Did Trudeau Intentionally Set Up Canada For Its Broken Nation Status?

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“If you’re in government, regardless of what level — federal, provincial, or municipal — these are your customers, the general population.”

For Cultural Action Party, these words capture the essence of why a majority of citizens of our country now believe Canada is a broken nation.

According to recent polling as presented by the National Post, “70%  of women agreed that our country is broken, compared to 64% of men.”

That is quite the statistic. Particularly in light of PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government’s dedication to feminism, gender, LGBT and the rest. Turns out that it’s not only those troglodyte oil workers, truckers and farmers. At present, public animus toward Trudeau is widely shared by his “target market.”

While media present the stats, they overlook fundamental reasons why Canada has arrived at a state of social anger and resentment.

CAP attempt to fill in the blanks. The primary reason for the back-firing of the Trudeau-Liberal agenda is as follows:

Rather than dedication to the will of the people, government has dedicated itself to the will of a globalist agenda. Due to media obfuscation, it has taken a number of years for Canadians to come to terms with this dynamic.

Climate change, LGBT, Covid, mass immigration, carbon taxation, net zero, transgender. This is the stuff of the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and United Nations.

From day one, these forces have shaped Liberal government policy. The desires of Canadians has always remained secondary— if has been considered at all. What has made matters worse relates to social discord which developed in the wake of Justin Trudeau’s “woke revolution.”

By ramping up the issue of racism to the top of the Canadian totem pole, Trudeau & Company fragmented our nation’s social order. Pitting community against community, media has exacerbated the condition. Elevating so-called “Islamophobia” to the top of our social order damaged the fabric of Canada’s pluralist social vision. LGBT promotion driven by Team Trudeau– transgenderism in particular– has played havoc with the value system of most Canadians.

Leading to a single salient question: has it all been done on purpose? Can it be that the Justin Trudeau-led organized chaos has a specific goal in all this calculated mayhem?

CAP has been through this one a thousand times. If a long-term, overarching goal is inherent in this mess, what can it be? Regular readers may even be tired of hearing it from us. We repeat it regardless: the goal is transition to an authoritarian dictatorship.

It is at this point where mainstream media bow out. They won’t go there, even though a hundred signs along the pathway indicate it may be so. Additionally, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest are loathe to bite the hand that feeds them. If not, the narrative might go like this:

More than any other person on the planet, Justin Trudeau is responsible for the broken condition of our society. Abandoning all dedication to the Canadian majority will do that. Fervent, relentless dedication to “special interest” Canada–LGBT, Islam, Sikhism Euthanasia– has done nothing good for our country.

“It’s the intensity of anger where men are tops. Angry men tend to be angrier than angry women,” says the National Post.

And why not. Hetreosexual men generally look on with horror at the antics of this Trudeau character. Running around with drag queens, advancing sex-change for citizens of all ages. What sane male Canadian wouldn’t be furious with this guy?

Progress may occur, but some things remain: Trudeau evinces no element of masculinity. Everything he does is tainted with light weight pink-coated propaganda. Like it or not, Justin, real men respect other real men. Not some flaked-out politician prancing around in Pride Parades.

“Respondents in Alberta were the least likely to say they were happy — just 29 per cent.”

Why the heck wouldn’t they? Do tell, fellow patriots, is the follwing not a factual statement?

Justin Trudeau shows more concern for Syria and Somalia than he does for Albertans and Western Canadians. The dynamic is pathetically out-of-balance. Is this man so lame in the brain as to think Western voters will be impressed by these actions?

Or rather, is this also an intentional ploy of the part of our Liberal government? Divide and conquer? No doubt in CAP’s mind that Trudeau’s international backers had this intention in mind from day one.

How to transition a country from a free and democratic society to an authoritarian state. Someone wrote the book on this process. PM Trudeau doesn’t have the brains to do it himself.

Likely it is that, in the spirit of 20th century fascism, Justin Trudeau is simply “following orders.”

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