Demographic Study Reveals Future Demise Of Anglophone Canada

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A document summarizing the results of the “Population Projections for Canada (2021 to 2068)” speaks to the demographic future of our nation.

Too bad Canadian media never speak of it. CAP can see why. Reading between the lines of the study illuminates a number of circumstances worthy of national exposure.

Relative to population growth based on immigration and immigrant birth-rates, Anglophones in Canada will likely transition to a minority community somewhere between 2040-2050.

You tell CAP: for what purpose would CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest refrain from informing Canadians of the greatest ethnic demographic shift in history?

The answer isn’t hard to deduce: because our federal government do not want media to do so. In truth, white Canada’s journey to minority status is government’s most precious secret.

We drill down on the details:

“In all scenarios, migratory increase would be the main driver of population growth at the national level.

“The proportion of seniors (aged 65 and over) in the population would increase from 18.5% in 2021 to between 21.6%  and 29.8%  in 2068.

At present, the vast majority of seniors are Anglophone and Francophone Canadians, along with other citizens of European heritage. Statscan informs us that in basic terms, “Old Stock” Canadians will die off at an increasingly rapid pace.

“The proportion of children (people aged between 0 and 14) in the Canadian population has greatly decreased since 1962, when it peaked at 34.0%. Estimated at 15.7% in 2021, the projected proportion of children decreases in all scenarios.”

Since our founding in 2016, this issue has been a hot-button for those concerned about the shrinking of Anglophone communities.

Why? Because it didn’t have to occur. Understanding national demography, and responding to its ebb-and-flow, is the job of our federal government. In anticipation of the aging of “baby boomer” Canada, the Feds could have, and should have, developed a program that offered financial incentives to millions of parents to maintain and grow our population.

They never did it. Not Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien, Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin, Justin Trudeau, or any other prime minister. Not that they didn’t have a back up plan.

Rather than grow our population organically, government turned to what they believed to be a demographic panacea: the establishment of the highest per-capita immigration intake quotas in the world.

“The number of older seniors (aged 85 and over) would continue to increase rapidly in the coming years, particularly between 2031 and 2050 as the baby-boom cohort enters this age group.”

“According to the projection scenarios, the population aged 85 and over would increase from 871,400 in 2021 to between 2.8 million (scenario LG) and 3.6 million by 2068.”

Ever witness legacy media deliver this information to Canadians? CAP offer a simple translation of the data: Old School Canadians are dying off and being replaced by migrants from China, Pakistan, Iran, India, Philippines, Nigeria and Syria.

Together, these countries account for 80-90% of current immigration intake. It doesn’t take Professor Stephen Hawking to forecast Canada’s demographic destiny.

Whites are headed for minority status in Canada. Upon which we tally up the number of occasions that government or media has informed society of the fact.

The number is zero. 

“Canada is expected to have 8.3 million children in 2068, a 37.4% increase from the estimated 6.0 million in 2021.”

Upon which we juxtapose this with the following StatsCan information:

“Fertility rates have been steadily declining since 2009, with the trend intensifying since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic: Canada’s fertility rate decreased from 1.47 children per woman in 2019 to a record low of 1.40 children per woman in 2020.”

Translation: Old Stock Canadians aren’t having children. Therefore, the increase in number of children in Canada is to be found in PM Justin Trudeau’s preferred form of citizen: immigrants from the 3rd World.

We pick up on the PM’s relentless drive to capture the immigrant vote. His motive is simple: these people are the future of Canada. As for Anglophones, they can cast off their mortal coil and go gently into that good night.

Our Liberal government doesn’t give a damn. Or they prefer it this way. Or, perhaps, it has been the plan all along.

“Conspiracy theory!” shout Canada’s woke warrior brigade. Frankly, they can all don their rainbow-coloured bathing suits and jump in Lake Ontario.

A 2019 study shows that the birth rate among immigrant women is nearly twice that of their Canadian-born counterparts:

“The study found that immigrant birth-rates tend to correlate to religion and that Muslim, Hindu and Sikh women were more likely to give birth. Ethnicity and birth rate studies in the past also support the recent findings with Chinese, European and Caucasian women having the lowest birth rates in Canada.”

As reported by the CBC. Not. What’s up with these media people?  Did they sign a contract with government that promises never to inform Canadians of our demographic destiny? With money from Trudeau’s Liberals as a motive,  the demographic future of country goes undetected.

On purpose. Think this to be ominous? We add an additional possibility to the mix. Government-media hostility toward Anglo-Europeans cultivated over the seven-plus years Justin Trudeau has been in charge has sullied the reputation of white Canadians.

In turn, this may well set up a future scenario like this: not only will Anglophones constitute a minority community– they may well end-up a persecuted minority.

The result being a social inversion which we refer to as Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.” When the PM speaks of our “post-modern” society, is this what he actually has in mind?

Only his hairdresser(and perhaps wardrobe consultant) knows for sure. It’s speculation, straight up. But not for one moment do we believe it’s not the case.

Our PM has a vendetta against our country based on it’s colonial foundation. Is the demise of Anglophone Canada this man’s deepest dream? We wouldn’t put it past Justin Trudeau for all the farms in Cuba.

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  1. Photo: The flamboyant Great Proboscis does his magic act before a bored crowd: “Sim Sala Bim! Alakazam!” “Canada–Now you see it. Now you don’t!” Famed magician David Copperfield occasioned a Learjet to vanish in 1981. In hindsight–A mere trifling. The Great Proboscis will go down in history for causing Canada to disappear.


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