Council of Canadian Muslims DEMAND Conservative-Christian MP Candidate Resign

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The National Council of Canadian Muslims is calling on a Toronto-area Conservative candidate to step aside following reports about her past social media posts.

Nadia Hasan, acting executive director of the council, said Saturday that Ghada Melek’s alleged comments on Islam and the LGBTQ2 community show she “wouldn’t know how to serve” all citizens in the very diverse riding of Mississauga-Streetsville.

Since when do ethnocentric, tax-payer funded multicultural groups care about “all Canadians?” This organization, like many others, is concerned about a single segment of society–Islamic Canada. The rest of it– such as concern for Jews and Transgendered, for example, is simply a matter of optics.

If the myopic Middle Eastern folks can convince the general public they have concerns other than Islam, they will be that much more succesful in their singular agenda: To advance, fund, indemnify and integrate the Nation of Islam into the Nation of Canada.

And pushy they are. Why on earth is this organization wielding so much power within Canadian society? Who are these people to push around Christians, demand political resignations, and  brand Anglophones bigots?

Was it not until the advent of King Justin Trudeau that Islam accumulated sufficient power to CONTROL Canada, and its citizens.

CAP Moment Of Truth: General Canadian society owes the National Council Of Canadian Muslims NOTHING. We are not obligated to conform to their wishes. Nor should this Anti-Christian witch hunt organization have an ability to LORD IT over individual citizens who conform to Canadians law–NOT Sharia Law.

According to The National Post,Melek appeared to have retweeted a post that blamed Detroit’s “economic hell” on Islamist extremism in 2013. In a Vice article, Melek was accused of backing an expert who supported LGBTQ2 conversion therapy.

Racist? Homophobic? Not a chance. Neither of these statements violate the Canadian Criminal Code, or fall into the category of “hate speech.” There is no Charter breach either.

Yet, according to NCCM, Melek is racist and should be fired. BOLLOCKS. These people can whine all they like, but the fact is there are no LEGAL grounds for MP candidate dismissal.

Does this matter to the ethnocentrics? Of course not. Will this prompt MP Ahmed Hussen to oppose the witch hunt? Of course not. MP Iqra Khalid? Let’s not get all foolish.

For these types, racism and bigotry in Canada are defined in a most curious manner. For Hussen, Khalid, Trudeau and Maryam Monsef, “Islamophobia” is defined as such:

Whatever these ethnocentrics decide it is. What a loaded deck. How incredibly EMPOWERING. Yet, at the same time, these moaners love to complain about “white privilege.

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Tell us, Ms. Nadia Hussen— where is the white privilege in this scenario? Is it NOT National Council of Canadian Muslims who have the PRIVILEGE of attacking any Canadian they like upon applying their subjective definition of racism to an unfortunate non-Muslim?

Hasan said the Detroit comment was concerning to the organization. She said her office reached out to Melek’s on the issue but WASN’T SATISFIED with the response received.

Not satisfied? Shock Of The Century! CAP have never met or heard of a globalist diversity organization in Canada which has ever been satisfied. Why? Because insatiability is integral to the overthrowing of tradition Canadian values, and their eventual replacement with 7th century desert religion values.

How did an organization such as NCCM gain such power in Canada? This can be pinpointed with one word: Multiculturalism. In 1988, the Multicultural Act of Canada was passed into legislation. This effectively set up a money transfer of BILLIONS each year from tax-payers to globalist not-for-profit organizations. Thirty years later, NCCM are the king of the globalist castle.

This is the legacy of Pierre Trudeau. It is the reality of Justin Trudeau. Together, this tag-team of globalism undermined Canadian society, disempowered English Canada, and trans-formed Anglophones into Canada’s nemesis community.

The result? Power to Islam, Sikhism, LGBT and transgender, and a corresponding disempowerment of antithetical communities– Anglophone and Christian Canadians.



8 thoughts on “Council of Canadian Muslims DEMAND Conservative-Christian MP Candidate Resign”

  1. The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) formerly known as CAIR-CAN is one of the Major Front Groups for the Terrorist Organization “The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD” in Canada.

    The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is attempting to Influence and dictate to Canada’s Political Parties and to the Canadian people as to whom they the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD will accept as political Candidates.


  2. Sorta Human Rights of Canada issue. “Religious discrimination involves treating a person (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of his or her religious beliefs. The law protects not only people who belong to traditional, organized religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, but also others who have sincerely held religious, ethical or moral beliefs.” Obtained for informational purposes only from: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    Equivalent laws would/will apply in Canada also.

  3. This group has no say what so ever regarding Canadian Politics at all. They have no voice. No individual group has. All Canadians speak ! All Canadians have rights !

  4. Why don’t these people go back to wherever they came from and then they can practice whatever they want. Do not corrupt Canada. We’ve been happy joyous and free , For many years leave it alone and go back to the shit hole you crawled out. Do not make Canada your next shit hole.

    • Islam preaches Jihad–go forth and conquer non-Islamic nations. This is what Justin Trudeau has facilitated for the past four years.

  5. There is a lot of power and strength in words written by a true Canadian author….where is he? Let’s get true Canadian informed sooner the better


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