Did Trudeau’s Minister Of Defence Get Rich From The Covid Pandemic?

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In October, 2021, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Indian-origin politician Anita Anand as Minister of Defence in a cabinet reshuffle.

It now turns out that the husband of Liberal Cabinet Member Anita Anand is a director of a COVID testing company that “appears to have gained financially during the pandemic in the form of million-dollar government contracts.”

 According to Blacklock’s Reporter, LiberalMP Anita Ananddid not disclose under the Conflicts of Interest Act that her husband, John Knowlton, is a director of LifeLabs, which is a large contractor for the government’s COVID testing programs.”

Caught in a moment and you can’t get out of it? Not at all. Last week, the hot topic on the Hill came in the form of Liberal Cabinet Minister Mary Ng

“International Trade Minister Mary Ng has apologized after Canada’s conflict of interest and ethics commissioner concluded she placed herself in a conflict of interest through her involvement in a decision by her office to award contracts to a friend’s company.”

Pundits immediately called for MP Mary Ng’s resignation. It didn’t happen– just like it will not happen to MP Anita Anand.

Pourquoi? Because PM Justin Trudeau knows that the Liberals are today a teflon-coated neo-dictatorship. They understand that the demographic structure of Canada– reinforced with the political steel of 3rd World voters– will not vote out the Liberals in an upcoming federal election.

Hence, the smarmy and smug attitude of Justin Trudeau, himself a survivor of multiple conflict of interest inquiries. In 2022, it’s the Canadian way. Decades of concentration of immigrant voters into Ontario, and GTA in particular, have delivered the necessary goods to establish what is today a Liberal dictatorship.

As procurement minister, during the height of the Covid pandemic, “Anand handled the supply of Covid vaccines to Canada from India. She received the first batch of five lakh doses of vaccines from the Pune-based Serum Institute of India.”

Anita Anand was in at ground level as Covid began to ravage Canadians from coast-to-coast. Only to turn around and allegedly pocket a tidy profit by way of her husband. Enough to remove the Minister of Defence— one with no military background– from her lofty Liberal perch courtesy of Justin Trudeau?

Don’t be ridiculous. Like Liberal Cabinet member Mary Ng, Anita Anand is going nowhere. As provided with a political steroid boost based on the fact that she is a “racialized” Canadian–the holy grail of political longevity in post-modern Canada.

Husband John Knowlton is senior managing director with Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System, a pension fund investor, which in turn is the indirect owner of LifeLabs.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, LifeLabs was just awarded millions of dollars’ worth of contracts for COVID testing. LifeLabs was recently awarded $111 million for testing services in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon.

Has Trudeau-selected Liberal Cabinet Minister Anita Anand gotten rich from the misery that is the Covid pandemic? With rumours swirling that a similar fate befell Justin Trudeau himself, anything is possible among leaders of the Liberal neo-dictatorship of Canada.

12 thoughts on “Did Trudeau’s Minister Of Defence Get Rich From The Covid Pandemic?”

  1. Phony; “get the result you like” C – – – d tests. I won’t dirty my mouth by spelling the whole disgusting word. So sick of it. But!! ’tis well in Trudopia; it’s all going according to plan. Getting caught in a serious conflict of interest just excites these netherworld creatures. By the way; I’m sure most readers are aware of the next plandemic? It’s going to target kids; supposedly in 2025. Rest assured; the phony tests–and carefully crafted injections/endless boosters–Are just waiting to be mass produced. These NWO demons always telegraph their intentions in advance. Just as they had their little war room rehearsal for C – – – d; years before it hit; appearing right on time. Such uncanny foreknowledge!!! Vegas; look out!! No wonder these mutants think they have a right to rule the world.

  2. Where the hell is the Opposition on corruption like this? It should be on every newscast, posted all over the internet on every social media. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. What the hell, do real Canadians have to administer justice ourselves to save what used to be a great & respected Country?

  3. Where is the Opposition on corruption like this? It should be on all social media, in every TV interview. Poilievre, where the hell are you? Not very many people watch Question Period because you have allowed it to turn into a farce. Watching Trudeau give Canadians the finger is so disgusting, I rarely watch. Why are you not shitting all over Trudeau?

    Would the Minister bla bla bla, yes or no? Childish.

    Would the Minister, a person we all know who has a culture of misinformation and disinformation, please attempt to stretch his believability and give Canadians an intelligent answer that has something to do with the previous question?

    Mr. Speaker, that misinformant, the so called honorable Minister, has given Canadians the finger yet again and insulted Parliament with the usual disinformation. Please demand they leave the building.

    • Del,

      As the weeks pass; I’m getting more (deeply) disillusioned w/ Poilievre. Maybe Brian Peckford’s articles have turned me against the so-called Opposition leader; but what Brian Peckford–The ex-Premier of NFLD scathingly writes–Has begun to take root. His most serious charge against Pierre is why this “leader” has said nothing (next to nothing?) concerning the egretious violation of our (so-called) Charter rights. He’s right; Poilievre has enough against Trudope to beat him to a senseless; bloody pulp–But; we only get political theater. Pierre is an excellent orator, and thinks on his feet. However; I now believe–If Trudope is finally turfed–He will offer nothing more than warmed over; repackaged; same old; same old.

      Has he spoken out against the damaging; deadly mRNA injections? No.”If I’m PM; I’ll (fill in the blanks).” “I’ll defund the CBC.” Yawn. Sure you will Pierre; when the cows jump over the moon. As the car rental lady said to Steve Martin’s character in the 1987 comedy *Planes, Trains, & Automobiles* “[We’re] f***ed.” RIP Canada. We hardly got to know ye. The Honorable Brian Peckford’s articles can be seen at “peckford42.wordpress.com” As he so often reminds people; he is the last living signatory of the (selectively applied) Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Unlike Pierre; he’s busy fighting for our freedoms. Politicians of all stripes won’t give him the time of day. It’s shameful; but that’s where we are as a (now fake) country.

  4. Recently Trudeau threatened the Premiers that he will withhold Health transfer payments unless the Provinces turn over all of their provincial medical records.
    In the last few days it has come to light that Public Health Agency of Canada has contracted with a UK company to collect troves of online data to target and go after the vaccine hesitant.
    Anyone with half a brain can see where the megalomaniac Turd is going.

  5. Brad? I expect to have a criminal trial in Newfoundland some time in 2023. Would anyone there be interested in covering it? It think you’ll quite like my defense. Some details available on my work-in-progress, whistle-blowing advocacy site https://pfi.rocks/organized-crime/vis/tina-moores

    More info on pinned tweet for @CaeJak and instagram @ascjak

    Deirdre Moore
    (613) 848-6832

  6. I love it when people blame Pierre for not standing up to Trudeau, this dictator is only going to be accountable when he gets voted out, It is up to us!

  7. But will he be voted out? He is so evil that people seem to be hypnotized by it, by wonder at his presence, as if they can’t really believe it, so they go along with it, as if they are helpless to do anything about it. It’s a shame really. To me ,he’s like that chap at Wayco, Texas – Manson. Some people are like that – mesmerising. His followers know it’s wrong but they can’t seem to help themselves. I always said, before he got into power, that he’s dangerous, and I have been proved right. Uneducated and dangerous. His father taught him that.


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