Did Trudeau Facilitate Election Interference From China, India & Iran?

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May 3rd, 2024:Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference commissioner Marie-Josée Hogue concluded in her first report released Friday that the 2019 and 2021 federal elections were tainted by the stain of foreign interference.”

In terms of adherence to  “woke” media rhetoric, Canada’s National Post exists as an outlier. Forget about the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and CBC. Funded by our Liberal government, these media entities jumped off the deep end of globalist propaganda dissemination years ago.

Arguably the best of them in terms of objective reporting, the National Post does an admirable job, yet in certain respects, continues to miss the mark. Or rather, neglect to “give credit where credit is due.”

“To accomplish its goals, China relies on a range of individuals such as PRC officials in Canada, Canadian-based proxies, and bodies of both the Chinese Communist Party and the PRC such as the United Front Work Department.”

And the original source and impetus for this penetration of Canadian society is? The distinguished honour goes to founder of multiculturalism, ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. It was he who in the early 1970’s set off for a series of meetings with leaders of the government of China. Less than a year later, Trudeau Sr. introduced(forced) multiculturalism on an unsuspecting Canadian public.

“The Chinese government exerts significant control on the Chinese-language traditional and social media platforms and uses the influence to promote pro-PRC narratives, spread disinformation, and suppress anti-China content.”

Merci, Pierre Trudeau.

“Much of India’s foreign interference efforts aim to promote its government’s geopolitical views within the Canadian government and the Indian diaspora, particularly on the issue of an independent Sikh homeland (Khalistan).”

“Trudeau’s Presence At Sikh Rally Further Inflames India Ties As Canadian PM Accused Of Encouraging Climate Of Violence”

India summoned the Canadian deputy high commissioner after ‘Modi Wanted’ banners were hoisted at a Toronto event addressed by Justin Trudeau.”

Like his partner in politics, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, PM Trudeau panders to Canada’s rapidly growing Sikh community as if there’s no tomorrow. Locked into office until late 2025 by direct competitor Singh, our PM returns the favour through ubiquitous support of the Sikh-Canadian community.

Does the tendency “run in the family?” Of course it does. Like Pierre Trudeau before him, our current PM has dedicated himself to the dilution of traditional Canadian identity. Neither of them have had a high opinion of our country– English Canada in particular. Since attaining office in 2015, Trudeau Jr. has opened our national door to leftist fanatics. religious supremacists and acts of terror.

India may use proxy agents in Canada to provide illicit financial support to Canadian politicians who espouse India’s views, sometimes without the candidates’ knowledge.”

Could this be a reason why Sikhs are the most over-represented identifiable community in Canadian politics?

“Government officials are likely monitoring, influencing, and collecting information on Iranians in Canada to quell criticism of the regime. In some cases, Iran seeks to silence Canada-based critics through harassment and intimidation.”  

A piece of media obfuscation it is. Anyone else notice an annoying trend perpetuated by media? When they speak of foreign election interference, they always lead with the bit about the “negative impact on individuals” within 3rd World diaspora communities.

As opposed to speaking of direct damage to our democratic institutions– an essential, yet disregarded distinction. What does election interference from China, India, Pakistan and Iran add up to?

That would be the undermining of democratic process at its highest level. In terms of Iran and its religious institutions, Trudeau is a lackey of magnanimous proportions. Pandering to the fastest growing identifiable community in Canada has for eight years been a Trudeau speciality.

A question the press wouldn’t touch with an 88-foot poll:

What’s the common political thread within the ideological fabric of “father-and-son” Trudeau?

Ever-widening open border policies? Importation and promotion of foreign cultures? Advancement of 3rd World religions? Multiculturalism and it’s diluting effect on English Canada? Mass immigration and its detrimental impact on housing affordability? Abortion, Euthanasia and Transgender promotion and their damaging effect on domestic birthrates?

Or– all of the above. What the Trudeau’s have no interest in can be broken down to a single word:


As in, a lack of preservation of what historically existed as core Canadian values and national identity.

What does this make the Trudeau clan? Communists, for one thing. The only exception in the preservation game is the family’s home province of Quebec. As for the rest, it can go to hell in a hand-basket for all Justin Trudeau cares.

4 thoughts on “Did Trudeau Facilitate Election Interference From China, India & Iran?”

  1. “What’s the common political thread within the ideological fabric of “father-and-son” Trudeau?” Pierre the Trudeau’s evil spell has metamorphosed into a multi-headed hydra; consisting of his alleged spawn/Singh/the WEF/China/Iran/India/the Federal government Sirens luring Third World immigrants to their “shipwreck” on Canadian soil. (All for our “good” of course. Done in the interests of being “diverse;” “equitable,” and “inclusive.”)

    A house built on sand will collapse when the storms (consequences) begin manifesting. This deviously contrived “post national”; no core identity;” “reimagined” house WILL fall.

  2. Canada can be under the influence of foreign interferences invading our election and justin Trudeau would not give damabt the outcome just as long he is elected. Question is why? Why would foreign nations want justin Trudeau? Probably he is so easy to manipulate with money to satisfy their needs and intentions.

    • That’s a very good question: Regarding the vile puppet; What are their needs and intentions? How can our ruin (via Trudeau) profit foreign interests? We’re no threat to their lust for world domination. (A) Will it make it easier for them to plunder our natural resources? There are a few countries in this game–The most powerful player will win the prize. (China?) (B) Is THE (not “their”) ultimate goal to conquer us, and make us a “colony?” How does Trudeau’s insane levels of Third world “immigration” fit into their schemes? Islam? There is no question that Trudeau is a puppet. To be successful; there can only be one puppet master. And yet; we have Xi Jinping pulling Castreau’s strings/Schwab/Islam/Sikhs. Will Poilievre be a closet puppet? Time will tell. Prediction: Their edifices/dark kingdoms–their grandiose plans–will fail.


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