Covid City: Residents Barred From Travelling Outside Vancouver, Fraser Valley

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Other than to deliver essential goods, Canadians now cannot enter or leave the South Western region of British Columbia. Defined as the Lower Mainland— including Vancouver—  as well as the Fraser Valley, to do so will result in being fined $575 dollars. Balk at receiving a fine, and a resident might well find themselves in jail.

Such is the wonderful world of Covid in what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau branded “sunny ways” Canada upon election victory in 2015. Unfortunately, his bright skies have transitioned to what Cultural Action Party see as dark clouds of social conditioning.

Of course, it’s all for the “health and welfare” of the Canadian people. According to media, not a speck of malevolence can be found in any aspect of pandemic law enforcement.

So say the Trudeau government, as well Canada’s health industry. “It’s for the welfare and safety of Canadians,” says pandemic czar Teresa Tam. “Look, I just got my Astrazeneca vaccine shot– now I am really cool.” bellows Justin Trudeau.

As should be expected, Cultural Action Party has alternate ideas on these issues. Our main argument being something which falls under the category of “social conditioning.” From our perspective, these draconian lockdowns are intended to prepare citizens for a future way of life.

Call us conspiracy theorists, but we believe Canadians are being conditioned to follow stringent rules for a specific reason.

In preparation for the true result of the Great Reset, it would be best if 38 million citizens were eased into communist-oriented social structure.

Such is the methodology needed to minimize public push-back. This way, when the globalist game is completed, our citizenship are well-conditioned to “just following orders” as delivered by government.

“If you are coming into British Columbia from Alberta, and you decide you are now going to Vancouver, a contravention of this order may be subject to a fine,” says B.C. Solicitor General Mike Farnworth.

“Over the coming days, we will continue working with police to establish additional measures to ensure they have the necessary authority to conduct periodic roadside checks … at strategic points into and out of the defined regions.” 

Mike Farnworth has stated the new orders are being brought in using the extraordinary powers of the Provincial Emergency Program Act.

As it happens, globalist power players such as NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh are now pushing PM Trudeau to enact the Federal Emergencies Act. 

Despite its profound impact, legacy media have yet to reveal the key tenets involved in such a procedure:

— a ban on any public assembly that may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the Act.

— authorization of the entry and search of any dwelling-house, premises, conveyance or place, and the search of any person found therein.

— the regulation or prohibition of travel to, from or within any specified area.

Stop the press. What we have here is a potential lockdown of our entire country. Covid is ravaging our society in a manner unprecedented in history. Could Canada could be caught in this condition on a long-term basis?

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As in, long enough for social circumstances to become a permanent way of life. Welcome to pseudo-communist Canada.

Media say nothing. Nor do they reveal that while Covid is decimating our country, the source nation of the pandemic has between 8 and 18 new cases of Covid per day. Such is the protectionism CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest maintain toward communist China.

What shall transpire out of the ashes of the pandemic debacle? Notice how media perpetually refrain from predictions regarding our nation’s long-term fate.

For CAP, the smart money will be placed upon a transition away from a free and democratic society, and into a state of our nation best described as a pseudo-dictatorship.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

9 thoughts on “Covid City: Residents Barred From Travelling Outside Vancouver, Fraser Valley”

  1. My only advice in this crappy Canada is no matter what do not give up or sell your guns to the government. Taking guns is the commie MO.

    No guns with public means government will trample all over you and with ‘covid’ aka the Wu Flu unless your living under a rock or a sheep you can see where were headed.

    Also keep in mind Trudeau and even the wimpy conservatives under O’Toole hate and despise Euro Canadians aka Old Stock who built this once great country until PET started the destruction.

  2. Freedom of speech – lost, now freedom of movement – also lost. How much more bull are the people of Canada going to take.

    Plane loads of people from everywhere landing with covid. I’ll bet they’re the ones in hospitals taking up beds that Canadians should have. This is sickening.

    The one world order of police state and enslavement and stupid Canadians watch and believe the paid for news. Even the masks are bull. Says on the box – does NOT protect from viruses.

    We don’t need this disgusting gov’t to babysit us or tell us where we can or can’t go. We have the intelligence to do what is right for ourselves. May they rot in hell. As for the recent news of Trudeau getting the astra z. shot. He’d NEVER put that poison in his veins. All a scam. It was most likely saline solution.

  3. The government is counting on a good majority of the people to want to be able to say just like Trudeau……”see I am doing the right thing….I am a good boy/girl”! Exactly what in our society right now makes this such an attractive trait?

  4. The government is counting on the majority of people to want to be just like him and say “look at me I am being a good boy/girl….I do what I am told”! I wonder what in our society today is wrong in that this is what people want to do. I drives me crazy to hear someone say…..”well we just have to do this for a little while for the good of everyone!” No, we don’t as they don’t give a flying fig about anyone but themselves!


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