COVER-UP: Mother Of Canadian PM Margaret Trudeau Paid $478,000 By WE Children’s Charity

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“During testimony, the Kielburgers admitted that Margaret Trudeau was paid an additional $167,944 that had not previously been revealed.”

That’s in addition to the over $300K she received from WE that had been previously known. According to Conservative Canadian journalist Spencer Fernando, “@marckielburger just informed the Commons finance committee that in addition to the $312,000 paid to Margaret Trudeau for speaking at WE Day events she was reimbursed an additional $167,944 in expenses. So a total of $479,944.”

Additional testimony from the  Kielburgers revealed  Margaret Trudeau was only paid to speak by WE Charity after the Liberals took office, making this clearly look to many Canadians like an attempt to gain further influence with the Liberal government.

Collusion, corruption, deception: all in a day’s work for the uber-rich Trudeau family as they make a cool half million bucks from an international children’s charity organization.

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Brother Alexandre Trudeau profited $12,000, while half-brother Kyle Kemper pulled in $14,000. Such is the state-of-our-nation within Justin Trudeau’s “post-democracy” Canada.

With files from Spencer Fernando.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP(est. 2016)



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  1. We organization:incubator for liberals and their ilk,(i.e big money and post nationalists)

    More than Shameful!!

    Canadians(those with a conscience)WAKE up and realize what those liberals’stand’for


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