Digital ID Adoption In Canada A Socialist Revolution In The Making

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On a worldwide basis, Canada is on the leading edge of digitizing identification and currency. Several provinces, including Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, are planning on launching digital IDs by the end of 2022. The federal government is now partnering with organizations and lobbyist groups to investigate the usefulness of a nationwide Digital ID.

In a statement issued in March, 2022, the Canadian Bankers Association(CBA)  advocated for the creation of a federated digital identity scheme in Canada. Neil Parmenter, CEO of Canadian Bankers Association, says plastic cards are old technology and should be replaced with a new biometric digital ID system.

“The organization is trying to answer the call of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has previously argued that banks and financial institutions should spearhead digital identity efforts.”

After an increasing number of Canadians and businesses moved online throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, “three-quarters of the population feel it’s important to have a secure and privacy-enhancing digital ID to safely make transactions online.” 

We take a closer look at these developments. While Digital ID is certain to arrive within mainstream society, media have not revealed this reality. Based on those involved– CBA, WEF and the Liberal government, Digital ID implementation in Canada is inevitable.

We note a familiar pattern: according to authorities, its implementation is “good for Canadians.” The majority will believe it to be true. If and when legacy media get around to exposing the development, they are certain to validate these sentiments.

The critic in Cultural Action Party point to a pertinent factor: so-called public buy in– a dubious claim at best– developed in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. In other words, Covid has served as a catalyst for an eventual adoption of Digital ID. This is no minor point. To illustrate, we turn to the under-belly of the “benevolence” of Digital ID systems.

The World Economic Forum Digital ID proposal is outlined in a report titled “Advanced Digital Agency: The Power of Data Intermediaries.”  WEF advocate for collecting data from aspects of citizen’s “everyday lives.”

They inform us that the data collection dragnet will “allow Digital ID’s to collect data on citizen’s online behavior, credit history, biometrics, names, identity numbers, medical history, travel history, government accounts, bank accounts, health statistics, education, and more.”

In other words, for every Canadian citizen issued a Digital ID, government will gain comprehensive knowledge of their personal lives. Included in the data will be a person’s political and sexual orientation.

With this in mind, we reach back to the origins of Digital ID. The first point to recognize is that the system originated in China. The Social Credit system is an extension of previously existing financial credit rating systems. Its origin can be traced back to the 1980’s, when the Chinese government attempted to develop a personal banking and financial credit rating system.

According to Wikipedia, “supporters claim that the system helps to regulate social behavior, improve the trustworthiness of citizens, and promote traditional moral values.”

Critics claim that it oversteps rule of law, infringes on legal rights, and the right to privacy. Moreover, the system may be a tool for comprehensive government surveillance, as well as suppression of dissent from the ruling government.

Bingo– we witness the game plan at hand. The government of China has expanded financial credit ratings to the realm of citizen’s social life. Reaching beyond personal finances, citizens are assessed by government based on “social performance.” Does Mr. Wong adhere to the communist party line? Has he participated in protests against the government?

Did he attend a Chinese equivalent of the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa? If so, his social credit rating is certain to drop. Privileges such as access to bank loans and mortgages are cancelled. We recognize a parallel with PM Trudeau’s treatment of the truckers. The leaders bank accounts were frozen as a result, were they not?

Does this not align with Social Credit implementation? Darn right it does. In this we discover a spurious agenda– one which media in Canada are presently hiding from the public.

Continuing on the path, we consider some related circumstances. The advent of Digital ID can be traced to the worldwide dissemination of Covid. It resulted in the vaccine passport phenomenon, which serves as a precursor to Digital ID. Covid comes from China, and so does Social Credit. Digital ID is the vehicle to measure citizens adherence to government policy.

Get out of line, and you will be hit up with fines and jail time– just as it occurred for Tamara Lich, Benjamin Dichter and other protest leaders.

CAP would be remiss not to point to potential for complete societal transformation. As many Canadians as possible are going to be pushed toward Digital ID adoption. Positioned by government and media as a social benefit, the sub-text is an emulation of communist surveillance found in China.

