Democracy To Dictatorship: Why Justin Trudeau Attacks Christianity, Promotes Islam

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Since present-day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seized the consciousness of Canadian society by way of his  election victory in the year 2015, our nation has undergone its greatest “trans-formation” in a century.

Just one thing prevents all Canadians from comprehending the reality of this national transition—Canadian “establishment” media.

Within communist and theocratic non-western nations, media work the will of government for the purpose of controlling their society.

Within  Liberal “post-modern” Canada, this has now been successfully emulated by mainstream media. 

For an unsuspecting Canadian populace, the transition away from democratic governance, rule-of-law based society, and media freedom are difficult to detect.

This is 100% intentional— a symbiotic government-media relationship designed to fool Canadians—in particular, our “Old Stock,” Anglophone and Francophone communities.

As our nation’s history informs us, a nascent Canada was founded in the year of 1867. Those responsible were mainly immigrants from Britain— Scottish and English new arrivals, as well as the Irish.

Successive waves followed— Ukrainians, Poles, German and Italian migrants rounded out Canada’s early demographic identity. It was British governance which served as a prototype for governance in Canada.

A Scottish fellow named Sir John A. MacDonald was the person who established a railway from coast-to-coast. This was no small accomplishment.The action served as a uniting force for a disparate collection of new Canucks intent upon building a free and democratic nation.

CAP Trivia Time: Who, according to Canadian media and academic world, is an historical racist, bigot, drunk and destroyer?

Why, it is Sir John A. MacDonald. Does this not speak volumes regarding the rampantly insane political correctness of the era of Justin Trudeau, and his animus toward English Canada?

It is more than reasonable to state that religion played a role in Canada’s early development. MacDonald was a Christian, as were Sir Wilfred Laurier, Robert Borden and all other early prime ministers.

Canada—at least in the modern era—has always prided itself upon a maintenance of civil rights. Our country has bought into all United Nation’s human rights doctrine and decrees.

Much of the impetus is rooted in the moral imperative found within the Christian faith. While nowhere near perfect— as the treatment of Aboriginal Canada affirms— our society developed a strong sense of the importance of individual freedom and personal rights.

This came from British society and governance—as opposed to Pakistani, Sikh or Chinese society. The moral imperative is Christian-derived. 

Therefore, the actual source of the human/civil rights which PM Justin Trudeau espouses are rooted in what he claims is his “personal faith”-Christianity.

Why then does Mr. Trudeau treat the Christian faith with disdain, while promoting the Islamic faith at every opportunity he can locate?

CAP Theory: Because Mr. Trudeau is working to transition Canada into pseudo-dictatorship.

Salient Question Of The Moment: First, let’s throw aside racist implications here. The query is simple— which religion is more conducive to a totalitarian state? Which religious faith—Islam or Christianity— best “meshes” with socialist ideology? The answer is more than obvious—but not for CBC, CTV or Globe & Mail.

For CAP, this is the exact reason why Justin Trudeau has taken myriad punitive measures toward Christian-Canada, while raising Islam to the top of the Canadian “totem pole.”

Buried By Media: Trudeau Sells Off All CANADIAN GOLD, Selling Gold Industry To China

Example: Covid-19 established an environment where face-to-face celebration has been out of the question.

The Christian holiday of Easter occurred during China’s pandemic output. Degree that Justin Trudeau promoted a “Virtual” Easter celebration from coast-to-coast in Canada?

Zero—nothing at all. An equivalent for 30-day Islamic celebration of Ramadan? Mr. Trudeau promoted a “ Virtual Ramadan” from coast-to-coast in Canada—as well as on a “global” basis.

Extent CBC picked up on this? You got it, fellow patriots—nothing at all.

CAP Conclusion: Justin Trudeau, his Liberal government, and state-media CBC work for Islamic Canada, and not Christian Canada.

Now, what percentage of our population does media inform us make up Canada’s Muslim-Canadian population? The answer is 4%.

Now WHY would Canada’s most powerful national institutions back Islam in such a virulent manner? It’s not complicated at all— because the followers of Islam are infinitely more responsive to what Justin Trudeau has planned for the destiny of Canada.

This, in CAP’s opinion, is a pseudo-socialist nation state. In time, this will transition to a communist society—just as it is in the Trudeau family hero-nation of China.

Simple, and effective— the number one reason why it is Trudeau’s media puppets job to prevent Canadians from comprehending the agenda.

CAP has always maintained that Mr. Trudeau hates Christianity. Maybe, and maybe not. Perhaps the real reason for his “religious positioning” is straight forward:

3rd World, non-Christian faiths, Islam, Sikhism are the future of Canada. “Old Stock” Canadians— nearly entirely Christian-derived— do not buy Trudeau’s agenda of national transformation.

