Dangerous Dealings: More Chinese Police Stations Identified In Canada

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You know Canada is reaching a tipping point when uber-leftist Toronto Star begin to condemn the Liberal government of Canada.

‘This Is Very Dangerous: More Police Stations Run By China Found In Canada’

“In a report released this month entitled Patrol and Persuade,” non-governmental organization Safeguard Defenders says it used open source statements from People’s Republic of China authorities, Chinese police and state media to document at least 48 additional stations.”

Upon which CAP issue a caveat. Every article in Canadian media on this topic speaks of an “around the world” element of the equation. The press are doing this to soften the blow. “If these spy stations are located worldwide, it lessens the impact regarding their presence in Canada.”

Nonetheless, recent reports state that more of these “police stations” exist in Canada than originally believed. Of course– under-the-radar being the way communists roll in perpetuity.

“Victor Ho, the former editor of the Sing Tao Daily – Canada’s largest Chinese-Canadian newspaper – and a Hong Kong democracy activist, said he was not surprised to hear the news and it has created a lot of insecurity in the Chinese-Canadian community.”

Witness the myopia. Does this Ho person believe that insecurity in this regard is limited to Chinese-Canadians?  It bloody well isn’t. Every thinking Canadian should be concerned about Chinese spy presence in our country.

Can it be? Whenever a Trudeau-family member becomes prime minister, China’s presence inside the “House of Canada” goes through the roof. Coincidence, is it?

Speaking of the communist Trudeau family, patriots must note a curious silence. Justin Trudeau has never commented publicly on China’s police presence in Canada.

While CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star expose an increase in the spy stations, they  position the imposition as one affecting Chinese-Canadians only.

It is, of course, an act of sublimation. For CAP, the threat reaches far beyond these citizens. The greater threat is what we have been writing about for the past 35-years:

The government of China’s relationship with the Liberal Party of Canada. If we didn’t know better(we don’t), CAP would state the “creeping communism” phenomenon arrives hand-in-hand with federal Liberal governments.

Is China using Justin Trudeau? Is this politician so indebted to the motherland that he cannot defy their will? Of course, government can state that they are taking action. Looking back at a 50-year history of partnership between Liberals and China, it’s time to take this with a giant grain-of-salt.

“The report said the newly documented Vancouver-based police station is being operated by authorities from Wenzhou in China’s Zhejiang province.”

Don’t tell us– there’s more than originally reported? Can these outfits be found in every major Canadian city? It is possible, and therefore, likely.

Patriots stand witness as establishment media take the edge off communist China’s presence in Canada. In our opinion, it’s what the press in Canada are being paid to do.

Blacklock’s Reporter:

“MPs, provincial legislators and city councillors are known to be in the pay of foreign agents, a former espionage officer yesterday told the Commons ethics committee.”

“The foreign agents’ source country was not named though cabinet has accused China of clandestine activities.”

Did you know? Neo-dictator Trudeau and his Liberals banned Blacklock’s from the National Press Gallery earlier this week.

“The Canadian Security Intelligence Service(CSIS) has investigated Wei Chengyi for his alleged role in a covert scheme that facilitated large-fund transfers meant to advance Beijing’s interests in Canada’s 2019 federal election,” sources said.

“One of the specific allegations detailed the [Chinese] funding of a clandestine network that involved “at least 11 federal MP candidates running in the contest,” according to Global News.

The Trudeau family, the Liberal Party and communist China. Where is it all leading? It is at this point that legacy media bow out of the picture.

Will Canada be owned by China in the long run? Is Justin Trudeau converting Canada to communism?

Never to be addressed by the press, Canadian are left to our imaginations.

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  1. The government like pierre poilievre will have to investigate and do something so it doesnt happen we dont need canada run.by china


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