Covid-19 Death Rate “HIGHER IN CANADA Than China” Says Communist Government Official

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The Global Times article quotes Shen Yi, director of Fudan University’s Research Center for Cyberspace Governance, saying:


The coronavirus struck a blow to their[Canada’s] once vaunted ‘superior’ capabilities in responding to public health crises,” Shen Yi stated.

 “The death rate from the coronavirus in Canada, higher than that of China, crushed their illusions and sense of superiority.”

   Please do tell—who has a higher sense of superiority? The nation of Canada, or the communist behemoth country of China?

Go take a walk on the wild side, Mr. Shen. Want to know of another interesting “tid-bit” by way of this communist? Old Stock Canada—try this on for size:

“Mr. Shen noted Canada’s COVID-19 fatality rate is currently higher than the rate published by China.”

More From The Communist: “Canada should end travesty of ‘WHO-bashing’ campaign,” is the headline of the article, which accuses Canada of “joining a chorus initiated by the U.S.” to deflect attention from “mismanagement” of the fight against COVID-19.

Bollocks to this. Want to know what Canada really should end? 

The Liberal Party of Canada’s decades-long dedication to integrating China into Canadian society. Founder, ex-Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau.

Naturally, this prototype liberal-globalist Pierre has had a ton of assistance from its “partner-in-crime”— CBC News, and rest of establishment media in Canada.

If it were not for CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Chronicle Herald, Montreal Gazette and the rest, 90% of Canadians would comprehend the pariah-nation’s present-day control within our borders.

So more Canadians are presently dying of Covid-19 than citizens of China.

How sweet it is. Degree of condemnation of the Trudeau-family’s favourite nation from media? Nothing. Truly incredible—through the entire Coronavirus debacle, including the deaths of thousands of Canadians, Justin Trudeau still lacks the gumption to utter a single negative word about China.

Pourquoi? CAP can only speculate: Mr. Trudeau is the government of China’s puppet. It has been this way since father Pierre Trudeau visited China in 1970. 

What transpired? A mere 10 months after meeting with his hero, Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Trudeau Sr. took it upon himself to cancel Canada’s former English & French bi-cultural identity.

Degree of this scenario exposed by CBC? Not a damn thing. 

Qian Hao, director of the Canada Research Center at Shanghai International Studies University, says he doesn’t think the Canadian MPs are targeting China, but are “desperate for first-hand information.”

How rich this is. Of course Canadian MP’s are not targeting China. There is no such thing as a Canadian Liberal MP who will engage in this behaviour.

You see, the Liberal and Chinas are “best girlfriends.” Liberal Cabinet members and Caucus never criticize China—that’s a rule.

For nearly 40 years, CAP has followed Sino-Canadian relations. For 40 years, we have believed that a covert agenda has existed within Canadian society for 100 years.

From The CAP Archives: Justin Trudeau Works To Reduce Terrorism Offences To SIX MONTH SENTENCES

Did you know? One of Canada’s premier financial institutions— Bank of Montreal(BMO) has had a relationship with the government of China for the past 150 years.

The year China’s first began funding—therefore propagandizing Canadian students in Canada? Try 1910 —in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Media say nothing. Co-founder of Canada-China Business Council—our nation’s premier China-centric imposition upon society?

The Demarais billionaire family of Quebec, and the Trudeau family of Quebec. On the west coast, an outfit called Asia Pacific Foundation actually have a mandate from the federal government to push China’s uber-powerful corporations upon domestic business communities.

What was PM Justin Trudeau’s first major “bi-lateral” business venture? A free trade agreement between China and Canada. Ever see the contents? They are chock full of absolute advantage for the behemoth nation.

The deal never went down—fortunately for citizens who believe in national sovereignty. If it had, Canada would today be inundated even more with all-things-China.

This is the true legacy of China in Canada, as facilitated by not just PM Justin—but his entire family. Pierre Trudeau was the original catalyst. Brother Alexandre published a book praising China to no end. The whole family simply adore the communist nation.

CBC say nothing—therefore, following through logically,  they must love China too.

Historically speaking, Canada is described as a liberal-democracy. What is not articulated is that Justin and Alex Trudeau—along with Pierre before them— are anti-liberal, and anti-democracy.

Therefore, they have steered our nation in the direction of acceptance of China’s integration within Canadian society.

Degree of buy-in within our so-called “democratic” society? Nothing. Degree of approval from Canadian citizens— again, nothing. 

China is Canada’s original prototype nation for the advent of anti-Anglophone multiculturalism, founded by Pierre Trudeau in 1971. Degree of buy-in from our citizenship? 

Nothing, zero, nada. Extent of exposure by mainstream media. Zero percent. Getting the picture now, fellow patriots? Indeed our country has been 100% hood-winked by fake Liberals—who in reality, are a conduit for communism to infiltrate Canadian consciousness.

The founder of pseudo-socialist Canada is Pierre Trudeau. The premier “evangelist” is son Justin Trudeau. Liberal Health Minister, MP Patty Hadju? Globalist puppet. Foreign Minister, MP Francois Philippe-Champagne is the same, as well as Liberal Immigration Minister, MP Marco Mendicino.

Frankly, “they all are.” Former IM, half -Somalian citizen MP Ahmed Hussen. Before him, the sad and pathetic Liberal MP, John McCallum.

Media say nothing as Justin Trudeau continues to play puppet for his family’s “preferred nation.”


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