We are “jaded.” We remember true democracy—a pre- Papa Pierre Trudeau form of governance long since gone— at least in its true, authentic essence.

Does this confirm that the 3rd World contingent are all “bad people?” Not at all. Yet, it should confirm that bad people are in charge of the destiny of the dying Great White North.

Begin with Liberal Pierre Trudeau, follow it though to Justin Trudeau, and the truth may be yours.


28 thoughts on “Democracy To Dictatorship: Why Justin Trudeau Attacks Christianity, Promotes Islam”

  1. Wrong! Trudeau did not single-handedly transform our nation. It was all set up for him to finish the job by Pearson, Chretien, Martin, Harper, et al. He just looks like the problem so that we don’t see options.

    Get rid of Trudeau and you will have another UN -appointed traitor, then another after that, and another after that. That’s the way corporatocracies work, don’t you know?

  2. Thank God I found this news source. I really was losing hope for true journalism in Canada. Keep up the good work. I

  3. Please listen to this explanation of how in a Republic, the People can arrest Trudeau, Ford, Dowdeswell and other UN shills for their economic attacks on the People.

    In a corporatocracy as we have in Canada, we have no powers whatever!

    So, let’s work together and install a Republic of New Ontario and then help the other provinces get free the same way.

  4. I am a Christian Canadian , born in Canada , now a veteran of the RCAF ! How could such a divisive person as Trudo ever get control of our Country ? I have read the koran ! How does islam dare call itself a religion when they follow such a book of hatred as the koran ? How could any Christian give acceptance of islam as a religion ? I , personally , classify islam as more like a dangerous cult !

    • In terms of the “desert religion”, if National Socialists called themselves a religion, then perhaps they would have has 1000 years of success.

    • st Mr. Trudeau demonized Mr. Scheer like he did to Mr. Harper. Then he increased the entry of tens of thousands of Muslims with large families and potential future voters. Then he dropped the residency for qualification for Canadian cirizenship by one year to scoop up a large number of the 50,000 Syrians who escaped to Canada and he dropped the five year restriction on Canadian Expats to vote in the election allowing tens of thousands to vote – one media report said about 50,000 may have voted. These are some of the methods he used to win, in answer to your question in your blog. .

      • the real Indians are coming back to claim there land that once your type of people invaded and raped and killed them they in one time will revenge you socalling yourself canadians be quit is better for you than acting alone a free country no this is a seized country with was stolen from its real people and claimed by European terrorists haha

        • That’s part of the indefensible “White man bad” propaganda. You’re believing a lie. Moreover; the so-called “First Nations” were not the first people to live in this vast country. Nor were they ever a “nation.” Read America: Ancient Settlers in the New World by Harvard educated Dr. Barry Fell. He bases his findings on “buried” facts–No pun intended. Historical; archaeological discoveries todays’ academic community prefer to suppress. I mentioned that Dr. Fell was Harvard educated–Not to appeal to authority; but to show that he’s not some armchair amateur. Academics today prefer to label their opponents. They can’t argue the facts; so they toss out the usual epithets. Shameful.

        • Joey you are a hypocrite who does not know history nor the truth because history has proven that the first nations were doing the very same thing long before the European settlers even arrived in the Americas.

          Yet you in your self righteous pride call the European settlers bad even though the first nations are just as guilty as those European settlers who invaded and raped and killed as well just like the first nations did to other first nation tribes long before the European settlers even arrived in the Americas?

          Wake up and learn history and stop your hatred of others based on the color of their skin because what you are doing is unrighteous judgment.

      • It’s mind blowing how Trudeau brings all these refugees in, living in apartments, hotels paid for by the tax payers of Canada. Most still don’t have jobs or income, living on podeg that we have to shell out for! When is this madness going to stop?

  5. When it is all over and the COVID Dr.’s come to our doors with an antigen to pump into our arms, well then we might say, we shouda, woulda coulda. far too late.

  6. Read William Guy Carr. He is a Canadian and he figured out who is in charge and their plans for a global govt with 2 groups- them and their slaves.

    • Reason # 1– Pierre Trudeau. Reason #2–Justin Trudeau. #3– those who back the agneda– CHina, Sikhism, Islam, United Nations.

  7. as a truck driver i have found that covid 19 is based on peoples fears nd ease of beliveablity…make people afaird of doing what they normaly dois bad for their health then for every death no matter what the cause labeled as a covid 19 death then spread the news around the world you can do anything you want and trudope has proved it and will sell canada to china…he needs to be stopped.


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