Covid In Canada Is “Hysteria Driven By Media And Politicians”- President, Laboratory Physicians

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There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax every perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

“It should be thought of as nothing more than a bad flu season.”

A quote from a rabid conspiracy theorist intent upon a personal agenda of societal chaos?

Not a chance—the person who made this public statement is Canadian Doctor, Roger Hodkinson. Mr. Hodkinson is far from a medical quack— his resume shows that he received his medical degree from Cambridge University in the U.K., after which he became a Royal College certified pathologist in Canada.

Additonally, Dr. Hodkinson is President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians, as well as CEO of Western Medical Assessments. Hodkinson also  received the honourable title of ‘Citizen of the Year’ from the City of Edmonton. Therefore, credibility is hereby established.

According to Canadian media, the Covid 19 virus has been active in Canada for a total of nine months.  According to industry standards, the discovery and research phase for a virus vaccine of this nature is normally two-to-five years, In total, a vaccine can take more than 10 years to fully develop.

Now let’s alter our discussion to the government of Canada, and their position on Covid. According to Global News of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canadians will only need to hold on for “a few more months” as he says the country will begin to see the other side of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the spring.

This means that the timeline from discovery to finished product—at least within Canada— is approximately a one year period.

This suggests one of two possibilities— either PM Trudeau is gunning like mad to inoculate Canadians with the virus solution, or he had an understanding that the pandemic was coming to Canada well before it actually arrived.

Yet, what Cultural Action Party of Canada find entirely suspicious is what one might call a “blind allegiance” to the pandemic vaccine. Thus far, neither government, nor media or Canada’s health industry has issued a single caveat related to this vaccine.

Not a single health warning thus far. No mention of side effects. Even more suspect, there does not appear to be a single suggestion of a publicly available verification of the vaccine’s contents.

Extent to which Mr. Trudeau has personally committed to receiving an injection? Nothing at all. One may suppose that as the leader of our nation, Trudeau might volunteer to go first. CAP’s guess on this matter is, in fact, that Trudeau will not go at all.

A CBC news article published this week entitled “Covid claims five more lives as Alberta reports 10,068 cases,” a rather enlightening  announcement is made. Turns out three of the deceased were over eighty years of age, while one was over 100 years old.

At the risk of sounding callous, the centenarian factor reveals an interesting point. Can it not be interpreted as a serious distortion? Is it not feasible that this person perhaps died of the unthinkable cause of “old age?”

To back this up, we move to the words of everyone’s favourite Canadian, Mr. Conrad Black. In a recent National Post article he states:

“The extent to which the coronavirus is the effective cause of death varies in each case and is sometimes nearly impossible to determine. The underlying point is illustrated by the fact that the average age of people deemed to die from, or at least with, the coronavirus is within a few months of the actuarial life expectancy in each country; for example, the average age of Americans deemed to have died from the coronavirus and the average life expectancy of the American public are both 78.”

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Let us be clear in this regard. No one is saying that no one dies from Covid. However, media went and branded a death from Covid for a person 100-years of age. Without doubt, this shows inherent bias.

From another angle, one can argue that media are engaging in a form of “hysteria promotion.” This is not professional journalism.

Is it a fair observation to say that in the political era of PM Justin Trudeau, media in Canada displays the greatest degree of bias in our nation’s history? CAP go all-in on this one. In truth, the extremity borders on the breath-taking.

Under which form of governance do media function as a instrument of government? Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie—communist societies.

Is this where Canada is headed by way of the Covid debacle? Seems a citizen cannot make a move in 2020 which deviates from the will of government?

Ever see or hear CBC allude to this phenomenon? Of course not- and for as long as Trudeau and his Liberals remain in power– Canadians never will.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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