Court clears way for Zunera Ishaq to become a Canadian citizen with her face covered by a niqab

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OTTAWA — A Federal Court of Appeal panel has dismissed a government appeal over a ban on face coverings at citizenship ceremonies in what amounts to a major policy rebuke of the Harper government.

The three justices ruled from the bench, saying they wanted to proceed quickly so that Zunera Ishaq, the woman who initially challenged the ban, can obtain her citizenship in time to vote in the Oct. 19 federal election.

Ishaq, a 29-year-old woman with devout Muslim beliefs who came to Ontario from Pakistan in 2008, refused to take part in a citizenship ceremony because she would have to show her face.

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3 thoughts on “Court clears way for Zunera Ishaq to become a Canadian citizen with her face covered by a niqab”

  1. The Canadian government needs to over rule this court….Even if it means using the”notwithstanding clause” or any other power to over rule this decision…NOW…..based on this there is little point in voting….Period

  2. Sad to see a free country cave to the slavery of the Niqab. Then again, she may be murdered in honor violence if she denies the misogynistic rule of radicle Islam. How despicable a religion that treats women like cattle and how unworthy the men who think their honor is tied to the proper behavior of the slaves they treat with such disrespect.

  3. Well said Lori. But you have to ask yourself,”Is this really the kind of decision Canadians want?” Of course not. Not only has the government
    caved in, ( Because I don’t believe the people really want this) but the supreme court is now a rouge agency of left leaning advocacy judges
    acting outside their jurisdiction. Donald is right, but doesn’t go far enough. The Canadian government needs to act, but it also needs to overhaul
    the entire supreme court. It is there to interpret the law, not make new laws it likes in violation of public trust and the charter.


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