Deception: Justin Trudeau Uses Forest Fire Photo To Sell Carbon Tax Scheme

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The photo is attempting to make some sort of link between supporting Trudeau’s carbon tax scam, and avoiding forest fires, which is an astoundingly absurd argument. And it’s even MORE ABSURD, once you realize where the photo is from.


2 thoughts on “Deception: Justin Trudeau Uses Forest Fire Photo To Sell Carbon Tax Scheme”

    Climate MODERATION will greatly expand Farmland Forests & Jungles worldwide. FACT.
    Climate MODERATION will greatly extend Growing Seasons worldwide. FACT.
    As the terrible harsh winters give way to warmer safer & much more livable climate, most all areas especially mid & high latitudes like the Great Lakes & Europe will enjoy COOLER Summers as formerly stationary ice becomes chilly mobile meltwater. FACT.
    Ontario will become the “New San Fernando Valley” only it will be THOUSANDS of times MORE PRODUCTIVE with its much richer soils and far greater land area, and infinite fresh water supply. FACT.
    Currently, barren desert areas greatly exceed farmable & forest lands worldwide. As the oceans warm and evaporation/atmospheric humidity & precipitation increases substantially the depleted aquifers rivers & lakes will be refilled, and Jungles & Forests will expand & overtake wastelands. FACT.
    Farmable Lands will expand EXPONENTIALLY replacing the huge tracts of parched lifeless desert now dominating our world. FACT.
    Seal Levels have NOT and will NOT “rise catastrophically”. FACT.
    According to fake-news pseudo-science carbon-tax-fraud fiberal ALARMISTS “80% of summer sea ice has disappeared since 1979″….
    Our oceans haven’t even risen ONE INCH in the last 100 YEARS..!!! (They HAVE elevated by 150 metres in the last 20,000yrs without any help from humans, but that stopped over 7,000yrs ago and levels are actually DOWN over the last 300 yrs… DUH!).
    Earth loses water & gasses to space constantly. FACT.
    Man’s Irrigation & Dams holdback even more from the oceans. FACT.
    As our world’s co2 levels return to more historical & fertile norms the lush foliage & biodiversity of past epochs will return (the last ice age 20,000yrs ago almost extinguished all plant life worldwide with an atmospheric CARBON DROUGHT that we are only now in the 21st Cenury FINALLY RECOVERING FROM due to natural volcanic emissions, thawing permafrost, and humanity’s ever greater prosperity). FACTS.
    As co2 is restored to levels far better for vegetation, the Quadrupling of plant life will breathe out enormous amounts of rich Oxygen and our atmosphere will be cleansed & purified. FACT.
    So when LYING SWINE globalist new-world-order IMBECILE fraud artist’s like the EU, the UN, and jihadstin castro trugrope (with his HUNDREDS of “re-integrated” isis sociopath satanists including the YongeSt. & Danforth jihad terrorists) try to bullsh*t scam their carbon-tax FRAUD THEFT MALFEASANCE remember that CANADA produces 1/200th of world co2 (and does so far more cleanly than filthy china russia india asia africa & s.america!) and that turd💩dolt’s carbon fraud hoax won’t even cut our emissions 10% so that’s LESS THAN ONE TWO THOUSANDTH of world co2 output.
    ZERO effect on climate MODERATION but MASSIVE DESTRUCTION on our country making us uncompetitive, dysfunctional, and driving our nation into oblivion.
    trudope = no hope.
    LOCK HIM UP..!!!!
    send him and all the fake news fiberals to GUANTANAMO..!!!
    “feces-board” the fiberals with liquid swine excrement.
    make them all gag on pig feces.


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