Did Justin Trudeau Sell Off Canada’s Gold To Help FINANCE An Islamic Currency In Africa?

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Very interesting what can be uncovered in the world of investigative journalism. CAP has discovered what we believe has been withheld by media for the purpose of protecting our ruling Liberal government.

Justin Trudeau has always been a most curious decision maker. One of this PM’s very first political decisions was to import 35,000 refugees from Syria. Call CAP crazy, but we think the initial decisions from a nascent prime minister should be for the benefit of actual Canadians–the very people that voted him into office. Makes good sense, right? Justin did no such thing.

Equally as odd-ball was Trudeau’s decision to dump all holdings of gold soon after he slipped on his Canadian royal crown. Why did he do this–especially so early in the game.?Logic informs that this must have been a pre-meditated decision. It’s not as though this would be a spontaneous, off-the-cuff decision–even for the reckless, immature Justin Trudeau.

“The government of Canada has wound down its gold reserves to basically nothing after a multi-year strategy of selling them off in favour of hoarding other countries’ currencies instead.”

According to the Department of Finance’s official international reserves data released Thursday(March 19th, 2016), Canada’s gold reserves were down effectively to $0.”

Here is where it gets interesting. In 2016, the Canada-Libya Chamber of Commerce came into existence. The president is uber-rich Sara Bronfman, daughter of who Canadian writer Mordechai Richler branded “Canada’s Most Famous Bootlegger”Edgar Bronfman.

According to The Ecologist, “Qaddafi’s government held 143 tons of gold. This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).”

In other words, to establish a pan-African currency based on the currency of a militant, oppressive Islamic regime-Libya. Holy crow–the former CEO of SNC-Lavalin who got busted big-time was a Libyan national.  SNC-Lavalin are known to hold major contracts with the Libyan government.

According to the Financial Post, court documents allege SNC-Lavalin offered bribes worth $47.7 million “to one or several public officials of the ‘Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,’” as Gaddafi called the nation he ruled until he was overthrown and killed in 2011.  Rather ominous, no?

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Interesting fact: As a nation, Canada was an outlier in the gold sell-off. Countries such as Russia, India and China are currently bolstering their reserves. Central banks added 336 tonnes to their reserves in the second half of  2016– a 25 per cent increase from the previous year, the World Gold Council says.

In February 2016, the U.S. held about 8,133 tonnes of gold, which made up 72 per cent of its reserves. Germany had 3,381 tonnes for 66 per cent of its reserves last month, while Italy and France each held more than 2,400 tonnes — over 60 per cent of their respective reserves.

CAP Question: Did Justin Trudeau and Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau sell off all Canadian gold reserves for the purpose of helping to launch in a Islamic-based, pan-African(meaning globalist) currency?

Answer: We do not know. However, when considering PM Trudeau’s ubiquitous dedication to the Nation of Islam, it is certainly not out of the question. Who is Justin Trudeau’s Chief Fundraiser? This happens to be Stephen Bronfman, brother of Canadian-Libyan Chamber of Commerce CEO, Sara Bronfman.

Mr. Bronfman, heir to the Seagram fortune, was instrumental in Trudeau’s successful bid for the leadership of the Canadian Liberal party in 2013, engaged through his family investment business in a complex web of entities in the US, Israel and the Cayman Islands

Talk about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Bringing together disparate information from these sources reveals  a potential picture of a covert back-room deal which may not be a benefit to a single Canadian citizen.

Yet, it darn well may be a benefit for Justin Trudeau(his pocketbook), Libya, Africa, the Nation of Islam, international banking(George Soros), billionaire bootleggers(Bronfman family), and various other globalist forces.

How “Justin Trudeau” would this be? Only 100%. After all, if accurate, who benefits? This would be the usual suspects, wouldn’t it?

Globalists, international bankers, Islam, despotic Middle Eastern governments, the Uber-wealthy, Bill Morneau, Gerald Butts and other members of the Liberal “Laurentian Mountain elite.

Benefit for the people of Canada: Nothing. This dynamic has played so many times during Justin’s tenure as prime minister, CAP has lost track of the number of examples.

“Besides working as president of the Libyan-Canadian chamber, Ms. Sara Bronfman says she has also taken on duties as president of the United States-Libya Chamber of Commerce.

“Being involved in global issues is something I’d always wanted to do, and I’d spent a good number of years training myself,” Ms. Bronfman said. CAP bet you have, Ms. Thang.

As it happened, the price of gold surged to its highest level in over a year at the time of the sell-off. Throughout  2015, the country’s gold reserves stood at more than $100 million US Funds. Finance Department figures show that Canada sold 41,106 ounces of gold coins in December[2015) and another 32,860 ounces of gold coins in January.

