Covid-19 Used As Excuse To Blast Ramadan Prayers COAST-TO-COAST in Canada

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As with many situations in life, there are “winners and losers.”

The same applies within PM Justin Trudeau’s Covid-19 saturated Canada. As it happens, one particular “win/lose” dynamic has resulted from a dissemination of China’s deadly virus output unto the world.

In Canada, the Nation of Islam has benefitted from Covid-19 in a tangible manner. On Canada’s west coast, city council in Vancouver, B.C. has approved a local mosques desire to publicly broadcast Islamic Ramadan prayers to residents and passers-by.

On Canada’s far eastern seaboard—some 6000 kilometers away, Halifax N.S. City Council has emulated this behaviour. In Calgary, Muslim Mayor Nenshi gave the approval for the public dissemination. So to in multiple urban centres in the province of Ontario.

Collectively, these odd-ball Mayors and City Councillors have given license for one specific religious community to blast out an ancient piece of liturgy.

Reason for doing so? During a time of Covid-19, the prayers will offer “comfort” to Canada’s Muslim communities. These folks comprise around 4% of Canadian society.

CAP Inquiry: Do the prayer broadcasts provide comfort to the 90% of citizens who do not follow the teachings of Allah?

City Council Response: CAP is “racist”— end of response. Oh well, life can be tough at times.

What CBC, CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail, Chronicle Herald, Calgary Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette conveniently omit:

A trans-lation of the wording go the Ramadan prayers:

There is no God but Allah” (Ashhadu anna la ila ill Allah); intoned twice.

“I testify that Mohammed is Allah’s Prophet” (Ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasul Allah); intoned twice.

To get slightly obtuse, psychological theory infers that regardless of language, messaging can still be absorbed into the human psyche.

What is to prevent CAP from stating that this situation is in reality a “promotion” of Islamic theology within our society? This day may be coming–but has yet to arrive.

If the theory holds water,  then this will make many Canadians happy—beginning with the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

From here, certainly ex-immigration minister and half-Somalian citizen MP Ahmed Hussen will be pleased. Fair to add half-Pakistani Liberal MP and founder of M103, Liberal Iqra Khalid to the mix.

Add to this Canada’s uber-powerful, hyper-aggressive “multicultural” not-for-profit organizations. For example, National Council of Canadian Muslims—CAP choice for the most powerful “special interest” organization in Canada.

What a boost for the United Nations. They love this kind of thing. Excellent news for diaspora communities who migrated from Iran and other Middle Eastern nations.

To summarize, this is a wonderful thing for the 4% of Muslim-Canada. Are these people “bad Canadians” by default? This is 100% beside the point.

What is the point is that this “4% versus 96%” social dynamic is Justin Trudeau. It is also his brother-in-the-shadows, Alexandre Trudeau— filmmaker for the government of Iran.

BURIED BY MEDIA– Brother Of PM, Alexandre Trudeau, Speaks Of PREFERENCE FOR CHINA Over Canada

And, of course, Papa Pierre Trudeau—the man responsible for trans-itioning our nation to an entity where the 4% have an inherent right to push around the 96%.

What CBC “Forgot” To Tell You:

This incredible privilege for Canada’s 3rd World communities is derived from two pieces of legislation: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982), and the Multicultural Act of Canada(1988).

Therefore, it is indisputable that ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau—prototype globalist of the century—is responsible for destroying the “will of the majority.”

Not only will CTV News refrain from enlightening Canadian on this “tidbit”— they also omit the fact that this “will” is fundamental to democratic governance.

The Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau threw this out the window upon his ascendancy to the “throne” of Canada in the year 2015.

In its stead came Liberal-Globalism— a euphemism for what CAP brand pseudo-socialism. Much, much more of this is coming our way as Canadians.

Consider another thought eschewed by media “intelligensia” such as journalists Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson and Chantal Hebert:

First, a question: what is the difference between a communist and a socialist society?

In simple terms, a communist citizenship has full awareness that their government is communist. For socialism, the citizens have NO IDEA their nation is trans-itioning from democracy to communism.

This, in CAP’s opinion, is the exact condition Canada is in under pseudo-dictator Justin Trudeau. Now why would sensible Canucks not comprehend this transformation?

Simple as pie: because media cover it up. Final question: Under what form of governance do a ruling government and media function as a single cohesive unit?

Correct Response: Communism. Bingo—there you have it—for the tens of thousands of CAP readers.

As for the Toronto Star readers and the CTV News watchers, more than likely all this is to be filed under CAP-Salzberg “racism.”

This is—no surprise— the Canadian majority. These folks are victims of 40 years of Liberal-Trudeau-3rd World-United Nations propaganda—so CAP expect nothing less.

Bottom Line: It well appears that the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic— China’s virus from which 5000 Canadian citizens have died—is being used to push one specified religion upon an unsuspecting society.

Why “unsuspecting?” Because along with myriad covert, incremental social affectations to transition Canada from democracy to dictatorship, Canadian media has BURIED the true meaning  of the public Ramadan broadcasts from the people of Canada.


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  1. Any half-trained hypnotist can tell you that the blasting of any message three times is a hypnotic tactic. Repeated often enough it becomes a belief…the energy of the words is what has effect, even more than the words themselves.

    Take it from me, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in advanced use of hypnosis to treat mental health issues of all sorts, the population has been and is being induced into endless states of trance by media and now by clergy. Of course, Roman Catholic priests were masters of hypnotic trance induction.

    Why do you think that pharma advertising on TV works so well…hypnotic techniques.


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