Covid-19 Canada: Trudeau EXPANDS Visa Program From China, Iran

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“The Canadian immigration department is working to accommodate visa applicants from China, Iran and South Korea as the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) causes service disruptions and travel restrictions.”

“Nationals of these three countries who have applied for a Canadian visa, but who are unable to comply with certain requirements due to circumstances beyond their control, will be given more time to complete the necessary steps, such as providing their fingerprints and photo.”

Let CAP get this straight–at a time of the greatest virus pandemic in modern history–one which originated in China, the Trudeau government have chosen to increase accommodation for Chinese Nationals.

At a time when Iran is the top Covid-19 infected nation next to China, Justin Trudeau figures this is an opportune time to further accommodate the government of Iran.

In other words, when selecting whether to prioritize the health of 37.7 Million Canadians, or to continue the Liberal-Trudeau-3rd World assault upon the dying Great White North, PM Trudeau & Co. decide to prioritize China and Iran.

Talk about an ass-backwards ruling government. Yet, in reality, Canadians should suspect no less. While CBC and Globe & Mail deliver the news of increased border protection measures,  Justin Trudeau has not dropped out of the “sneak 3rd World Voters into Canada” program as orchestrated by good globalist buddy, MP Ahmed Hussen.

As CAP state incessantly, we believe Justin Trudeau does not work for Canada–at least not any measure of our “Old Stock” Canadian populations.

Conversely, Mr. Trudeau works on behalf of: United Nations, George Soros’ Open Border Society, Communist China, geo-political Islam, Sikh Nationalism and an international banking Cabal(Also Soros).

Please do tell, fellow Canadian patriots–does the directive of Trudeau regarding Visa approval for Chinese and Iranian nationals not fit perfectly into this globalist mode of western nation decimation?

Of course it does–the very reason why CTV, Toronto Star, Global News and National Post keep their collective mouths shut about the entire sordid affair.

Sick, isn’t it? Yet, it is essential to face certain truisms when they stare you in the face: Justin Trudeau is a puppet-politician. His behaviour is based upon what “Third Party” international forces want for Canada, and never–not once— based upon the desire of the will of the majority.

Remember this ancient Canadian relic? CAP do. Indeed, there was a time when this fundamental of democratic theory meant something in Canada. Then came Pierre Trudeau.

This man buried the meaning of majority rule. Pourquoi? Because Pierre Trudeau was a communist-sympathizer. This man admired both leaders and nations who indulge in mass population control, such as China.

In 2015, spawn Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. This national “leader” BURIED the democratic principle of majority rule in Canada for all-time. Against the will of society, and without input from a single citizen, Justin Trudeau declared  Canada a “post-modern” nation that maintains “no core identity.”

Trending On CAP: 1000 Arrivals To Canada From China UNSCREENED At Major Canadian Airport

Now, let CAP posit a concept never once advanced by CBC and the rest– the top fundamental social trans-formations within Canadian society were unilaterally entrenched by way the family Trudeau:

— Pierre for anti-Anglophone “multiculturalism.”  The Third World/Liberal court-empowering Charter of Rights and Freedoms(also Pierre), as well as the general concept of mass 3rd world migration to Canada.

— Justin for the full globalization push: United Nations-empowerment, Nation of Islam empowerment, Sikh-Canadian political empowerment, Open Border Society as advocated by George Soros’ Open Border Foundation.

Enter Canadian establishment media–not! Their job within neo-socialist Canada is to hide away everything communicated within this article.

CAP stated emphatically that the advent of Justin Trudeau would result in the end of Canadian society as it has been known since our nation’s founding in 1867?

Still think we are paranoid nihilists?




14 thoughts on “Covid-19 Canada: Trudeau EXPANDS Visa Program From China, Iran”

    • I have to say, there has been nothing on this blog that has proven false yet. The truth hurts sometimes and if more people took notice we wouldn’t be in the trouble we are since Trudeau got in.

    • Everything I read on this blog is written using snippets of News and then processed to create a 100% bias against the Trudeau government. They speculate and extrapolate to worst case scenarios. Conspiracy theories they are. NOT a serious media. Rather divisive, paranoid, racist, isolationist, anti-government. You can do better.

      • Yes, some of it is, but if we relied on the Trudeau controlled media we’d never get the truth. As for conspiracy theories there’s so many lies from the Liberals we never know what’s true. Intelligent people at least get something to think about and there’s a lot of sensible alternative information.
        “Rather divisive, paranoid, racist, isolationist, anti-government”, as it should be, this government is the worst since PET years.

  1. The Government and the Trudeau media has lied to us about the pandemic if you want to get a reality check look at Frank Vaughan Canada

  2. Trudeau is a self serving and selfish so called leader who only thinks of himself!! He has been pandering to everyone but Canadians and especially not to the elderly Canadians who built this county, fought for this country, and may now die because of this virus. Does he care? He says he does in his whiny, scripted, condescending voice, but I really don’t think he does!! Here’s a thought for you Trudeau, STOP all immigration, refugees, and whoever else from coming into this country until this crisis is over!!



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