In December, 2015, Justin Trudeau has been prime minister for all of FIVE weeks. Suddenly, all Canadian gold was gone. Where did the funds go? Seems nobody in journalism has an answer for this one.

Curious, eh?





14 thoughts on “Did Justin Trudeau Sell Off Canada’s Gold To Help FINANCE An Islamic Currency In Africa?”

  1. He’s got some nerve , little dictator, right from the get go got rid of gold reserves & replaced it with illegals and lots of debt . And people are STUPID ENOUGH to try & vote in this miscarriage of justice again . Maybe they should have to help replenish what he wasted , they would be smarter in the end

  2. thank god we have a great class prime minister in justin like his daddy the great pierre.the P C ‘S are like TRUMP spreading bull schit at every turn because sheer couldn;t get electe d dog catcher,the great justin gave back and more to our proud vets all the monies from the vets programs the crooked conservatives stole and filled harpers and his rich croonies pockets with.good for you justin.look what the donkey conservative FORD has done for ONTARIO????? enough said.LIBERALS RULE

    • the Liberal party has gone radical Socialist/Marxist, getting “useful fools” such as yourself to vote for it. Why not just move your welfare government paycheck ass to Venezuela ? and take your cats with you, making sure they’re fattened up so you won’t starve.
      as for Trump , I never liked his persona, but his was the 1st administration in a lifetime in which a new stupid war was not started AND where their employment rate reached a 4 decade high.THEN China unleashes COVID-JUST BEFORE THE ELECTION ,while media brainwashed morons see this only as “coincidence”.
      2 yrs into Demokkrat rule and inflation is running NOT the 7 or 8% claimed, but almost TWENTY percent thanks to your Leftard carbon scare WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION tax SCAMS and your fucktard “climate change is gonna kill us all” hysteria. ALL bullshit! Climate HAS ALWAYS CHANGED , even more suddenly than BEFORE HUMANS existed! Proof? THE ICE AGES, asshole, wherein ~ 90 % of life on the planet DIED. The COVID mandates AND natural climate change denial WAS ALL PLANED back by 2016 by Leftard control freaks like Turdo at World Economic Forum to crash national currencies , crush national sovereignty such as Brexit’s, Le pen’s, Trump’s and East European former Communist slave states.
      The funding is from corporatist Globalists such as Soros, Gates and Zuckerberg along with their electoral fraudsters such as Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic(who began in Venezuela helping Marxist dictators into power) who btw share an office floor with a Soros foundation right here in downtown Toronto.Yeah, another “coincidence”…..

  3. Michael Campbell exposed the sell off of Canada’s gold reserves in the early 90’s when Chretien was PM, so I don’t know how much gold was still in the reserve by the time Justin Trudeau came along. Canada in 2015 had only $100 million USD in gold reserves,the other billions long gone. The Rebel says most of Canada’s gold reserve was sold off during the Mulroney and Chretien eras so Justin’s government really had small reserves to sell.

  4. Of course he’s sold out his own country to his Muslim brothers and sisters. I’m just wondering if those who elected him and as Muslims take control over Canada will those who elected the BIG POS,
    will they look back up on freedom that they once had and realize that they too sold their own country out over being so politically correct and realize reason why they are slaves to Muslims who Justin Trudeau brought into their country and put them first and not Canada people that They are just as much fault. They had chance to get him out of power now all they have done is bought darkness to their country. Well good luck with that because we too have this problem in our on country thanks to Obama, the only good thing Is we the people finally elected a President thats putting our country first.

  5. Trudeau is Islamic and not French. He is Middle Eastern. Has anyone looked into his background?
    Are we allowing people ti run our Democratic countries by leaders who have sold their souls to the devil? When are people going to realize they are going go need to 0ver thr0w this guy?
    Same to thing with the Islamists in American government. When?

  6. BS, too bad you’ve nothing better to do than make up unbelievable stories. We’re fortunate enough so far in our country to have sufficient people who can read between the lines. However, those who can’t become hateful which is much more alarming. Yes, there may be some truths just very few. Enjoy whatever you think you’re doing, someday free speech may become forbidden all due to those who abuse it.

    • More fear mongering… I suppose this wont get posted because CAP doesn’t want the truth posted the fact is that all countries are getting away from using gold to back up their currency. The old system used gold. “Under the old system, (gold) backed up currencies, “The U.S. dollar was tied to gold. One ounce was worth US$35. Then in 1971, for lots of reasons I, Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard.”

      • so when did Nixon DO this? was this not after reacting to the deficit left by LBJ in his massive welfare bribes against black families to switch from voting republican?
        the Dixiecrat plantation has always been The Swamp.


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