Citizens are monitored for adherence to government ideology. If they get out of line, they are punished. Enter George Orwell and his “1984” polemic. Unfurl the banners of neo-fascism. A new age is upon us– one entirely antithetical to personal freedom and democratic principles as espoused in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

A project such as this takes considerable time to implement. Reinvention of a society is no minor task. If any Canadian is up for the project, it is Justin Trudeau. Whether through self-motivation or as a World Economic Forum affiliate, this is the man to complete the mission.

And what do you know? Mr. Trudeau just received a three-year extension of power as a result of a political pact courtesy of co-WEF affiliate, NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

 Speaking of the man, we reference an article published this week in the National Post:

“Is Jagmeet Singh A Liberal Mole?”

In the article, journalist Adam Pankratz references a fact mysteriously overlooked by media: Mr. Singh has accomplished next to nothing as NDP Party leader.

Or has he? One area of accomplishment exists: propping up the Liberal government. Turns out Jagmeet Singh is keeping Trudeau in power for the long-haul.

Every bit of this a coincidence, is it? CAP refer back to a subtle observation made when witnessing Justin Trudeau’s original acceptance speech in 2015. Call it a “gleam in his eye”–  upon which we drew a subjective conclusion:

“You people have no idea what is coming now that I have captured the crown of Canada.”

Indeed, we didn’t at the time– and still don’t. Digital ID implementation is not an advancement in technology–it is a socialist revolution in the making.

9 thoughts on “Digital ID Adoption In Canada A Socialist Revolution In The Making”

  1. Never mind the nefarious nature of any Canadian government enterprise, does any buy the bovine excrement about their implementations as being secure? I have been in the business since 1980 and there is no government agency that can’t be hacked, no government program that functions as specified – they are all a mess and extremely costly. More lies from all levels of government.

    • There is nothing more secure than the ground one stands on.

      The wisdom of homelessness – why get scared of digital ID?

      Persons who own nothing are not controllable provided they locate wisely such that government police are not violently booting them from pillar to post.

      In the 60s and 70s North Americans in particular saw what was then termed a “cop out” from “the establishment” that involved the young from high school age through college age. Businesses had quite a time finding employees – in fact it became standard stats that the employed remained with the same employer for little better, than three years, adding to business expenses in constant retraining new employees they managed to find somewhere, including refugees from totalitarian countries by the score.

      “Communes” formed in what had become ghost towns all across the country, with their communities collectively engaged in all manner of community support from collecting refundable pop cans to growing gardens and hunting. And some of those communes gathered admiration and assistance from some very wealthy local individuals who had them do some jobs for cash whenever they wanted cash – the wealthy know how to keep their wealth out of the hands of the likes of Trudeau and HIS banks; and not all wealthy people are heartless for the poorer population, like Trudeau obviously is.

      In fact, in the 70s there was quite a visible push to create barter groups that involved no cash but traded goods and services.

      No one has lost such abilities, regardless of what governments and their banks do. It was quite common to hear the comment ‘let them eat their cash’ from even very highly educated among the young.

      Canada has always had uncomfortably cool winters at best and the pioneers did rather well – it can all be repeated because governments are not in control of this planet. In North America those interested in living without the normal systems of government controls can learn to live, including eat, free. From say 30,000 feet, Canada looks completely unpopulated – grab a chunk – in the not yet declared ended democracy here, you the citizen own crown land because you are part of the crown. And if you do that, just watch the government try to boot you from pillar to post – ha – move a half mile and reset and keep em chasing until they start shooting real bullets – ah huh – if the citizens defend themselves from government bullets, it is called “civil war.”

      Digital ID, anyone?

  2. THAT should prove very interesting in my case — perhaps many others will copy my lead? I have no phone whatsoever – i.e., no digital devices. And if the dictatorship decides to issue a card with a digital chip on it, cards get lost every day. In fact I don’t have an address.

  3. Re this Crime Minister and his fawning new bride, Jagoff…err, Jagmeet, I have only thoughts that, if voiced or written down, would result in visits from the 5-Oh community!

  4. Already, if you have a debit card that has the arbitrarily added tap chip, think about it – computers do not know WHO is using that digital id. So a hacker grabbing the database of the government would have access to Trudeau’s stash? These dudes seem to forget that what they do to Canadians includes themselves – unless they stop being Canadians I guess?


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