Despite His Breach-Of-Law, Punitive Measures Are Controlled By…PM Justin Trudeau!

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Prepare to give your head a shake. Keep in mind we live in post-modern Canada, where logic and law are eschewed to make way for the absurdity that is Justin Trudeau’s globalist assault upon society.

Control is the name of the game here. A political bombshell was dropped when the ethics commissioner found Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has contravened the Conflict of Interest Act for trying to influence then-justice minister Jody-Wilson-Raybould in “many ways” during the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

As the news broke, Canadians were surprised to learn that despite the contravention, there will be no punishment.  This is because Canada’s Conflict of Interest Act “does not provide for any sanctions for breaches found following an examination by the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner.”

The only penalties Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has the power to impose under the act are “administrative monetary penalties,” which only apply when public office holders fail to meet the reporting requirements.

“Those penalties are NOT applicable in this case,” Melanie Rushworth, director of communications for the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner said in an email to CTV News.

“At the conclusion of an examination the commissioner provides a report to the prime minister setting out the facts, the analysis, and conclusion. As part of section 47, it is UP TO the prime minister to implement any further action.”

This means any punishment or further action resulting from Trudeau’s contravention of the act would have to be imposed by… the prime minister himself! While the Conflict of Interest Act was originally legislated on July 9, 2007, an amendment to the Act took place under Trudeau’s reign in 2017.

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“Not only is Mr. Trudeau the first prime minister to have been found guilty of breaking the law, he is a repeat offender,” stated Conservative MP, Peter Kent.

Furthermore, the Liberals hold the majority of seats of the Ethics Council. Can you believe it? From CAP’s perspective, the Trudeau Liberals are less a government and more a political infestation–you simply cannot get rid of them. Behind every dark political corner we find Liberal-Globalists controlling, manipulating, out-numbering and dominating not only policy–but also ideology–how Canadians are supposed to think.

As in, how we are supposed to think LIBERAL? What are the top “qualities” of the Trudeau-Butts-Hussen Globalist Ideological agenda you ask?

Number one– you must dislike your own country. A liberal must hate Canadian heritage. It is essential to run down your own people, branding them racist and bigoted.

What else? You must permit Islamic culture, religion and law to be covertly entrenched into our society. You must dislike the Christian faith, while believing in no-limit abortion and no age-limit transgenderism. Also, you must believe Sikh Canada has a right to be hugely over-represented within the Canadian government.

What a liberal cannot be is a patriot. No pride is permitted to be taken in Canadian identity. Instead, one must dedicate oneself to the betterment of African and Middle Eastern nations. The thought of supporting traditional communities– Anglophone, Francophone, Christian–must be wiped clean from political belief systems.

Do all this, and you qualify as a Canadian Liberal. Unfortunately, for these self-haters, there are millions of Canadians who disagree. These are the folks who get branded bigoted and xenophobic. This is a section of the demographic that media must seduce into complacency. This way, the globalists stand a much greater chance of success.

This, friends, is modern-day Canada under the spell of Liberal-Globalist-Trudeau-United Nations Canada. Justin Trudeau in charge of punitive damages regarding his personal breach of Canadian law.

How absurd. How “post-modern.”




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