Justin Trudeau’s ABORTION AGENDA Continues Despite Coronavirus

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“As hospitals across Canada begin cancelling and postponing surgeries to contend with the spread of COVID-19, provinces and territories have deemed abortions an essential service.”

As Canada continues to combat the health and economic impacts of COVID-19, women’s rights advocates say not enough focus has been placed on the unique and often disproportionate impact the pandemic is having on women.

Women and Gender Equality Minister Maryam Monsef says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tasked her department with examining how government spending and policies, including COVID-19 efforts, affect women and men differently — known as “gender-based analysis plus” — or GBA+, following longstanding Liberal government practice.

In other words, it is “full steam ahead” for the abortion-mongering Trudeau government. Who would expect otherwise?

CAP Conjecture: The Trudeau government are a veritable “abortion machine.” How many Canadian fetus’s have been destroyed in the past 30 years?

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So that’s around 90,000 per year, for the past 30 years. That’s approximately 2.7 Million Canadian fetuses destroyed. This, within a nation with a social problem of an aging population. Of course, Justin Trudeau is unconcerned–he chooses to import children from the 3rd World to combat the demographic obstacle.

What segment of society would these mothers be culled from? Establishment media refuse to ask the question–or respond to it. The Canadian-born? Anglophone-Canadians? No one knows–because government and media hide away the statistics.

So many questions in this regard, and for the past 30-40 years, not a single answer from CBC, CTV or the Globe & Mail. Strange, eh? Abortion is one of the most controversial issues of modern times–yet establishment media in Canada barely write about it.

Therefore, it is possible that Canadians are unaware of the following:

— The founder of mass abortion policy in Canada is ex–Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau. For this purpose, the man hired what CAP believe to be a mentally unstable individual to oversee the “social experiment”– Dr. Henry Morgantaler-– a veritable abortion fanatic.

Did you know? “Dr.” Morgantaler personally oversaw 5000 abortions on Canadian women in the 1970’s. Did you know? Abortion was illegal in Canada at the time.

What media failed to elucidate:  “As a youth during World War II, Morgentaler was imprisoned at the Łódź Ghetto and later at the Dachau concentration camp.

Does this sound like an individual who may have negative psychological repercussions as a result of childhood trauma? Of course it does, straight-up. Papa Pierre hired him regardless.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Remember, the Trudeau family are communist-oriented politicians. Social engineering is endemic within these societies. For CAP, this reflects the thinking of both Justin Trudeau, and Papa Pierre before him.


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Kindly review the following piece of “logic” from National Abortion Federation (NAF) Canada:

“As federal, provincial, and municipal governments put measures in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, hospitals and clinics are preparing for an increased strain on all healthcare providers, staff, resources, and systems. Non-essential and elective procedures and surgeries will likely be postponed indefinitely, while other less urgent health services will be triaged and delayed.”

During this public health crisis, pregnancy care – including abortion care— remains an essential health service. The needs for comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care do not go away in a crisis. Abortion is a time-sensitive, medically necessary intervention and cannot be deferred without profound consequences for pregnant people( what–Men too?), their families, and the health system.”

In other words, despite Corona-related sickness and death in Canada, these hyper-aggressive, sanctimonious  abortion-pushers will not alter their agenda by even an iota.

How “Justin Trudeau” this is. Neither snow, nor sleet, nor hail–nor a global pandemic from China--will slow down the abortion machine of our ruling government.

In many nations at present, abortion is against the law. It is this way in Nigeria and dozens of other African Nations. How many tax-payer dollars has the Trudeau government taken form Canadians and shipped to Africa for them to destroy their fetuses?

$500 Million if it isn’t a single dollar. Giant monies for illegal abortion seems to be the Trudeau-family way, no? Media hide the entire affair.

What else is hidden? Try this little “zinger”– within the nations of the world, there are very few which permit abortion at “full term.” One is North Korea. Singapore is said to be another. Another is an “incidental” nation called China.

Then, there is Canada. Although China’s population is 1.3 Billion people, our nation of 37.8 Million souls shares the same abortion policyno term limit–to be exact.

Who established this? Why, it was communist enthusiast, Pierre Trudeau. Seriously now–what percentage of our population have an awareness of the circumstances contained within?

CAP Guess: 10 percent. Why? Because government instructed media not to expose these things to the people of Canada. Media has hidden away all this illicit information on behalf of government.

Covid or no Covid, come hell or high water the so-called “democratic” government of Trudeau and the Liberals rolls on.

The solution to the aging population and elderly worker shortage issues in Canada? Import millions of 3rd World adults and children to fill the population “void.”






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