Will Refugee Ibrahim Ali Get Away With Murdering 13-Year Old Marrisa Shen?

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In an interview with Justin Trudeau in September, 2018, our prime minister issued the following statement: “I trust our justice system to apply consequences to this.”

Mr. Trudeau was responding to a question from a Maclean’s magazine journalist regarding the murder of 13-year old Marrisa Shen of Burnaby, British Columbia. 

Over four years have passed since this ghastly murder. What consequences have resulted for accused child-killer Ibrahim Ali?

The details of his life are few. We do know that Ibrahim Ali is a refugee from Syria, likely brought to Canada via Justin Trudeau’s refugee intake program of 2015.

Commenting on the refugee program at the time, Trudeau issued the following statement:

“Tonight they step off the plane as refugees. But they walk out of this terminal as permanent residents of Canada, with social insurance numbers, with health cards, and with an opportunity to become full Canadians.”

After controversy swelled in the wake of the policy decision, on October 16, 2016, Trudeau defended his government’s action of importing Syrian refugees to Canada:

In a statement to media Trudeau was quoted as saying “I will be personally responsible for harm brought to any Canadian citizens.

It never happened. Nor have media spoken of any details regarding the case. Four years from the date of the murder, and the public are recipients of nothing beyond references to trial dates.

Marrisa Shen would be a 17-year old high school student today. By the time any finality came to the murder trial–if it even occurs– young Ms. Shen could have graduated from university.

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How convenient for refugee advocates. How serendipitous for immigration lawyers. Most excellent it is for Immigration Minister at the time of the murder, Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen– himself a Middle Eastern refugee.

Fortuitous it is for Justin Trudeau— founder of the most righteous Syrian refugee program. Canadians have mostly forgotten about this murder case. Marrisa Shen’s family have remained as silent as media. What a giant coincidence this is.

In the past three years, only two pieces of news on the murder charge against Ibrahim Ali have emerged. First, that the trial was delayed until September, 2021. Secondly, that the trial is delayed until “sometime in 2022.”

Sometime in 2022, Marrisa Shen would have turned 18-years of age. Unfortunate it is that Canada has transitioned to a country with a greater concern for Syrian refugees than 13-year old Canadian girls.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

6 thoughts on “Will Refugee Ibrahim Ali Get Away With Murdering 13-Year Old Marrisa Shen?”

  1. “Eventually, Canadians will forget all about this murder case.”

    I am betting this refugee will be acquitted and a gag order will be strictly enforced. No need to upset the voters or stop the planned invasion of future liberal voters. It’s the people that make the country not the other way around. Division, fear and poverty will make the people beg for the New World Order.

    “I will be personally responsible for harm brought to any Canadian citizens.“

    “Responsible” what does that even mean ? Just more empty words fed to this brainless puppet clown to deliver to the morons who blindly vote for him and their own destruction.

    RIP Marrisa Shen 😔

    • “will be acquitted and a gag order” – Not likely and you provided no legal reason why he would be.

      He is POS no doubt. Keep in mind, BC Crown prosecutors skipped over a Preliminary Hearing (Discovery) opting to go straight to indictment on the 1st Degree charge. This means the evidence is compelling and strong. The 1st Degree indicates to me, murder during a sexual assault. DNA was recovered. Hard to explain why a 13 year old girl has his DNA.

  2. Accepting personal responsibility clearly means Trudeau should be arrested and charged. Based on his attitude towards law and our Courts, as well as his travel history, I suggest he be held in a secure facility until his Court appearance.

  3. “[A] nation-state in which Middle Eastern refugees take priority over the lives of 13-year old Canadian girls.” And–Get away with murder.


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