Covid, Digital ID, Social Credit: Trudeau’s Totalitarian Plans For Canada

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Step-by-step, in incremental fashion, PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government are transitioning Canada to what can be described as a “mini-China.”

Throughout Trudeau’s tenure the fine art of subterfuge has been utilized to pull-the-wool over the eyes of 38 million Canadians. The Covid pandemic, product of the far east nation, is being used to justify replication of China’s tracking of individual citizens in our country.

Government and healthcare position Digital ID as an act of altruism:

“With the advent of the Covid pandemic, a new moment of change has been thrust upon us, as doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals impose strict social distancing policies.”

Right–a moment of change. A moment of “progress,” as Mr. Trudeau would position it. Lost in the messaging is replication of the Chinese government’s tracking of citizen behavior. With the advent of Digital ID in Canada, “spying” on individual Canadians is to become a de facto social standard.

The end game takes a step beyond what is currently being implemented. It comes in the form of China’s “Social Credit” system. Under this piece of totalitarianism, citizens are punished for anti-government behaviour.

CAP offer an example: Let’s say a lady named Tanya Smith sent out a cheque in support of the February 2023 truckers convoy in Ottawa. Under the social credit system, government would become aware of the situation, and can implement punitive damages accordingly.

If unemployed, Ms. Smith could have major difficulty gaining employment. If she was well employed and looking to buy a home, she would have difficulty securing a mortgage from a bank.

This is present-day China. By the end of the current decade, it could well be a standard in Canada. Underneath the pleasant presentation lingers a world of hardship for non-conformist Canadians.

  • Digital ID improves patient satisfaction. Healthcare providers can speed registrations and check-ins, as well as securely provide tele-health and other remotely delivered options for care.
  • Digital ID reduces risk by ensuring that only verified patients can order and pick up the drugs that have been prescribed to them.
  • Digital ID captures efficiencies by enabling the secure use and sharing of electronic health records in patient care, in government billing and in archival record-keeping.

This is how Digital ID is be positioned by government, media and our healthcare industry. In typical woke globalist style, all the benefit goes to the individual citizen, effectively masking the “dark side” side of the endeavor.

“The government of Newfoundland and Labrador is targeting a 2023 launch for its Digital ID pilot project. Digital Government Minister Sarah Stooley confirmed that she has scheduled meetings with the federal government to consult on the introduction of digital IDs across the country.”

Chinada, Here We Come?

CAP cut to the chase: PM Justin Trudeau will get the job done. His admiration for China existing as subterfuge for his burning desire to replicate the Chinese way of life. He is, after all, a communist like pretend-father Pierre Trudeau.

According to the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada, digital identity is a “digital representation that uniquely identifies a person presented to service providers, such as a physician’s office, hospital, bank, or government agency when accessing online services.”

Yes- it “uniquely identifies a person” — no question about that. Lost is the shadows is the fact that DID also identifies a citizen to the Liberal government of Canada. The result of which will potentially play out like this:

China’s National Development and Reform Commission stated “that nine million plane ticket sales and three million rail ticket sales had been blocked under what China calls “Social Credit.”

“Passengers are reminded when they board high-speed trains that riding without a ticket, disorderly behaviour or smoking can result in a negative record in the individual social credit information system.”

What the hell– cigarettes are too damn expensive anyway. Light up a cancer stick and watch your social credit rating drop like a lead balloon. All this and more can come your way in post-modern Canada– if Trudeau’s Liberals remain in power.

CAP recommend readers pay particular attention to the following:

“The Chinese government is actively shaping citizens’ behaviour using the threat of technology-enabled blacklists, and it’s enlisting the private sector to help turn rulebreakers into virtual second-class citizens.”

Now, kindly think “truckers convoy” and “frozen bank accounts.”  

Is this not the case of what occurred for organizer’s of the truckers protest in Ottawa? Could it have been a dry-run for what we have described thus far? Is this the reason PM Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act— to test out China’s totalitarian social credit system in our country?

It boggles the mind, eh? Then again, not really– because the minds of 38 million Canadians know nothing about it. Boy, oh boy, is Canada in trouble. All this and more is coming our way– as long as Justin Trudeau remains prime minister. If he can, he will implement every bit of it.

“One of the most famous Social Credit experiments was started by local officials in Suining City[China] in 2010. Each person was given 1,000 credit points.”

“Citizens’ scores dropped each time they were found guilty of an infraction, including obviously anti-social things such as driving drunk, and less obviously unacceptable behaviours such as ‘heretical activities,’ disturbing the ‘social order’ and failing to display household virtue.”

Incremental is the way Trudeau’s neo-communist Liberals roll. From China’s Covid to Digital ID. From government-funded healthcare to China’s Social Credit system.

Is Justin Trudeau replicating the Chinese government’s “spy culture” in a dying Great White North?

6 thoughts on “Covid, Digital ID, Social Credit: Trudeau’s Totalitarian Plans For Canada”

  1. Wake up Canada, stop being immobilized by sports put on by organized crime (government), and social BS. Take action and get leaders in with values and faith. Common sense will help too.

  2. stop complying.
    Stop doing everything online
    pay cash as much as possible
    dont download their apps
    tell banks how you feel – take out your money and put it somewhere else
    stop letting the government tell you what to do to your own body
    be an advocate for humanity
    reject all their stupid AI systems
    talk to people in real life – forget online trackable, trackable apps and communications
    thats just a start Bridgette.

  3. Turdo has no mandate from Canadians for anything he does and certainly none for Digital ID, 15 Minute Cities or the Digital Currency on which he has the Bank of Canada creating with MIT. His mandates (along with millions of $$$) come from the WEF and China which means he has no jurisdiction in Canada and must be removed by whatever means necessary. We are NOT Chinese and will NOT live like prisoners the way they do.


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