Justin Trudeau Hands BILLIONS To Third World, Refuses PM Debate On Foreign Policy

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There will be an empty chair in the place where Trudeau should be. This will our prime minister look bad enough, but almost certainly not as bad as Trudeau would make himself look in the attempt to defend his foreign policy record, let alone articulate his plans ahead. Foreign policy is a subject the Liberals would rather we not be thinking about at all.

This is why CAP so often refer to Justin Trudeau as the “Coward Of The Country.” Over the course of the past four years, Trudeau has ubiquitously dedicated himself to the improvement of the lives of the middle class.

Not in Canada, of course–this is not globalist Justin’s bag. Rather, handing billions on a silver platter to theocratic African and Middle Eastern Nations is the way this cowardly PM rolls.

“We now find ourselves largely alone and ill-prepared for a world that is changing dramatically and rapidly for the worse. Long-standing international institutions, covenants and democratic alliances are collapsing in disarray, and the Liberals, who began their term with the boast that “Canada is back,” and with plans to secure a wholly irrelevant seat on the UN Security Council, are keeping Trudeau safely away from the one leaders’ debate where these global crises will be discussed.”

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How pathetic this is. For four years King Trudeau focused on global issues to the exclusion of serious social issues in Canada– think poisoned drinking water on First Nations reserves — while neglecting domestic issues like no other prime minister in history.

Then, when called upon to answer for his behaviours, Trudeau’s wimps out. Clearly, this Trudeau person can dish it out, but he cannot take it. Let’s be honest here–Justin Trudeau is the ruling international king of Third World Aid— in other words, he is the epitome of a globally focused leader of a western “democracy.” Then, when the time comes to justify his actions, he runs away like a school girl.

100% disgraceful–a national embarassment. So says CBC–not, of course. Seems our establishment media can rationalize any behaviour of this fraudulent PM. SNC-Lavalin-you name it, and the editorial staff at Globe & Mail will take the edge off it to assist Trudeau isn winning the federal election next month.

What a scam. An unaccountable national leader–except, of course within French Canada. In order that unilingual Canadians(Old Stock) cannot hear what our Justin is saying, he agrees to two debates in French. As it happens, Quebec appears to be a stronghold for our PM. Gerald Butts has approved Trudeau’s attendance. Apparently, for these debates, there is no restriction on Butt’s telling how to respond to questions through an ear piece when drawing a blank( on every question, no doubt).

 Run Away! Run Away! went the refrain in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Seems Justin is an expert in this as well. How can this guy possibly live with himself?

To digress momentarily, another Trudeau curiousity. Now that the writ has dropped and the election officially launched, suddenly Bollywood Outfit expert wife Sophie is back by his side after nearly a year in the shadows.

CAP guess? Sophie signed a two month contract to appear beside King Trudeau in public until the election is over. Where has she been for the past 10 months or so, anyway? Possibly she loathes the man as much as common-sense Canadians do.

Building a mystery? This has been our prime  minister from day one–the strangest political decision-maker in the history of federal politics in Canada. Fanatical promoter of the both the Nation of Islam, and the transgender movement in Canada. Quite. Hater of Canadian heritage. Punitive damages for non-for-profit Christian organizations. Silent on Sharia Law, Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage. Brander of Anglophone Canada as racist and bigoted. Gifted billions for abortion and women’s health in Africa, while informing citizens there is “no money for veterans.”

Simply THE WORST. And yet, there he is, waving and smiling through the crowds as if he is as pure as driven snow in Nunavut. And even worse than this– smiling supporters of Canada’s King Of Kings

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For the life of CAP we cannot understand how even one Old Stock Canadian could support this cretin. How does Gerald Butts make this happen? Are they paid like stand-ins on a movie set?

Unbelievable. Then again, so is the entire tenure of Justin Trudeau as prime minister of Canada. “Coward of the Country”–bet on it. Showing up to defend his record would be the manly thing for Trudeau to do.

But as we know, manhood is way down on the list for our illustrious PM–he  prefers the effeminate type of Canadian male. Homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals– these are Trudeau’s favourite breed of Canadians. Those, as well as fundamentalist, Sharia Law endorsing militant Islamic types. Quite the combination, eh?

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Will Canadians end the misery brought on by Canada’s wanna-be despot come October 21st? We shall see. Nothing is guaranteed. The idea that Canadians can be seduced into the Trudeau cult for the second time looms large–  incredible as it is.






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