Covid-Related Emergency Powers Act Further Erodes Democracy In Canada

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According to the Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has passed Bill 10, titled the Alberta Public Health(Emergency Powers) Amendment Act.

Incredibly, the bill provides unprecedented powers to any government minister at the stroke of a pen. The passing of the bill means that under the Alberta Public Health Act, MLA’s can create, implement and enforce news laws–without the law being approved by the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. 

“Bill 10 gives one single Minister the power to unilaterally make new laws and offences for the entire province,” stated Jay Cameron, Litigation Director for the Justice Centre.

It seems barely a day passes by without an erasure of democratic principles being institutionalized in Canada. The fact that it has occurred provincially in Alberta in no way diminishes its impact, or its potential.

Let us remain clear in our thinking. The impetus for a breach of democratic process is found in one social phenomenon: the Covid pandemic. Based on the nation-wide dissemination of the virus, a tangible overruling of historical Canadian governance has just occurred.

Frankly, the move sounds more like something Justin Trudeau would implement federally. In fact, the powers already exist in the form of the Federal Emergencies Act(1985). 

Among other powers, jurisdiction is awarded to the federal government to over-rule all provincial legislation. It’s predecessor, the War Measures Act, was enacted three times in Canadian history: during World War 1 and 2, and as implemented by former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau during the “October Crisis” in 1970.

Fair it is to state that under these circumstances, there is a direct correlation between the current pandemic, and an erosion of democracy. Covid serves as a justification for such a process.

As our readership know, Cultural Action Party believe that Canada is undergoing a process of an erasure of democracy. In this regard, there are no coincidences involved. The agenda is pre-meditated. In our opinion, our ultimate destination will be found in a transition from democratic governance to a form of neo-communism. One might accurately call it socialism– a condition in which a nation is communist– but the citizens just don’t know it– yet.

If what the Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms has published is the stone-cold truth, a great leap forward in a validation of CAP theory has just taken place.

No legislative approval needed– an equivalent to no parliamentary approval being required on a federal level. Make no mistake–this is a major development– the very reason why establishment media are not positioning it as such.

Witness the incremental erosion of freedom and democracy as manifest by the pandemic– source, Wuhan China.  Interesting to note that they don’t believe in democracy either. No doubt there is an emergency occurring in Canada as we speak. Just not of the variety covered off by any form of legislation.

6 thoughts on “Covid-Related Emergency Powers Act Further Erodes Democracy In Canada”

  1. Anyone remember the airport car rental agent’s reply to Steve Martin’s character in the (1987?) comedy *Planes Trains & Automobiles*? “You’re ****ed!” It appears we’re all in the same situation. Above; There’s the turncoat “Conservative”/globalist Kenney; taking orders from his smirking master. “Bah bah [Alberta] sheep have you any wool? (For Quebec.) Yes sir; yes sir; three bags full.”

  2. Fake “emergency.” Fake politicians. Trudopia; A fake country.

    However,the “emergency powers” this wretched Albertan jackass passed….Are not fake. Bill 10 (will) have real world consequences– for the very real lives these Bozos are already controlling.

    Alberta’s Bill 10; coming soon–to your province. Thank you Jason Kenney; the wretched Trudeau’s all-too-compliant puppet on a string. Quid pro quo. “A favor for a favor.”


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