Covid-Related Crackdown On Christianity Occurring In Canada

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Talk about a recurring social pattern. When viewing Canadian media during the month of December, 2020, a curious Covid-related pattern can be witnessed. The Christmas season has introduced  a crackdown on Christian church gatherings across Canada.

On December 24th, 2020,  in Windsor, Ontario, the pastor of  Harvest Bible Church Rev. Aaron Rock was charged under the Reopening Ontario Act by Windsor police.

“Anyone not following provincial guidelines can be subjected to a fine ranging from $750 to $100,000, the health unit said.”

Additional charges have been laid for church gatherings in London, Ontario, Langley BC,  Chilliwack, BC,  Prince Albert, SK, Winnipeg, MN and other locations across Canada.

This situation raised a number of red flags and related questions–none of which have been addressed by mainstream media:

— Why is it that a plethora of charges are being directed toward Christian places of worship, while equivalent charges for non-Christian religious gatherings do not exist?

Surely folks in Ontario are also gathering at Sikh Temples, Islamic Mosques, and other non-Christian places of worship. Yet media watchers witness not a peep in terms of punitive damages toward these religious gatherings.

— If an astute Canadian observer didn’t know better, they might think that special vigilance from law authorities  are in place regarding the Christian faith.

This is not the first time Cultural Action Party of Canada has alluded to such an idea.  What we generally observe on a societal level is miles away from establishment media’s take on society.

For us, the writing is on the wall–Canada is in the process of losing its democratic foundation.  The transition is incremental. The destiny is of the dictatorship variety.

One has to admit that within societies of this nature, the Christian religion is decidedly unpopular.  For example, Communist China and the former USSR.

If CAP didn’t know better(we don’t), we would suspect the Covid pandemic of playing a role in Canada’s transformation of governance.

Is the current impediment of practicing Christianity emblematic of this concept? Certainly Covid has created a society that is in 2020 entirely rules-based. “Don’t walk here, do not sit there,” and on and on ad nauseum.

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Why is it that CBC and corporate media never pick up on even one element of what is herein expressed? Are we to believe leading journalists lack the erudition to comprehend such an obvious transformation within Canadian society?

Clearly, something is not “adding up” in this regard. If validity exists in terms of what is  being expressed.  than the only conclusion is that media refuse to expose any ideas other than what government wants them to expose.

Is this not also indicative of the advent of totalitarian tendencies within contemporary Canada? If government and media are working from the same blueprint, does this not suggest an emulation of media practice in countries such as China?

What a baffling situation our country has found itself in. While Canada undergoes a  tangible transformation within society, no one– government, media, our academic world– will step up and define what Justin Trudeau’s neo-Canada is really about.

One thing all Canadians can “take to the bank”– whatever is behind the veil of government’s globalist-oriented goals,  Canadians will never here the details  from the prime minister of Canada.

The mystery of the Great Reset agenda continues to roll  in complete darkness.

— Brad Salzberg, Founder of CAP(est. 2016)




8 thoughts on “Covid-Related Crackdown On Christianity Occurring In Canada”

  1. I always believed we live in a democratic dictatorship. We vote our representatives in on their platform and promises and then they do whatever they like. Today we have a naive young drama teacher taking all of Canada down a ride into the depths of Marxism on the back of a plandemic. (no typo here). Perhaps the population will wake up when the vaccine refusers are interred in “Internment Camps” otherwise known as “concentration camps”. They will have all of their property confiscated as well as their wealth. This is going to happen a lot sooner than people think. Where is the Church in all of this. The “organization” has surely lost its saltiness.Not much of a peep out of any church leader. Not even a call for special prayer times.
    Welcome to the new CCP satellite state, it used to be called Canada.

    • Thank you CHuck–what you describe is a bleak state of affairs, who would have ever thought Canada could arrive in such a sad state. Perhaps if we rid ourselves of the trash of a Liberal government we have been saddled with, things could improve.

  2. Have noticed how trudeau analyzes each event and its meaning but he refuses to acknowledge or even say it: This Christmas season a time when christians around the globe welcomes the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is what Christmas is about.


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