Defining Justin Trudeau: PM Decides Terrorists Get To KEEP CITIZENSHIP

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“The Liberal Party believe that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship … because I do,” Justin Trudeau told a Winnipeg town hall. “And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.”

What a strange, strange man Canada has as a national leader. Equally odd-ball is Canadian establishment media’s response to this most “un-Canadian” proclamation. Turns out CBC barely “batted an eyelash” at one of the most bizarre public statements ever issued by a Canadian prime minister.

Consider the following: Historically speaking, Canada is known as a liberal democracy. Our political system is mainly based upon British governance and jurisprudence. Within Canada, rule-of-law is integral to good governance.

Within communist nations, rule-of-law remains secondary to government decision-making. Outside the periphery of Mr. Trudeau’s globalist la-la-land, few Canadians  actually agree with Justin Trudeau’s  “ISIS terrorist Accommodation Program.”

In fact, polls show that 70% of Canadians oppose the attitudes of Justin Trudeau, Somalian half-citizen MP Ahmed Hussen, and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist Party of Canada.

As Global News reports, a clear majority of Canadians do not want the government to do anything to bring back ISIS fighters detained abroad. 71% of Canadians polled said “we should NOT DO ANYTHING to help bring these people back to Canada.”

How did Justin Trudeau respond? Very simple–he and Hussen entirely ignored the will of the Canadian majority. Instead, they did the following:

“Zakaria Amara is a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder dozens of Canadians. And now, thanks to a Trudeau government bill passed through the Senate, Amara will be given the privilege of Canadian citizenship.”

“Amara was the ringleader of a sophisticated terrorist cell known as the Toronto 18. He recruited, trained and groomed fellow Islamist extremists and worked towards a deadly terrorist plot.”

“Amara wanted to detonate bombs in downtown Toronto, and coordinate shooting sprees at the CBC and the Toronto Stock Exchange. He planned a siege on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and carry out executions and beheadings of politicians, including the Prime Minister. “

How sweet it is. So what would motivate MP Ahmed Hussen to cancel this convicted terrorists deportation? As the Canadian constitution instructs, an absolute  top priority of a ruling government is to protect Canadian citizens from danger and harm within society.

How does this move reflect this fundamental role of our federal government?

Simple–it doesn’t. Not in any capacity. In truth, the terror-friendly government decision is 100% antithetical to Canadian jurisprudence. The majority of Canadians polled do not want this. The re-instatement of citizenship is both socially and morally unfair to our society.

So how did CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail react? Where was the collective media OUTRAGE resulting from this unprecedented Liberal government decision?

Where were statements from the stoic John Ivison of Globe & Mail? Andrew Coyne of National Post? Chantal Hebert of CBC?

Are Canadians to believe that the “intelligensia” of Canadian journalism–those schooled at U of T, educated at McGill, and those who graduated from Marxist-infused Ryerson University– lack the intellect to conclude that Justin Trudeau has done the wrong thing in this regard?

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Skill-Testing CAP Question Time:

Why did media overlook the “injustice” of these Liberal government decisions?

A) The Trudeau government instructed them to.

B) In order to  keep their jobs, they chose not to.

C) Their editors and/or publishers instructed them not to.

CAP can’t think of many other reasons why this would occur. Except, perhaps–for the following:

Justin Trudeau’s Canada is a pseudo-socialist nation. Our 37.8 Million citizens are not yet aware of the trans-formation media are covering-up. When government and media function in a united ideological capacity, a covert from of communism has infiltrated a society.

It is this factor which CAP believe will in time transition Canada from democracy to dictatorship. Importing one million 3rd World migrants every 2-3 years means millions of new voters for Trudeau’s Liberal-Globalist Party.

In time, Liberals will own 98% of federal ridings in Canada. This will facilitate the transition away from democratic governance, and toward King Trudeau’s true “post modern” nation.

Yes, Canada is today “post-something.” CAP believe our nation has perhaps 25-30 years remaining as a true democracy. In place of this, Justin Trudeau is presently establishing a New Canadian Order.

Citizenship for ISIS terrorists  exists as a microcosm for the future of Canada as a pseudo-socialist nation.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau. Media Compliance: CBC Corp.





7 thoughts on “Defining Justin Trudeau: PM Decides Terrorists Get To KEEP CITIZENSHIP”

  1. Well some people may think Canada will not exist as how we know it now but their is a fly in the ointment south of the Border that if he is re elected this year as President he will not tolerate having a corrupt criminal Chinese Dictatorship sitting on his Northern Border. We have another fly in the ointment and that is the Provinces that will first declare their independence through a referendum to become Nations unto themselves like Quebec is as they have never signed Confederation and never will. We have movements starting in the Eastern and Northern Territories of Canada also who are not going to fit in with the Communist murderers. Their is also the issue of the Arctic Ocean and the North West Passage that is yup for grabs by many China and the United States included. This will never pass if the Territories and those Provinces that would like to either form another Nation as a whole or step forward to become part on the United States of America from Alaska, Yukon, North West Territories, BC, Alberta , Saskatchewan, Manitoba , Ontario , New Brunswick and PEI. He wants to play dirty we can be even dirtier and those in the Canadian Military being part of NATO like the United States will think nothing of joining Forces thus leaving the Liberals/NDP with nothing and don’t think it couldn’t happen because who would have thought he would pull what his is pulling now.

    • Refreshing that others are starting to understand the true dynamics and writing the truth. Now we are getting somewhere :).

      • It is Justin Trudeau’s HATRED of colonial Canada–meaning BRITISH Canada– that motivates him to work to destroy ENglish Canada and its institutions.

  2. Can’t understand why you keep referring to him as a ‘national’ leader. Has he not told you often enough by now that ours is a post-national state? And he is not a leader of a nation because besides being a post-national state, Canada was never confederated in the first place.

    It is these kinds of statements of yours that help to keep people thinking he is a leader, a leader of a nation and that Canada is even a nation despite the facts. You know, keep repeating the same misinformation and it will be accepted as truth…should you not stop going along with their definitions and narratives?



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