Trudeau Govt Proposing Law To “CONTROL All Aspects Of Life” Say Critics

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The federal government may end up with the power to regulate almost EVERY FACET OF LIFE  in Canada if its law aimed at curbing harmful greenhouse gas emissions is allowed to stand, Ontario’s top court heard Monday. “They could regulate where you live. How often you drive your car,” Josh Hunter told the five-justice panel. “It would UNBALANCE THE FEDERATION.”

Bingo. Unbalancing the federation. It’s what shadowy globalist forces are after for Canada– therefore it is what PM Trudeau wants as well. And he’s doing one hell of a job of it. As Cultural Action Party of Canada alluded to from the day Justin took office, his goal is a SUBTLE EMULATION of totalitarian governance in Canada. No one should be surprised.

The Trudeau family are not nor have ever been believers in true democracy. Classical liberalism, as established by way of historical western political philosophy, is of no interest to the Trudeau family.  In its stead, pseudo-liberalism— colloquially described as false liberalism under a communist context, is what Justin– as well as father Pierre before him– believes in heart and soul.

Our current government has already established the right for police to walk STRAIGHT INTO a person’s home if suspected of driving under the influence. Now, if Trudeau has his way, authorities will be instructing citizens of when they can drive and where they can live.

A salient questions for thinking(non-Liberal) Canadians is: Where does this stop? More than likely, it doesn’t–unless Justin Trudeau stops being the prime minister of Canada. Fortunately for sane Canadians(non-Liberals), this may well occur on October 21st, 2019.

This should be the day when the iron-clad grip on of government upon contemporary society ends. Will the future be a work of art under a non-Liberal federal government? Hardly. But just about any alternative to Trudeau Family Dictatorships is a step in the direction toward the re-establishment of freedom and democracy in Canada.



10 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Proposing Law To “CONTROL All Aspects Of Life” Say Critics”

    • Palladini – Trudeau signed the United Nations Global migrations pact on dec 21, 2018 with 164 other countries. Canada is no longer a Sovereign nation. We are under the United Nations rule and they are enforcing Agenda 21. So that day is here pal.

    • A must read – ‘The Truth about Trudeau’ written by historian Bob Plamondon. This book is a real eye-opener.

      • Yes, CAP do recommend this book. One of the few that breaks through the mythology surrounding Pierre Trudeau, who whose multiculturalism morphed into a vilification of European-Canadians– Anglophones in particular. Thirty-five years later, Justin and immigration minister Ahmed Hussen are here to finish the job began by papa Pierre.

  1. Worst piece of shit pm since his father. I am sure once he is voted out this October, the bleeding heart liberal party, may never be voted in again. Their ideals and agendas, do not bode well, with true patriotic Canadians, the ones being overlooked highly by this govt. The people of Canada should have the right to say who they want to come to their country as well. These border crossings are a true example of how little they wish to protect us from the criminals that walk right into our country and are given a free living on the backs of hard working Canadians.


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