Defeated Canadian Premier: Trudeau Govt Is “Broken, Controlled By LIBERAL COURTS”

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“Our system of government is broken —- it is executive government, with unelected courts in tow, as the representatives of the people genuflect and act as social workers, not parliamentarians, and cabinet ministers vie to touch the hem of his garment.”

So says Brian Peckford--fresh out-of-office as Premier of the Canadian province of Newfoundland.

What the relevation, eh? Of course, this comes from an ex-Premier. Now having little to nothing to lose, Mr. Peckford lays it on the line regarding the pseudo-totalitarian government Justin Trudeau heads up within 2020 society.

Continues Peckford: “Almost a billion dollars, no tender, to people with whom you and your family were involved. And your most important cabinet minister.”

“Please don’t try and tell me what you didn’t know. Many of us have been there and know the difference.

An allusion to the WE Charity scandal, obviously. Ever hear CBC approach the fleecing of $400,000 by the Trudeau family in the manner Brian Peckford does?  Of course not– Canada today maintains the “China Model” of governance– where Parliament and Media are “joined at the hip.”

“There is no cabinet government anywaythat is gone.”  Translation: A dead Canadian democracy is now in effect within Trudeau’s post-modern society.

Donald Savoie, in his book “Democracy in Canada — The Disintegration of Our Institutions,” entitles Chapter 10 “Cabinet: The Institution That Once Was.” He says:

“In the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau pledged to return Ottawa to cabinet government.  He boldly declared on the day that his government was sworn to office that ‘government by cabinet is back,’ in effect acknowledging that Canada no longer had cabinet government in 2015. However, government by cabinet is not back. If anything, we have moved further away from it.”

Meaning Canada has moved further away from true democracy. For CAP, we believe that unless the current Liberal government falls, our nation will trans-ition from democracy to dictatorship around the year 2038.

BURIED BY MEDIA:  Why Anglophone Civil Rights Became ESSENTIAL The Day Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister

Mr. Peckford speaks of the power of “unelected courts”-– a fundamental of Canada’s incremental degeneration into a state-controlled pseudo-dictatorship. Hidden from Canadians by media since Pierre Trudeau established his Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which trans-itioned power from elected MP’s to non-elected Liberal-Globalist judges, courts and lawyers.

This is PURE Pierre Trudeau, and what he accomplished with his 3rd World/LGBT-empowering Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Funny– CBC has never quite explained how all this trans-pired. CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star? Never– and they never will.

Canada is 2020 is high-jacked society. Justin Trudeau is here to transition your country from democracy to dictatorship. Without coming out of the closet and saying as much, a freshly minted EX-Canadian Premier is informing people of this reality in his August 3rd, 2020, letter to the editor.

Bet on CBC supressing darn word Peckford speaks for one simple reason: It is the stone-cold TRUTH.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)




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