Council Of Canadian Muslims SLAMS Conservative Leader Scheer For “Islamophobia”

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Scheer is facing the “Islamophobia” battering ram because he did not word his condolences and horror over the Christchurch mosque attack the way ISLAMIC SUPREMACISTS THINK HE SHOULD HAVE WORDED THEM.



3 thoughts on “Council Of Canadian Muslims SLAMS Conservative Leader Scheer For “Islamophobia””

  1. Topical left wing muslim response how many muslims are having a moment of silence for the catholic priest who was stabbed. Are we going to ban knives now. Is the cbc even going to report this to the country or is that too much to ask from our media.

  2. what is Trudeau afraid of? I thought we have freedom of speech. Do you think that when Trudeau keeps kicking us in the stomach, hurting Alberta where 900,000 are unemployed, jobless, and hungry, does he honestly think that we are not going to fight back and get offensive. That is bullying and we are fighting back. Mr. Trudeau, why is he not looking after our people., Charity begins at home before anywhere else. Look after your people first before you bring in so many immigrants at our expense. This is outragious. and has to stop. When many truckers drove at their expense to the front doors of the parliament, Mr. Trudeau did not have the guts or audacity to come out and talk to them.


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