Despite Warnings, It’s Full Steam Ahead On Immigration Intake

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On the battlefield, successful military strategists know when to take heed of warning signs which may result in defeat. Unless, of course, one of them is a “turncoat,” intent upon assisting oppositional forces in accomplishing their goals.

By way of such a metaphor, common sense Canadians have to wonder what our ruling Liberal government is really up to.

Andrew Griffith, author of “Multiculturalism in Canada: Evidence And Anecdote,” has some pointed words to say about current immigration policy in Canada:

“When, some two years ago I wrote an article for Policy Options entitled ‘Increasing Immigration To Boost Population? Not So Fast’, there were few voices questioning the government’s planned expansion of immigration.”

“Now, there are almost weekly commentaries and reports, ranging from the banks to economists, noting deteriorating housing availability,  stress on health care and infrastructure. Even the major boosters of increased immigration have shifted their messaging to calling for a pause in increases.”

Last month, the Liberal Government of Canada had an opportunity to revamp their approach to immigration policy. Taking the place of Sean Fraser is Marc Miller, a Quebecois Liberal MP who PM Trudeau recently appointed as Minister of Immigration.

As can be expected regarding the file, our “progressive” Liberal government made their typical move– remaining cast-in-stone on immigration policy:

I don’t see a world in which we decrease it[migration quota] currently,” newly-appointed Marc Miller stated to the press.

CAP can understand why. For one thing, the province of Quebec retains provincial autonomy over immigration intake to their province.

For another thing– despite myriad negative repercussions– the Liberals have dedicated themselves to maintenance of an annual 500,000 person immigration intake quota. Heck, they might even raise the darn thing in coming years.

“Canada’s new immigration minister said he is open to having a conversation on concerns raised by some economists and groups on rising immigration targets amid a housing shortage, but said he still has no plans to lower them in the near future.”

Cultural Action Party is dying to understand why Marc Miller and Trudeau’s increasingly Quebec-centric Liberal Cabinet have no interest in taking heed of an alarming call-to-action to remedy shortages in available housing, in a addition to healthcare.

Like turncoats and traitors, can it be that Justin Trudeau and his team of neo-communists are actually in favour of the social chaos resulting from the immigration-infrastructure imbalance?

Granted, it sounds a bit mad. Yet, upon introspection, there might be something to the concept.

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Along with Confucius,  the philosophy of ancient military strategist Sun Tzu was integral to the founding of communist China.

Attack “from the inside” is the modus operandi. Working in a covert manner, steady seduction of the targeted nation is the way to roll.

Canadians should be able to recognize such a pattern emanating from the Liberal Party of Canada. Due to intentional media obfuscation it has yet to occur, though it’s improving of late.

CAP point to a pattern set up by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, and his embracement of communist China in the early 1970’s.

First came Canada’s “educational seduction.” While our citizenship was sleeping, China was pouring big money into Canadian educational institutions.

As decades passed, academia transitioned to an anti-Canadian entity. Based on an historical fact which cannot be claimed in China, our nation’s colonial founding became ground zero for the academic attack on English Canada.

Subsequent developments include mainstream media seduction, playing out in the form of ideological propaganda witnessed in present-day media dissemination.

To be followed by political seduction, tangibly present in the form of interference from the government of China in 11 federal ridings— enough to ruin the opposing Conservative Party’s chances of victory in a federal election.

Anyone else notice how the energy has dissipated for a call for a public inquiry into election interference from the Chinese government? It’s been done with full intention, through a coordinated effort between the Feds and the media they are paying to help keep them in power.

Do all these entities– Trudeau, Liberals, China— actually want Canada to fall? If a goal of national reinvention exists, then they may want this very thing. It’s the difference between managing a country, as opposed to “revolutionizing” a country.

No surprise, CAP lean toward the latter. It’s the reason for the scale of immigration in the first place; to flood Canada with migrants who tend to vote for the party in power at the time of entry to our country.

It’s the reason why Trudeau and the Liberals don’t care if national ruination is the ultimate outcome. They may want this very thing. Out of the ashes of Canadiana is to emerge the apple of the globalist eye.

A trans-national, borderless entity under control of a neo-communist state government. Like it is in the nation most admired by the Trudeau family– communist China.

Trudeau the turncoat? CAP wouldn’t count it out. We believe Justin hates traditional Canada that much.

1 thought on “Despite Warnings, It’s Full Steam Ahead On Immigration Intake”

  1. “Like turncoats and traitors, can it be that Justin Trudeau and his team of neo-communists are actually in favour of the social chaos resulting from the immigration-infrastructure imbalance?” Unless they’re as blind as they are deaf; these weasels are fully informed, and aware–of the obvious repercussions of their…shall we say….agenda. But; Quebec? Overwhelmed by unrelenting waves of high immigration? Mais non. Not in my [Quebecois] backyard. Not that the (special; favored) province remains entirely “pur laine” Translated “Pure wool”; (unmixed lineage–having full blooded French ancestry.)

    But! If one were to use the term “pur Anglo”? That’s a racist; colonial term. Must loudly denounce the White supremacists. BTW–The French (White European) settlers in what-is-now Quebec were every bit the colonizers. Just sayin’. The pot calling the kettle black.


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