Did China’s Government Win The 2019 Election For Trudeau?

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Scandal after scandal. We speak of the true legacy of Justin Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister of Canada. While not always coming out smelling like roses, the fundamental goal of our federal government is maintained.

The Liberals are still in power, and Trudeau is still prime minister. In truth, there’s nothing else that the Liberal Party care about. Hot on the heels of the Emergencies Act inquiry comes yet another scandal: the government of China’s impact on Justin Trudeau’s success as national leader.

Readers are likely aware of the recent claim that the communist government of China interfered in victories for 11 MP’s during the 2019 federal election.

“Members of Parliament have agreed to probe allegations that China covertly funded 2019 election candidates in an attempted campaign of foreign influence.”

Based on historical patterns, insightful Canadians know the outcome:

SNC Lavalin— Liberals survive. Jody Wilson-Raybould— Liberals survive. Aga Khan, WE Charity, Emergencies Act— Trudeau remains in the house. Will the outcome be any different if and when a Chinese Election Interference inquiry hits the table in the House of Commons?

How unlikely it is. If one didn’t know better(CAP doesn’t), one would recognize the inexorable nature of the Trudeau government. That the same pattern exists in China is no coincidence– the very reason why CBC and corporate media never allude to these realities.

‘Elections Canada Chief Not Aware Of Chinese Election Interference Allegations’

Of course he’s not aware. Successful communist seduction is rooted in lack of awareness. Elections Canada are not supposed to know. As opposed to Justin Trudeau himself, who received a CSIS report in January 2022 exposing China’s manipulation of the 2019 election.

Media may be enlightening Canadians with some details, but in typical fashion, they stop short of presenting what is surely a critical factor in the scenario:

“With 33.12% of the vote for the Liberal Party, led by incumbent PM Justin Trudeau, the 2019 election ranked second (with the 2021 federal election ranking first) for the lowest vote share for a party that would go on to form a minority government.”

“The Liberals lost the popular vote to the Conservative Party by one per cent, marking only the second time in Canadian history that a governing party formed a government while receiving less than 35 per cent of the national popular vote.”

What these facts suggest should be understood by all Canadians. Which is, of course, the very reason why they won’t be. Legacy media refuse to place these circumstances in context.

Considering the paltry victory for the Liberals, it is possible that the government of China won the 2019 election for Justin Trudeau. What a revelation it is. Or would be, if 38 million citizens were to understand the dynamics at play.

Did China win the election for Trudeau? If they could, would they do so? If citizens understood Chinese Government-Liberal Party historical relations, millions would consider it possible that Trudeau’s victory had been predicated on China’s interference in the election.

“The briefings from CSIS are alarming in terms of the sophisticated campaign by the Chinese communist regime to subvert Canadian democracy,” said Conservative MP Michael Cooper, who tabled the motion on Monday.

Mr. Cooper’s intentions may be correct, but as usual, a vital piece of the puzzle is missing. Justin Trudeau has no more interest in a maintenance of democratic process than the government of China.

For this silver-spoon fed communist enthusiast, democratic process is little more than an annoyance. So too is the prattle from disgruntled citizens, who are merely flies buzzing in the ear’s of our neo-dictator.

Media follow suit. It’s always “an affront to democracy.” CBC maintains the standard: China is the communist entity, the Liberals are the “preserver” of our democratic way of life.

In plain English, this is known as a lie.

The idea that Justin Trudeau is dedicated to any aspect of preservation of traditional Canadiana must be considered a giant joke. For seven years, this Trudeau character has picked away at the carcass of democracy. Covid. Emergencies Act. Frozen bank accounts. Charter violations. Anything and everything to preserve that which our PM cares about most:

Keeping the Liberal Party in power– forever. Just as it is in China. Our country’s slide from democracy to pseudo-dictatorship is the greatest travesty in Canadian political history.

“This interference is simply intolerable. It is unacceptable. Canadians and Canadians alone ought to decide the outcomes of elections, free of foreign interference and free of this kind of corruption that is being advanced by the Chinese communist regime with witting and unwitting actors, according to the brief.”

Do tell, fellow patriots– what has Justin Trudeau done to preserve our democratic way of life. Hot damn– in this category, he’s worse than presumed father Pierre Trudeau.

CAP wonder if our citizenship will ever come to understand the historical trajectory of Canadian federal politics. Canada’s fall began with Pierre Trudeau. It was he who of his own volition decided that our society was far too parochial for his “sophisticated” political tastes.

To remedy the malady, Trudeau Sr. invited China to Canada. Fast-forward 50 years, and China is potentially deciding who will become Canadian prime minister. Media eschew the entire dynamic.

“For Canada, China is no longer a file that only concerns international trade and foreign affairs. The authoritarian regime has become an aggressive actor in Canadian politics.”

“Election interference is one of the common tactics identified in China’s attempts to meddle in Canada’s political processes. China has used multiple tools to influence the Canadian public, ranging from broadcasting state-sponsored propaganda to exerting government control over China-based social media platforms such as WeChat and TikTok.”

Yet, even within this carve-up of the Canadian government, CAP’s point is eschewed.

Did, or did not, the communist government of China win the 2019 for Trudeau and the Liberals? If fair was fair, this would be the bottom-line question.

It won’t happen, and for good reason. The communist seduction of Canadian society is pre-meditated. As such, the fundamentals have been covered-off in advance.

Government conversion to pseudo-communism. Media’s transition to a socialist propaganda vehicle. Public education’s journey to a Canada-hating, colonialism despising entity. Covid as communist seduction of health care. Corporations adoption of “woke” anti-Anglophone policy.

Every bit of this has unfolded as if it was created on an assembly line. Beginning a half-century ago, current PM Justin Trudeau represents the apotheosis of the entire agenda.

According to The Diplomat, “the China-factor particularly stood out in the Conservatives’ 2021 defeat: While the three major political parties mentioned standing up against authoritarianism and China in their campaign platforms, the Conservatives had more proposals against China.”

China wants Justin Trudeau as Canadian prime minister. As such, they covertly manipulate federal elections to ensure his victory.

Simple and effective. And never to be understood by 38 million Canadians.

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