Court Acquits “Old Stock” Canadian Of Threatening To MURDER Justin Trudeau

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“It just doesn’t add up,” Ontario Court Justice David Carr said in acquitting Royce Van Every, 61, of Leamington.

Van Every was arrested and jailed a few days before Trudeau’s 2018 Canada Day visit to Leamington after purportedly saying he was going after the Liberal leader with an assault rifle. 

“During a visit to the Windsor constituency office of MPP Percy Hatfield (NDP—Windsor-Tecumseh) on June 26, 2018, Van Every was purportedly overheard making a threat on the life of Canada’s prime minister.”

“That is exactly what he said, he was going to take an AK-47 to Trudeau,” said lawyer and constituency assistant Charles Gascoyne.

Well, we all have bad moods. Murder and/or violence is never something CAP will endorse. But we will not refrain from validating Mr. Van Every’s feelings on the matter. Agreed–Justin Trudeau is the most anger-provoking PM in history. No one comes close–except, perhaps, for Papa Pierre Trudeau–who President Nixon used to refer to as that “A-hole Trudeau.” CAP can understand why.

“On the message he actually said, ‘God bless our prime minister,’ said defence lawyer John Sitter.

“If he said ‘God bless the prime minister,’ obviously he’s not very threatening,” said the judge, who asked the prosecutor: “Was he threatening in any fashion?”

“No. He was mostly very pleasant,” said Pillon. And this is worth time in a jail cell–as well as charges and a date in court?

CAP state incessantly that a Trudeau-led Canada is a pseudo-totalitarian Canada. Does this case not reflect this very thing?

Another point– anyone notice the shift in public attitude towards the current prime minister? There have been at least six examples of this very thing–as well as dozens more whereby Old Stock Canadians verbally thrashed Justin Trudeau in all sorts of ways. When King Justin telephoned the wife of a Vet killed in action in the Middle East–what trans-pired?

The lady told him to “F-off”, and hung up in his ear. Quite the respect Trudeau commands, eh? CAP would do the very same–or worse.

Question Time: Within what form of governance does one find the greatest degree of animosity toward a national leader? Simple–the kind where the citizenship has zero say in government decision-making.

This is called “communism.” Is –or is not–Justin Trudeau on the receiving end of the greatest degree of public vitriol than any other PM in history? Despite media obfuscation, he damn well is.

Memories of Communism? No, this is not a new salad dressing from President’ Choice. This is the reality of the social condition of our nation. Trudeau’s post-modern Canada is, in fact, a pseudo-democracy driving freedom of speech and democratic process into the gutter of society.

Van Every said he used to work as a clerk at a Leamington grocery store and was a volunteer member for 18 years of the Leamington fire department.

He said the red rose he sported on his lapel in court on Thursday was in honour of the current Canadian leader’s father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, “an absolutely great prime minister.”

Alright–no one is perfect. CAP Theory maintains that after Justin Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau is the worst PM Canada ever had. It was he who indulged in at least two nation-destroying policies.

— Throwing Canada into massive, billion dollar debt and deficit for the benefit of globalist forces.

— Unilaterally forcing Anglo-damaging “multiculturalism” upon society with zero buy-in from the public–an anti-democratic move if there ever was one.

There are a number of others. Fact is, hatred of Justin Trudeau is a giant affair in Canada. Unprecedented Reality: The Liberal did not win a single seat in Alberta or Saskatchewan.

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CAP Conclusion: These Canadians hate this Trudeau miscreant. 2019 population of these two provinces combined? Approximately 5.5 Million Canadians--all of whom despise Justin and everything he stands for-– which is, roughly speaking, advancing an erosion of democracy, limiting freedom of speech, hatred of the west, arrogance regarding the east, and the overall irritation a sensible Canuck gets looking at his smirks and cheesy smiles.

It’s enough to make a patriot wretch. Yet, we are stuck with this fake, fraudulent prime minister indefinitely. More CAP opinion: hatred of Canada’s “king of kings” should be ubiquitous among Old Stock Canadians. It is not–for one simple reason–Canadian mainstream media.

Without these paid-off puppets, this Trudeau person would be done-like-dinner. In other words–communist-style propaganda is preventing our people from truly understanding Justin Trudeau–which leads directly to him being set up as “dictator-for-life” in the spirit of Trudeau family-hero, Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Oh, and the extent to which mainstream media covered this story– Windsor Star, and no one else.





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  1. Canadians must wise up or become communist. My family fought in the Second World War against communism. One of my grandfathers was gassed with mustard gas and lived a grewling life fighting for every breath of air he inhaled until his death.Many people like him suffered until their deaths after this war. Is this going to happen again ? I sure hope not. We must push our elected officials to push a no confidence vote against Turdo. Wake up people this is a very serious situation Canada is in right now. Make the right choice or we will all suffer and many will die ! God help us !


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