Covid And The Common Cold May Have Merged In Omicron Variant

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When questioned on an ability to distinguish Covid from the common cold, Dr. Rakel Kling, Northern Health medical health officer in Canada, stated the following:

 “There is no easy way to discern between the common cold, influenza and COVID-19.”

As reported by the Toronto Star, “all three conditions share varying levels of fever, coughing, runny nose, and sneezing, but are not limited to just these.”

Then came the Omicron variant. According to the National Post, the recent variant of  COVID-19 “likely acquired at least one of its mutations by picking up a snippet of genetic material from another virus – possibly one that causes the common cold – present in the same infected cells.”

Let Cultural Action Party speculate on an association between Covid and the common cold– one which media are unlikely to emulate.

Firstly, an attempt to place the situation in context. In basic terms, there are two types of “Covid people” in Canada. Those who buy what government, media, and our health industry are selling, and those who do not.

If one peruses mainstream media, they are likely to draw the conclusion that the “anti-vaxxers” are a small community of paranoiacs. Conversely, to cruise through social media is to discover a virtual army of those who wouldn’t trust government and media on the topic as far as they could throw them.

CAP fall into the latter category. Thus, our belief system is such that the Covid epoch of history is a contrived condition. On this basis, we offer the following:

Historically speaking, the health and pharmaceutical industries have never been able to monetize the common in order to maximum revenues. But what if this all-pervasive health condition were to intermingle with the dread that is Covid?

Would this not provide a platform for uber-billions of dollars to made in healthcare and big pharma profits? Not that the pandemic would ever be limited to these parameters.

Covid is a diverse phenomenon. It has come along way since first discovered in Wuhan, China. Contained within is the power to condition individual citizens toward specific behaviors. Its sociological ramifications are beyond vast– the virus contains potential to change the nature of society for all-time.

Interesting to contrast these ideas with media presentation. With all the profound changes in society that come with Covid, mainstream media never touch the topic of its impact on a social level.

Let us offer a quick example– the tradition of shaking hands. As a wild guess, we imagine this tactile experience has been part of civilization for the past 8,000 years.

It has now disappeared– and chances are high it shall never return. Not a fundamental example of sociological transformation? Of course it is, and media say nothing about it. Serving as a microcosm of a “new world order,” media eschew all non-medical implications of the pandemic.

In terms of what government and media never speak of–the future of society– we offer a potential scenario:

Life works like this– every three months citizens are informed of a new variant, and every three months Canadians are strong-armed into getting a jab. Thus, life transitions to a roundabout of running to a medical clinic in search of the latest designer inoculation.

Sponsored by, a bonus points program is in place for the most-proactive. Prizes include a matching set of rainbow-coloured masks for the whole family. Runners up receive a free oven mitt.

Covid as ubiquitous as the common cold? CAP will not rule it out. To synthesize the two into a singular health condition is to monitise the most prevalent health condition on earth– the common cold.

The result being a mountain of profits for Health Industry and Big Pharma executives and shareholders.

7 thoughts on “Covid And The Common Cold May Have Merged In Omicron Variant”

  1. Follow the money and you’ll see who stands to gain the most to keep this going to keep the suckers lining up for shots that do nothing but tear apart the human factor and all these self proclaimed elites get to drink the blood of there victims and laugh in your faces.

  2. BAWHAHAHA!!! What a great article!!!
    The sad part of it is…it appears to have a deep and strong basis in fact!!!
    Sort of “Oh my, the worse it gets…the worse it gets!!!
    Well apparently that’s the master plan. Let’s see what we can get these dummies to do next!!!
    I have no doubt, all we have to do is wait and see…


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