Dangerous Canada-China Virus Scandal Being Covered-Up Says Media Watchdog

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According to Vision Times media, America’s neighbours to the North are quietly trying to keep the lid on a dangerous virologic scandal of their own between Canada’s BSL4 lab and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Regarding a secret agreement between Canada’s BSL4 lab and the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, Conservative Party Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Michael Chong stated the following:

“We live in a parliamentary democracy and we are facing the same impediments to our investigations as investigators are facing as they attempt to discover the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic in China.”

Enter Cultural Action Party commentary: the idea that Canadians are in 2021 living in a parliamentary democracy is dubious at best. Yes, it appears that we are. Yes, government and media say that we are. But this doesn’t make it true.

The condition of governance in contemporary Canada is best described as a pseudo-dictatorship. At least in CAP’s opinion, the Liberals are going to win every future election in succession until their goal is accomplished– an end to the purpose of federal elections.

VIDEO REPORT: RCMP Concerned About China Influence “From Canadian City Halls To Parliament Hill”

As published by Vision Times, Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory shipped samples of Ebola and Henipavirus–along with thirteen other pathogens– to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2019. Henipavirus is a genus of viruses containing the Nipah and Hendra viruses and is the pathogen that causes the deadly disease known as Marburg.

A study published in Scientific Reports in 2018 found that the Henipavirus pathogen has a mortality rate between 75 and 100 percent and spoke of fears it may be weaponized. The study is especially damning as it was authored by scientists from the University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg lab where two Chinese scientists were in charge of pathogen development. They were subsequently fired from their jobs. They have since disappeared from sight.

The Trudeau government refuse to say why. Their vehemence is so extreme that the Liberals have launched a law suit against one of their own MP’s--speaker of the house Anthony Rota–to keep the details a secret.

Does one really have to be Professor Stephen Hawking to arrive at an educated opinion on what has occurred? Does it take Albert Einstein to deduce the reasons why Canadian media have buried this nefarious situation?

What appears obvious is that Chinese scientists were working with–or creating–deadly pathogens, and shipping them off to Wuhan, China for a specific purpose. Could one conclude the purpose is to prepare the “next generation” of deadly viruses in the “spirit” of Covid-19?

This element of the equation is speculative. What we will state with confidence is a concept CAP has delivered since the day we began publishing articles on Canadian politics in 2016:

There exists a “special relationship” between the Liberal Party of Canada and the communist government of China. It was instigated by ex-PM Pierre Trudeau, and it has ramped up to warp speed under current PM Justin Trudeau.

Whatever this coordinated Liberal-Media collusion has been hiding for the past fifty years, every bit of it is bad news in terms of the maintenance of freedom and democracy in Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Canada-China Virus Scandal Being Covered-Up Says Media Watchdog”

  1. Let’s see….Chinese CCP/military scientists working w/ deadly viruses in Winnipeg–With the blessings of the Liberals. As Harry Fox Sr. used to say to his son Harrison; “What could possibly go wrong?”

    As sure as my name isn’t Trudeau; The Chinese are not manipulating deadly pathogens to improve our lives. Those busy little Chinese bees have their eyes on the prize–The complete takeover/(lightly) armed invasion of Canada, and a weakened USA. They’re seriously overcrowded, and lusting after our wide open spaces/natural resources/clean air/abundant; clean water/farmland/protected land mass.

    It’s only a matter of time. By the way–“Gain of function” research–Why are they doing this type of science? The only reasonable answer is to eventually use them as bio-weapons. “Gain of function” is an innocent sounding term for “make it deadlier.” Deadlier to whom–Bats? Other viruses? The Chinese people? And Fauci; Trudeau et al were funding the Chinese in this regard. As Arte Johnson used to say on the late 1960’s show

    “Very interesting.” Trudeau’s planned destruction of this country–and it’s founding people–Is occurring from many directions.

  2. COVER UP! OF COURSE IT’S A COVER UP! Anything that is going to make this Government look bad is obfuscated, denied, covered up and buried as an election is coming.
    Remember this is the Government that gave themselves two pay increases during the Covid19 Pandemic while millions struggled and thousands lost their businesses and jobs. They covered up a pile of improprieties, failed to resolve victims of sexual assaults in the Military, have done little to get the Military leadership sorted out, fired their Minister of Justice, watched their Minister of Finance resign, failed again to hear the voice of the people on yet another one of dozens of Petitions calling on the creation of a New Canadian Military Service Medal, called a family killed by a Canadian an act of terrorism and ignored a Police Officer killed in a similar manner, found two Chinese scientists that stole deadly viruses and gave them to China, tried to give almost a billion dollars to a company that has paid his family almost a million dollars, and because he was by Parliamentary Regulations told by the Speaker of the House to provide previously redacted material unredacted was going to take the Speaker to court for making him follow the rules. So go figure. Any wonder about a FLASH MOB 14 July 2021,
    10:00 a.m. to Noon, on the Hill or local city Hall or provincial capital, to show up with a bristol board sign listing your issues with this Government. The people are sick and tired of how they are being governed. This is supposed to be a democracy not a dictatorship.


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