on ‘tech companies’ battle – while winning just enough in Ontario and the Maritimes to deny the CPC a majority, and then making a deal with the NDP.” https://spencerfernando.com/2023/07/21/the-liberal-government-is-weakening-canadas-competitive-position-straining-relations-with-the-u-s-as-they-push-ahead-with-new-digital-tax/

    Quebec; Quebec. It’s always been a case of them determining the outcome of the federal elections. Will they influence the outcome of the next election…again? God forbid. If it happens; we’re done. There will be no coming back.

  3. Like Bernardo, Turdo is a narcissitic sociopath that integrates well with the government funded gaslighting media against non hyphenated Canadian patriots.
    He loves selfies with the mass migrants flooding into the country as they know who their master is and will be sure to vote for the lieberal party that gives away the most free stuff every time. Canada’s GDP now is mass migration/inflation. Welcome to the WEF great Canadian reset!

    • Without question; [“Migrants] know who their master is….” Their personal ATM Turdope gets high purchasing payback votes….”Who loves ya, baby?” (Memorable catchphrase used by Telly Savalas in the mid-seventies cop show *Kojak*.) Trudeau-poisoned largesse also covers the thorny “Distinct Society,” (Quebec) and other welfare saturated provinces.


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