Justin Trudeau Increases Saudi Oil Imports Despite Mass Executions

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The Trudeau government’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is a curious thing. In 2018, Saudi Arabia beheaded 37 Saudi citizens in a mass execution across the country, publicly pinning one of the bodies and its severed head to a pole as a warning to others.

It marked the largest number of executions in a single day in Saudi Arabia since Jan. 2, 2016, when the kingdom executed 47 individuals in what was the largest mass execution carried out by Saudi Arabia since 1980.

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said Tuesday’s executions were carried out in accordance with Islamic law, using language that indicated they were all beheadings. Saudi Arabia’s supreme council of Muslim scholars also issued a statement saying the executions were carried out in accordance with Islamic law.

Sharia law, that is. What is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response? Nothing at all. How odd. Trudeau has positioned himself as the world’s premier globalist virtue-signalling feminist human rights advocate.  Yet, when it comes to the Saudis, he overlooks mass murder and human rights abuses within their nation.

Now why would he go and do this? Even more extreme is the fact that rather than impose sanctions on Saudi Oil, PM Trudeau has INCREASED Saudi oil imports by 66%, according to CBC News.

Now WHY would Trudeau do this? Might there be a personal or family BENEFIT in doing so? Keep in mind that Justin’s grandfather made his money in the GAS STATION business. Is it possible that the “family business” is positively impacted by way of Saudi Oil importation?

Grandfather Charles Emile Trudeau accumulated a fortune by building a number of gas stations around the Montreal area and a loyalty program known as the Automobile Owners’ Association, which by 1932 had 15,000 members patronizing Trudeau’s 30 stations.

Fast forward to 2019. There is a growing school of thought which posits the theory that the Alberta Oil Sands are being LAND-LOCKED by environmental non-profit organizations–the most powerful of which are American organizations. An alternate theory also exists regarding the Liberals sketchy purchase of the Trans-Mountain pipeline. Many believe the purpose is to PREVENT the building of a new pipeline.

More fuel for the fire: A Toronto Sun article from 2018 put forth some salient questions: How come in the middle of a trade spat with the Saudis, Ottawa isn’t even imposing the SAME TAXES AND REGULATIONS on Saudi oil that it imposes on Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland oil?

Benefit: Saudi Arabia. Canada, not so much, eh? This is Justin Trudeau. Pierre, communist brother Alexandre— this is their bag. For these folks, either it benefits nations OTHER THAN Canada, or it benefits the Trudeaus personally. Add to the mix a collection of Laurentian Mountain elites, uber-rich corporate executives, and various others positively impacted by the nepotism of the Trudeau family.

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In other words, the benefit goes to Canadian FAT CATS, Middle Eastern governments, oil-producing Islamic nations, and foreign environmental organizations. But NEVER does the benefit go to Old Stock Canadians. 

Rather, for the Trudeaus, the Canadian-born exist for one reason: to finance the Liberal-Globalist agenda with OUR TAX DOLLARS . For CAP, this is the CRIME OF THE CENTURY. Arrogance. Elitism. The smugness of Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau. The snarling pit-bull nature of Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. The tedium of Catherine McKenna. The sanctimony of “LGBT” Minister Randy Boissonnault.

CAP will admit there is speculation in what is being presented here. This being said, it is more than fair to state that Cultural Action Party have had Justin Trudeau’s number from day one. Of this, we are extremely proud.

In 2018, Canadian companies spent $3.54 billion importing 6.4 million cubic metres of Saudi oil, up from 5.9 million cubic metres worth $2.5 billion in 2017– a dramatic increase indeed.

The total volume of Canadian imports from Saudi Arabia has INCREASED BY 66%  since 2014, with imports rising every year during that period. In the meantime, King Trudeau remains ambiguous on whether or not he really wants to bring Alberta Oil to tidewater in British Columbia.

A good example of this is the fact that immediately after APPROVING Trans-Mountain, Trudeau approved an oil tanker BAN in Northern B.C. coastal waters. If this isn’t an example of ambiguity, what is?

That’s Justin. Rare is it that a common sense Canadian(a non-Liberal) can make sense of our PM’s decision-making. The only common thread that exists is that the benefit of his decisions always go to NON-CANADIANS entities–or to himself.








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